Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mason on my new lawn tractor!! It was delivered this morning..I am so excited about it..I cut the front and side lawns this morning before I went to get Mason.
I know it is extravagant to have buy a lawn tractor when you are only renting, but I decided that there was no way I was going to be pushing a lawn mower. I did it once last year and that was enough. Also, I don't have the option of using my daughters push mower this year. So, either way, I would have had to buy something. I plan on being here this summer and next year also. Reason enough for me to have a rider.
I actually enjoy cutting the grass when I get to sit while I am doing

Mason and I had a Very full day...Oh my gosh..we went to McDonalds for lunch. Then we went to the park, then back to my house for board games. For dinner we went to Pizza Hut..We colored pictures while we waited. We stopped at the dollar store where he got a bat and ball.. Then when we got home we spent some time outside playing baseball, kickball and volley ball... We finally came in when our fingers got cold..(and grandma got too tired from running around)

We watched a little tv together and now I am taking a little break..He is sitting here in the living room with's almost time to snuggle and off to sleep:)

Work has been very trying for me. I'm lucky that I still get rejuvenated over the
I'm also lucky that my boss agrees with me that there is at least one more person that has to go.
He refuses to take any direction from me. He spends his life saying that he is being picked on by everyone. Even though it is clear that he is not doing his job correctly. It's too bad, because he does his job fairly well. He never calls in saying that he can't make it to work. He just will not be as detailed as he needs to be. Since I have been after him to be more detailed in his work, he has been very rude and nasty to me. I am not going to deal with that type of behavior anymore..

I'm hoping to take a weeks vacation in the next month or so..Even if I can't actually go anywhere, it will be nice to be rid of my work phone for a while..

Jeremy just got home from his friends house..where he has been for the last 3 or 4 days..I showed him the lawn tractor..and explained that he is going to help me pay for said that was fine. He is not into doing yard work and would rather pay to have a lawn tractor than deal with pushing a mower...Hey,,,works for

Mason is now in bed watching Thomas the Train...I don't think it will take him long to fall asleep after all of that running around outside..
I won't be too far behind him..running around after him today has tuckered me out

I guess on that note, I guess I'll close for now and wind down for a good nights sleep.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day.

I worked for a few hours today..Jeremy is working today..It seems strange not to celebrate this day in the usual way.
I wasn't even going to make dinner, but then decided to stop at the store on my way home and pick up a ham. That is now in the oven.

Work has been just crazy. The three new banks that we just got were in dire shape.
One of the girls that already cleans for us is taking one of them. So, another worker and I met her there Thursday night to help get it in shape. Oh my gosh, it was bad. I've never seen a building so dirty. Little did I know that the third bank we would be at was by far the worst..JUST NASTY..
We started at the first bank at 7:15pm and Dawn and I left the last bank at 4:45am..
Friday night we once again helped my worker with her bank and then headed to the other two..We got done about the 5..
All three of the banks are now off to a good start. There are still a few detailed things that will need to be done, and the floors need to be scrubbed but for the most part, they look pretty darned good. I think my boss will be impressed when he sees them.

Now on Monday I have to work on getting two new people trained. Hopefully Dawn will be able to help me..

Other than work, I haven't been doing too much. As usual. lol..I did get my bike back from my daughter, so I do have the best intentions of getting out there and getting some much needed

Well, that's it for now.
Enjoy this blessed day!