Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable day...
My day started out with work..One of my workers had asked for the day off. Because she is soooo dependable I like to be able to let her have off when she asks..
I talked to one of my other workers and she said that she would be able to cover. She is going to be on vacation all next week, so the money would help make up for that loss.
On Friday I reminded her about it..Long story short, she forgot and they were leaving Saturday morning. My granddaughter agreed to help me. Thank goodness. One of the problems I ran in to was that we can't get into the restaurant until almost 6:00am.
They usually open at 10:00, but because of the Mothers Day Brunch, they were going to be opening at 9:00..
So, I was up at 4:45 this morning. Picked up Monique and got to the restaurant at 5:50..
When we left there, we did a couple of errands. I think I got home about 9:00..

I haven't done much
Jeremy said he would take me out for dinner..To be honest, I really don't feel like going...never thought I would say just don't feel like going thru the hassle of getting ready.
We just talked and decided that we will go out for lunch one day this week...Works for me...

My granddaughter gave me 6 miniature red roses and a lovely card when I picked her up this morning..
My daughter gave me a gift card for Red Lobster..Can't wait to use that...

Other than that, it has been a very quiet day..

Work has been hectic as usual. I was able to replace one of my problem workers. That took a lot off of my mind. Not having to deal with him has been great.
We have been lucky as far as getting new accounts. My boss just told me that we might get 13 banks at the end of the year. If that happens, he will hire another account manager. I told him that the new manager could have my two
They are the worst because they are 7 days a week..So, even on the week-ends, I am on call and that takes its toll for sure.
I am so ready to take at least a week of my vacation time. It just never seems to be the right time. We are either having a problem with a worker or getting new accounts that need to be watched over more closely.
I have to ask my boss if he is going to let me carry over to next year any time I don't use this year.

My son had his first invitation to a wedding. One of his co-workers. He even went out and bought a new outfit..That is a major thing for someone like Jeremy. He always wears jeans and a
I had to give him a ride of course. It was held at the Hilton downtown..About 26 miles from home..
He was able to get a ride home..Amen..
He looked kind of dumbfounded when I told him he had to buy a card and put a few dollars in it...He did a good job on the card. He even wrote something nice in it.

Well, I guess that's about it for news... Believe me, not much new goes on around

Once again, I hope all of you Ladies have had a wonderful day!!!

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