Friday, May 14, 2010

I went to Costco for the first time today...My friend Andrea just got a membership there.
I had been thinking of getting a membership at Sam's club again. Then she mentioned that I should try Costco...
There really isn't much difference between the two stores..Other than the Costco is newer and therefore it's cleaner and brighter.
I'll have to think a bit before I decide to join or not..

I made a batch of cupcakes for Paris..thought he could take a few of them on our trip tomorrow.
I got a really nice card for him at the dollar store..You can't beat paying 50 cents for a card..I have paid as much as 3.50 at other stores..And I must say, this one is just as nice as any I have found anywhere else...

The weather was fairly nice today..although it was a bit colder than I would prefer.
I hope it isn't too breezy tomorrow..

I still have to clear some of my work supplies out of the van. Put the floral arrangements back in and whatever munchies I'm taking along..
It's almost midnight. I should be in bed never goes how you want it to.

I had to deal with one of my workers tonight. To the point of getting in the van at 9:15 to go to one of the jobs..Getting a call 10 minutes into my ride to the job, saying that she can make it after all..ugh...that is one of the downfalls of hiring someone young. They tend to flake out on you on Friday

Well, I'm off to get some sleep for my big day with my sweetie Paris..
Enjoy your Saturday!!!

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