Friday, May 28, 2010

I've been up since 5:30 and started working on going through my bins..I've gone through a good share of them.
So far, I now have 4 empty I have gone through the things on my shelf in the basement.
I have things down there that I have not used in a long time..ya know,, keeping it just in case I might need

I packed up my china and crystal..I want to be as far ahead of the game as I can be..
I figured that as long as this was going to be a long week-end, I might as well take advantage of it.
I have a ton of stuff for the dreaded rummage sale..And I'm selling everything CHEAP..I just want the stuff gone.
If I get this all done today, then I can take it easy the rest of the week-end..

Jeremy was at his friends house last night..he has to work 6 to closing, I'm not sure what I'm doing for dinner..I sure don't feel like I should skip dinner..ugh,, I need to lose a few pounds..well, not just a few...At least 10...15 would be even better.
I eat so often out of boredom..
I do have all intentions of getting out and about this summer..walking, tennis and hopefully doing some swimming..That should help.
Most of the time, I try to buy healthy foods..we like our veggies
Doing so much driving for my job doesn't help..I like to munch on something while I'm driving..I should be taking the time to make up little bags with carrots, celery and other things...

It's just a never ending that I sometimes decide to ignore..and other times I outright make excuses for..I will say things like,,"well, what else is there"? I deserve to have something..
I have been drinking water again. I have laid off the soda..That should help too..

Oh well, it is what it is....

I brought my flags up from the basement today. I will put them out a little later today..

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Memorial Day!

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