Friday, June 11, 2010

I am so happy to see the week-end arrive..Actually, I started my week-end early.
I went to lunch with my girlfriend...and then she came over to my place to see some of the things that I am putting in my rummage sale..She bought my fire pit..Never used..I told her $30.00...and she can come and get the firewood that I still have behind the deal.
My boss is buying my gas grill..nothing special to look at..but it works well..I told him $30.00...So,, I'm on my way a long way to

Today I posted my couch and two recliners on craigs list..along with my jewelry chest and a microwave cart..
Towards the start of July I will post the other large items that I have..

Of course, I'm a little apprehensive about having people come to my house, but I don't have much choice. I will just have to be careful and make sure someone is here when I am showing the items...

My little buddy Shilo is coming to stay with me for about 13 days..I am so looking forward to having her here with me...I can't remember what breed she is...just one of those little does not spend all of her time barking..she is very mellow..
I can't wait to spend some time with her.

I don't have any other plans for the week-end.. There are a few festivals going on, but I'm not sure the weather is going to be on it's best

Work is going fairly are in the process of changing from reusable rags to disposable...Which means less carting around for me..True, I still have to have a case of disposables in the van, but I don't have to pick up bags and bags of used rags to deliver back to the office for cleaning..
Of course, not everyone is happy about the new rags. But that is to be expected. I have some cleaners that are thrilled with the new ones..

Well, I guess that's it for news for now..
I'll keep you posted on how my items sell on Craigs list.

Enjoy your week-end!

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