Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meet my friend Shiloh......

Shiloh will be my house guest until the 25th...
Her mommy and daddy are on a train trip to see some of our great country..
Her daddy is legally blind. He can see some, but not a whole lot. His vision is getting worse and he wants to make this trip before his eyesight is completely gone.
Ken is usually very outgoing, quick witted and humorous..Yesterday when they were here to drop Shiloh off, he was so quiet..
I'm glad they are taking this trip. I think it will be good for both of them.

Shiloh's mommy is actually my ex-sister-in-law...She is the lady that took care of my daughters dad during his last days last year..
It took such a toll on her. I think this trip will be good for her also.

I haven't done much this
I'm back to doing my ancestry research..And that is so time consuming..
Friday night as I was working on it, my brother from Arizona had e-mailed me about some of the stuff...As I was writing down some information, I realized that it was my grandpa's birthday...He was born on the 11th,,one hundred and nineteen years ago..
It really just made me think of how important this search is for me..

I found out something very interesting....
When my great-grandfather was 19 years old, he lived with a family as a farm hand.
The family had a 21 year old daughter. Her name was Idalette Cecelia......
Twenty years later when my grandmother was born, she was named Idalette Cecelia..
Of course, you can't help but think of what the circumstances were for my grandfather.
Was it a case of unrequited love or did he just hold her is high esteem?
Either way, I was really excited to find something like this..

That's it for now..have to go spend some time with my sweetie Shiloh...

Lori, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers..

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