Thursday, June 3, 2010

We're having a break in our least for the moment. Supposed to have showers on and off for the next few days..At least the temps have fallen..It's actually pleasant right now.

I'm doing really good at getting things cleaned out and organized for my move...
My rummage sale is going to be huge..Hope everything goes..I hate dealing with the aftermath of a rummage sale..
I'll probably just take everything that is left over to Goodwill..

The other day I went to the apartment complex that I lived in before I married Carlos.
The apartments are REALLY small...but the price is right...Right now they are going for 690.00 a month with heat included and a garage..That would work out best for me.
The manager said that they are thinking of doing away with the move in special of one month free rent and just lower the rent..That is almost unheard of..the bad times must be hitting them too..

The funniest part of the whole thing is that he said there is a chance that I can actually get my old apartment...That would be really great because it was one of the nicer locations there...

I also found out that I would be able to paint..I would love that..I do not like all white walls..

I'm going to take my application over there today..I think I'm going to take the place for August 15th..I would have this place until Sept.1st..That would give me some time to get things moved without trying to do it all in one day..No way can I do that..Just don't have the man power for it..

One of my newer workers is doing a terrible job..She's 21..Last week, I was going from building to building and had timed it that I would be at her building about a half hour before she would be done..It's a two hour job and believe me, it takes the full two hours..Well, I got there and she was already gone..So, I went in to check things out..
She hadn't wiped up the floors or dusted. There were fingerprints on the desks.(I'm a very picky person when it comes to fingerprints. I think the bank workers should have clean and tidy desks when they come in..
Last night wasn't any better. I spent an hour there cleaning...ugh..I was not a happy camper.
Now I have to go there Friday night while she is there and show her AGAIN how I want things done..

Just no excuse for not doing a proper job..This is the girl that took over the job from her mom..(Her mom had surgery). I would give anything for her mom to come back.
Because this one is not going to be with us long is she doesn't start doing a better job.

Plus it's a twenty some mile ride for me to go down there...just to check her work.

Anyway....I don't let things like that get to me anymore..I just start making plans to get someone new to do the

I hope everyone has a great day!

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