Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm taking a few minutes for then it's back to work for me..

Things are financially a little rough right now..Two rents and a security deposit..ugh..taking it's toll..
But it's only for a little bit and then the sun will shine again.
I had to cancel having the movers move my big stuff..just didn't have the money for it. But that's ok..Between Jeremy and my two grandsons we should be fine..

I had to make a decision about my entertainment center...Take it with me and have it take up an entire wall or put it out for the garbage men...putting it out for the garbage men won out..
As much as I love it, I couldn't see having it take up so much of a small living room:(

The three of us took it out to the curb last it was heavy..Within twenty minutes, someone was at my door asking if I was throwing it out...I said yes and he and his wife made a couple of trips to get it to their house..
I'm glad that someone will be able to enjoy it..

I also took one of my recliners out there. It was in great shape, but again, not enough room to have a couch and two recliners...
By morning, it was gone will now have a nice chair..and that's a good thing.

My granddaughter and I cleaned the apartment could certainly tell that two guys lived there.. I don't think they had ever cleaned the tub...ugh...
But we got it all done. Except for the vacuuming..
I'm going to go over there when I get done with this and start painting. I picked out a mocha color for my room and a very pale sage green for Jeremys room.
I'm very excited to be able to have some color around me again. I do not care for all white walls.

I talked to my boss today to see if I could get my gas allowance check early..The one for September..He said no problem.
He also said that maybe it's time that he gives me a gas card..and a raise...Oh my gosh, how nice that would be.
I would be happy with just the gas card...Right now he gives me $125.00 per month for gas..
Some weeks, I can go thru 80- 100. So, it adds up..

Hopefully my current landlord will get me my security deposit back fast..That's a thousand dollars.
Either way, moving is going to make my life much more pleasant..and I can't wait to start my new journey...

Pictures will be coming shortly..
Have a great week-end!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Once again, I have failed to write in my journal on a consistent basis..

This last week has taken it's toll on me big time. I have so much going on that sometimes I'm not sure which direction I'm even going in..

Work has been a challenge. One employee to be exact. In trying to keep the job up to our standards, I have spent the last 5 mornings getting up between 3 and 4 in the morning. Then driving 25 miles one way to get to the job..a restaurant.
I have been washing the floor and doing the stairs..Now, I know that doesn't sound like much, but the floor I'm doing is concrete. It's a covered patio. The problem is that this portion of the floor holds the grease from the servers shoes. Our usual cleaning product is somewhat mild with a disinfectant. Works most of the time but not on this type of grease.

I spent the first night using a long handled scrub brush..then mopping it up..I used at least 7 buckets of clean water.

The nights after that, I just washed the floor with a solution that has a degreaser in it.
Early this morning, I went down there just to make sure that my cleaning tech was using the right solution. Well, it doesn't appear that he is..and I'm just plain mad about it.
I explained it once again. And now I will go back there in the morning AGAIN to check it out.

Just VERY frustrating..

On Friday, I had two people out for various reasons. I ended up having to cover one of them..

Enough about all of

We had a terrible storm the other night...Flooding everywhere. Basements collapsing. Streets closed down...
I had worked that night. When I got home, my power was off...I checked the basement. At least two inches of water because the sump pump wasn't working..ugh..

I finally decided that there wasn't anything I could do so I went to an hour later, the lights went on and the smoke detectors were blaring..worst sound I have ever heard...

I went down to the basement and pushed all of the water down the drain...

I turned on the tv..nothing happened...tried a different outlet...nothing..damn, it must have been hit by a power surge or something..
I have my tv from my bedroom in the living room now...It certainly isn't made for such a large

Jeremy got bad news on Thursday...As of Friday night, he would no longer have a job. They have been evicted..They pay $11,000.00 a month for rent and can't do it anymore...
They had been telling customers that they were closing, but hadn't told any of the employees until Thursday..Believe me, I wasn't a happy camper..
Jeremy is already thinking about where he can apply for something new. Although his choices aren't huge because he doesn't drive..
That was one of the reasons to move. So we could save some money and buy him a decent car so he doesn't always have to depend on me..
He is still somewhat scared about driving, but he will be fine..

I have to Thank GOD for giving me the incentive to move before this happened with Jeremys job..There would be no way we could make it here at a thousand a month just for rent..
So, in that respect, I feel blessed..

I signed the lease at the apartment..Amen.. I was getting a little nervous about not having that secured before I gave my notice here..

I have a moving company lined up for the 2nd of Aug. to move my couch, chair and bedroom set.
Everything else the boys and I will move...

I'm getting to the last of my packing...
I have the fridge sold..with pickup next week-end..
I still have the stove and entertainment center..maybe the next tenants here will need a stove.
I am actually showing it to someone on Monday..

I am going to post my lawn tractor next..hope that goes fast...(crossing fingers and toes on this one)..

Well, I guess I've written a book should spend a little time getting some stuff done.

Have a wonderful evening..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

This heat is getting to be too much...We definitely need a cool
I don't have air conditioning and my living room is 85 degrees..The only time it is somewhat bearable is if I sit right in front of my fan..That makes it really hard to get things done around

Destiny is spending the night with me. Her mommy was nice enough to drop her off.
They had been at a picnic for most of the day. Destiny was pretty worn out. Needless to say, with the heat and the long day, we didn't Do too much tonight. We watched some tv together. We put a princess puzzle together. We went to the store. That's it.
No running around outside together this

I gave up on the rummage sale..1 day and a couple of
I now have the remaining items boxed and bagged up for the Disabled Veterans to come and get.

I gave my notice today for's kind of scary for me..hoping that all things fall into place.
I have sold my washer and dryer. They are picking it up tomorrow. It would have been nice to hold onto them for a little longer, but I didn't want to take any chances that I wouldn't be able to sell them. So, after tomorrow, it will be the laundry mat for me until I get moved..not thrilled about it but what can you do??

My friend Larry is going to buy my fridge. He will wait for it until I move..Good thing for
Now the only thing I have to sell is my stove. I would like to sell my entertainment center, but I haven't had any luck there yet. If worst comes to worst, I will take it with me..It's just so big for such a small apartment..Oh well..I'll work that out.

Oh yeah, I also have to sell my lawn tractor. I have someone that MIGHT be interested..If not, I will put that on Craigs list also..

Tomorrow I have to take my son and his friend to Chicago for a concert..I usually take them down there for a 7 hour concert..This year they don't want to go to that. But there is another concert that they want to see. So, it's a 80-90 mile trip one way for a
2 1/2 hour concert...
I don't look forward to it. But this is part of Jeremys birthday present. Also, he has been great about helping me out with getting the financial end of things put together for this move..Taking them is part of my way of saying Thank You Jeremy...

I guess I better get myself moving here and change the last load of laundry I'm going to do.

Stay Cool!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh what a day....
I did the unthinkable...I had a rummage sale..I knew that I was going to have one, just wasn't exactly planning on it being
I dislike having to go thru all of this work only to have a good share of things at the end of it..Ugh..

I sat outside for 3 1/2 hours. I made $20.00...
I paid $7.00 for the rummage sale signs. And then $22.00 for pizza for my two older grandsons and myself..
When we went down the street to take my rummage sale sign down, we were surprised to find that someone had already taken it..I CAN NOT BELIEVE that someone actually took it. I was not a happy camper.
Just another reason for me to dislike doing all of this.

I left everything set up in the garage. I am going to open the sale up one or two more days and then I AM will get ahold of the Disabled Veterans and have them come and take the rest.

I will not bring anything back into my

The heat and humidity have been SO bad this week. I have felt many times like I was just going to melt in it..
Well, the cold front that was promised for Thursday or Friday finally hit..About 20 minutes ago...AMEN...
It is so cool out right now..It started raining it is just a drizzle. But the coolness is all I'm concerned about.
I just want to be able to sleep at night. I wake up once or twice a night to make sure that my techs have checked in. But with the heat that we had I tossed and turned.
Last night wasn't too bad. Tonight should feel like heaven.

Paris and Patrick spent the night last night and will stay again tonight. After I take them home in the morning, I will pick Mason week-end of grandsons...:)

This coming week, I am going to meet with the apartment manager to take a look at the apartment I am going to be renting. He said that if I want to clean it myself, he will give me something off the rent. Can't beat that. I would clean it
I will feel a whole lot better when I have a lease in hand. Then I will give notice here that I am moving.

I'm very excited about the move. I am so looking forward to having a few spare dollars. A lot less to maintain as far as housework. And NO yard work. Although, I do have to say, I do enjoy cutting the grass..
I will not miss having to shovel snow...I can just sit in my apartment and enjoy

Guess that's it for now...I am feeling a nice cool breeze thru my window here. It makes me feel more energized..So, I'll get some stuff done around here while the weather is cooler..

Enjoy your week-end!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

At the two stepdaughters, their mom, the boyfriend and my 3 grandkids.

We had a beautiful day today...
We had great food from the grill...Then off to the parade..No ski show..The beach was closed due to high counts of Ecoli..
Then Cameron came home with me. We were pretty tired from all of the heat and sun today..So, we just kind of hung out and watched a movie..Freaky Friday..
About 9:3o, the fireworks started. I noticed that there were some people at the end of my lot..2 adults and 2 kids..Okay, not a huge deal, but don't you think that someone should come to your door and ASK if you mind if they watch the fireworks from your yard??

Well, Cameron and I sat out there on a chair and enjoyed the fireworks..After they were done, the people started to walk right past us as they walked down my driveway.
I decided to say to them that I thought it would have been nice if they had asked me before they came in my yard..
The woman very nastily says, "we know the Neus". ( my landlords)..So I say, I don't care who you know, I pay the rent here. Then her and her husband started saying crap. So I told them that when THEY are the ones paying a thousand dollars a month here, then they can come in the yard..I also told them how rude they are...UGH>>>

My stepdaughters mom was at the festivities today and while we were outside by ourselves she starts telling me that when my ex and I broke up, he started talking to her about dating again...they went out for a fish fry together...but that she wasn't interested in getting back together with him..Hell, they have been divorced since 1995..Then she was telling me that he had cheated on her...and some of her other horror stories..
Lastly she told me that he now has a girlfriend...
I knew the day would come..I'm not jealous. I don't even really know what I'm feeling right now.
I do know that I could never be with someone that mean again.
I'm happy with where I am in my life. I'm happy with how well I am doing financially.
I'm happy with how well my job is going.
But even with all of that. It kind of put a damper on my day hearing that he has a girlfriend..
I certainly don't feel envious..I saw some pictures on my stepdaughters facebook that were taken Memorial Day..One of them had a woman that I did not recognize. At the time, I figured that she might be someone he was dating..mostly due to the fact that she was in Harley clothes..
One thing I did notice was that she didn't look happy. So, I guess some things don't change..

Oh well, all I need is a couple of days and I'll be fine..:)

Hope a Happy Fourth was had by all!
Wishing everyone a very Happy & Safe 4th of July!!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I've been feeling a little sad these past few days...But today I received an invitation that made me very happy..
My step-daughter invited me out to her house tomorrow for a cook out, a parade and a ski show..
Of course I'm going to go:) I love to spend time with all of the kids. My other step-daughter will be there also with my grandson Mason..
I know it's easier for them to invite me now that their dad doesn't live in this area..Works for me. Any time I can spend with my grandkids is always a great time.

Work has been a little trying these past few days..Of course, as soon as my boss goes out of town for a much deserved rest from the day to day running of his company...
I had three people out sick last night. The night before, I had to fire one of my cleaners on the spot.
He was on the job high on non-prescribed muscle relaxants..This is something that he had been warned, I had to let him go. In turn, I had to finish his job on Thursday and then do the job myself on Friday.
Next week, we have at least two people on vacation, so it's going to be fairly hectic.
I'm going to take advantage of the next couple of days to

Today I'm going over to my girlfriends house to lounge around in her pool...I'm so looking forward to that..
We haven't seen each other in some time. It will be nice to catch up with her and see what she's been up to..

At some point, I'm going to finish getting my garage sale stuff out of the basement. Then sweep it up and I'll be done with that job..and ready for when I move.

Tomorrow I might get a few more things packed and see if there is anything else I need to post on Craigslist..That is working out so well for me..
I sold my end tables the other night. So my nest egg for moving is really starting to grow. I'm feeling a bit better about being financially ready for this move.

Well, I guess that's it for news...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shiloh has gone home..She was a pleasure to have, but I'll tell you, she was a lot of work..I'm not used to having to worry about anyone would look so sad when I left the house, that I always felt

I have been putting a lot of different items on graigs list..I've sold a jewelry armoire, a twin bed, a small flat screen tv. my kitchen table set and my microwave cart...Yeehaa..
I have more stuff listed..a woman is coming over tonight to look at my end tables...

The apartment manager where I used to live told me that I can have my old apartment back. They are no longer giving the first month of rent free, but they are lowering the rent for at least 6 months. So now the rent will only be 595.00, with heat included..that is a steal...granted, it is a really little apartment, but at that price, who cares??
I look forward to being more financially free...

I have a good share of things packed already. I'm stacking everything in the spare room.
I've gotten the basement fairly clean. Just a few more things to take out of there and then that will be done.

I'm feeling a bit low today. My ex retired and moved up north...
On the one hand, I'm glad he isn't around this area anymore. I don't have to worry about running into him..
On the other, it makes me sad to know that I'm not enjoying the relaxing part of living up north..(in my new home)...
Believe me, I know living with him was not going to work...but there are aspects that I miss...

Ha-ha,,I had to repress the urge to hope that he is REALLY lonely up
I got past that..

Well, I guess that's it for news right now..