Saturday, July 3, 2010

I've been feeling a little sad these past few days...But today I received an invitation that made me very happy..
My step-daughter invited me out to her house tomorrow for a cook out, a parade and a ski show..
Of course I'm going to go:) I love to spend time with all of the kids. My other step-daughter will be there also with my grandson Mason..
I know it's easier for them to invite me now that their dad doesn't live in this area..Works for me. Any time I can spend with my grandkids is always a great time.

Work has been a little trying these past few days..Of course, as soon as my boss goes out of town for a much deserved rest from the day to day running of his company...
I had three people out sick last night. The night before, I had to fire one of my cleaners on the spot.
He was on the job high on non-prescribed muscle relaxants..This is something that he had been warned, I had to let him go. In turn, I had to finish his job on Thursday and then do the job myself on Friday.
Next week, we have at least two people on vacation, so it's going to be fairly hectic.
I'm going to take advantage of the next couple of days to

Today I'm going over to my girlfriends house to lounge around in her pool...I'm so looking forward to that..
We haven't seen each other in some time. It will be nice to catch up with her and see what she's been up to..

At some point, I'm going to finish getting my garage sale stuff out of the basement. Then sweep it up and I'll be done with that job..and ready for when I move.

Tomorrow I might get a few more things packed and see if there is anything else I need to post on Craigslist..That is working out so well for me..
I sold my end tables the other night. So my nest egg for moving is really starting to grow. I'm feeling a bit better about being financially ready for this move.

Well, I guess that's it for news...

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