Saturday, July 24, 2010

Once again, I have failed to write in my journal on a consistent basis..

This last week has taken it's toll on me big time. I have so much going on that sometimes I'm not sure which direction I'm even going in..

Work has been a challenge. One employee to be exact. In trying to keep the job up to our standards, I have spent the last 5 mornings getting up between 3 and 4 in the morning. Then driving 25 miles one way to get to the job..a restaurant.
I have been washing the floor and doing the stairs..Now, I know that doesn't sound like much, but the floor I'm doing is concrete. It's a covered patio. The problem is that this portion of the floor holds the grease from the servers shoes. Our usual cleaning product is somewhat mild with a disinfectant. Works most of the time but not on this type of grease.

I spent the first night using a long handled scrub brush..then mopping it up..I used at least 7 buckets of clean water.

The nights after that, I just washed the floor with a solution that has a degreaser in it.
Early this morning, I went down there just to make sure that my cleaning tech was using the right solution. Well, it doesn't appear that he is..and I'm just plain mad about it.
I explained it once again. And now I will go back there in the morning AGAIN to check it out.

Just VERY frustrating..

On Friday, I had two people out for various reasons. I ended up having to cover one of them..

Enough about all of

We had a terrible storm the other night...Flooding everywhere. Basements collapsing. Streets closed down...
I had worked that night. When I got home, my power was off...I checked the basement. At least two inches of water because the sump pump wasn't working..ugh..

I finally decided that there wasn't anything I could do so I went to an hour later, the lights went on and the smoke detectors were blaring..worst sound I have ever heard...

I went down to the basement and pushed all of the water down the drain...

I turned on the tv..nothing happened...tried a different outlet...nothing..damn, it must have been hit by a power surge or something..
I have my tv from my bedroom in the living room now...It certainly isn't made for such a large

Jeremy got bad news on Thursday...As of Friday night, he would no longer have a job. They have been evicted..They pay $11,000.00 a month for rent and can't do it anymore...
They had been telling customers that they were closing, but hadn't told any of the employees until Thursday..Believe me, I wasn't a happy camper..
Jeremy is already thinking about where he can apply for something new. Although his choices aren't huge because he doesn't drive..
That was one of the reasons to move. So we could save some money and buy him a decent car so he doesn't always have to depend on me..
He is still somewhat scared about driving, but he will be fine..

I have to Thank GOD for giving me the incentive to move before this happened with Jeremys job..There would be no way we could make it here at a thousand a month just for rent..
So, in that respect, I feel blessed..

I signed the lease at the apartment..Amen.. I was getting a little nervous about not having that secured before I gave my notice here..

I have a moving company lined up for the 2nd of Aug. to move my couch, chair and bedroom set.
Everything else the boys and I will move...

I'm getting to the last of my packing...
I have the fridge sold..with pickup next week-end..
I still have the stove and entertainment center..maybe the next tenants here will need a stove.
I am actually showing it to someone on Monday..

I am going to post my lawn tractor next..hope that goes fast...(crossing fingers and toes on this one)..

Well, I guess I've written a book should spend a little time getting some stuff done.

Have a wonderful evening..

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