Friday, August 13, 2010

The move is over...Amen!
The mover were here this morning to bring my dresser and recliner..
It only took them about 45 minutes total. Not too bad. Now I can get all of my clothes put away and clear off the shelves in my closet.

I need to get organized now. I am so looking forward to doing that.
I feel such a sense of relief now that I am totally done with the move.
It has been somewhat of a challenge trying to fit all of my stuff into a smaller place, but overall, it has been a wonderful change.
I think this is just what I needed..and I look forward to getting settled in.

Tomorrow night I am taking my three youngest grandkids to a local hotel for a night of fun. Swimming will be the number one thing on my evening sets in, we will read some, and watch some tv.

Hopefully they will all get along okay..they still haven't mastered not having their own way.

I should be packing for the hotel right now, but I spent some time this evening at the laundry matt.
I decided that I had too much to try to get it done here. They don't have the best dryers here at the apartments. They seem to take forever to get everything dry. It's not too bad when I can do my laundry while most people are at work during the day. I haven't been able to do that so I have fallen behind.

Now it's all done....(sigh of relief) lol...

Work was a little hectic this week..I had to train three new people..They all seem like they are going to be very good workers. So, I hope they stick with us..

I did get Great news from my boss this week. He is getting me a gas card..I am Thrilled. Right now, he gives me $125.00 a month towards gas. That helps, but I put out at least $160-$180 in addition to that..So, that will be money that will stay in my pocket..What a blessing that is going to be.

I am blessed..

I can't wait to spend the time tomorrow with my grandkids..I'll try to remember to get batteries for my camera so I can share pictures..

Have a wonderful week-end!!

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