Friday, September 24, 2010

Yee's Friday....and I'm very happy about that..Although, the week-end goes by so fast, sometimes I wonder if it was ever

I recently reconnected with a friend..Lisa..
She and her husband have stayed in contact with my ex, Carlos..
She told me a bit about his new girlfriend..Not too much, as I don't want to spend my time rehashing a bad time in my life...
She did mention that the new girlfriend is 65 and lives in Manitowoc..

Well, this morning as I was on the computer, it took me to another site...ok..fine.
The site is MY LIFE..I have a profile on there. But I did not join. So my information is limited.
It will tell you if there are people searching for you..And guess what? It says that there is a 65 year old woman that lives in Manitowoc looking for me...
I'm sure she has some interest in who I am and what I'm about..But I certainly didn't think that she would try to look me up..
I'm surprised that she didn't try facebook...although, maybe she did...and I just don't have a way to see that...
Oh well...I hope she finds something better to do with her time....

Not sure what I'll be doing this week-end. I am training again tonight..Get up at 1:30am, get to the job at until 5:15am and then head home to get a little sleep..
Other than that, not sure what.. I may try to have Mason over Saturday night.
I'm sure JJ will want to come over tonight. He wanted to come over last week-end, but I just needed some time without any kids

It has cooled down and we are having very strong winds...I worry a little because I have a huge weeping willow in my front yard..It loses a ton of small branches.

Guess that's it for now. I have to go to one of my accounts this morning because most of their electrical outlets are blown..and my cleaner can't vacuum properly...

Have a wonderful week-end!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


My grandson Mason spent Friday night with his other grandma..Saturday morning I picked them up and we went for breakfast..oh, so, good....and the prices are low..and the food is great and believe me, they give you plenty...
Mason is talking about wanting a DS system. They aren't, his other grandma and I are looking into finding one for the best price and splitting the cost..He will either get it for his birthday Nov. 1st or Christmas...

I went to one of my accounts this morning to resupply...then came home and organized my storage locker..Now it will be easier to access what ever I need..I'm happy about that.
I brought up a few of my Halloween/fall items..

I put my heavy comforter on my bed. It's very comfy and cozy...

I located the box that my new cell phone came in..It's my work phone, purchased by my boss. He had sent me an e-mail asking if I still had the box because he needs it to receive the rebate.
He'll be happy to know that I have it.

This week I will have to train the new guy at one of the restaurants we are getting..Hopefully it will only take a couple of days to train him...It's very basic work..Then the following week..I will train another new worker....
I think this week is the start of the new restaurant. Which means, I have to learn the building also..And be there at looking forward to that...

I still have to find time to take the rest of my vacation time...before the end of December..Maybe after I get everyone trained, I'll take a couple of days and then the rest in December...
Believe me, I'm ready for a break...

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I wore one of my long sleeve work shirts today...ugh..I'm glad to have the oppressive heat gone..just didn't want it to get too
One thing about the weather? There's always something to complain

This week has gone fast..thank goodness..
I might have my grandson Mason over this week-end...still trying to decide. His other grandma and I are planning on getting together for breakfast Saturday morning. Mason will probably stay with her Friday I thought I might as well just bring him home with me...

I have been spending more time doing the ancestry research..Someone else online has done a family tree..they have traced my family back the the 1700s..To Chief Wyandanch...Very interesting. And time consuming.
My family comes from the Narragansett and Montauk Tribes..These were two of the 6 tribes that banded together to form the Brothertown Tribe..
Most of the Narragansetts are still in New York.. When my granddaughter and I are in New York, I'm going to see what history I can find in the short time we will be there. I can not wait..It is definitely a journey I look forward to taking.

I reconnected with a girlfriend I haven't spoken to in about two years..In that time, she and her husband have somewhat stayed friends with my ex, Carlos.
It's kind of strange. I have know Lisa and her husband for about 12 years..So, I'll take it slow and see what happens..

I've got to go to work tonight for a bit. Our guys are doing some floor refinishing at one of my buildings, so I'm going to go and make sure they know exactly what they are supposed to do..It won't take me too long.
Tomorrow, I'm going to get my week-end started and take it

Hope everyone has a wonderful week-end..

Monday, September 6, 2010

I DID IT!!!!

I put up the brackets for my wasn't the easiest job getting them even, but I got them close
They work and that's all that matters..

My neighbors probably weren't happy with the noise, but oh was 10:00am..
I thought by that time everyone was probably up and about...

Sorry the picture is sideways..makes it hard to see..

I put in the two bottom shelves..
Happy Labor Day!!

I woke to rain, thunder and lightening..It's getting louder..I'm glad that I keep my van in the garage. The news is showing some areas that had fairly good sized hail..
It feels good to have the windows open and fresh air coming has that nice rain smell...
It probably good for the bushes in front of my window..
Yesterday I spent some time outside trimming them..They looked really bad. Over grown and out of control..It looked dumpy..
I ended up with two big bags of trimmings..
There is one more small bush that could probably use a trim also..but I was running out of steam and it isn't to I left it alone.

The bushes on the other side of the building actually look worse than mine did..I would estimate that I would end up with at least four- five bags if I trimmed those.
Which I will probably end up doing at some point..
I don't like having the entrance look shabby..

The worst part is the prickly weeds. One of the bushes also has prickly stems...
I need a heavy duty pair of gloves..

I think I need to change rooms with my son...At first it was just the guy upstairs that was continually waking me up..last night it was the people that I share a common wall's driving me frigging crazy..All I want to do is SLEEP...

It will be a big chore to do the move because my bedroom set is so large..but in the long run it will be worth it I'm sure...

I do have a couple of buildings that I want to go to today..Sometimes it's just nicer to go when no one is there..
I don't have any other plans today so I guess it doesn't matter..

It's going to be a busy week for me with training at least two, possibly three people.
Restaurants are just the worst..because of the hours..I don't look forward to that..

On that note, I better get moving here and get some stuff done.
Hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's a beautiful sunny morning..
I'm not sure what my day is going to consist of. But I'm going to enjoy it no matter what I do..

Yesterday I put a shelf up in my garage..turned out pretty good if I do say
I cleaned out what didn't need to be in there. I hung up a few items that had been taking up floor space..It looks nice. (and tidy).

I have a narrow closet next to my kitchen sink. It has two shelves. I plan on putting two more in. I bought the boards and the supports. Only one problem, I bought the boards too big..shame on me for not looking at my paper with the measurements.
Patrick came over yesterday and brought his moms hand saw. It shouldn't be too much of a chore to cut the boards down.

I am already seeing how much better off I am financially living here. After paying the rent, I still have enough money left over to more than last me until pay day next Friday...
I'm sure not rolling in money, but at least I don't have to be afraid of how I'm going to make it until the next check comes in:) It's a good feeling.
I still have things that I have to pay off. I'm going to try to pay extra on everything to get it paid off as soon as possible. But I don't want to start doing that until I have a little extra stocked away..

I better get off the computer and start getting some stuff done..
Hope everyone has a great day!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good morning:)

Can you believe that it is already September 1st??
Yesterday I noticed that some of the trees are changing seems early for that..

I had a lazy week-end. Feel kind of bad that I didn't get at least one of the little ones before they start school today..But I felt like I needed a couple of days to regroup..
I called all three little ones last night to wish them a great first day of school today.
They are soooo excited. Cameron will be in 2nd grade and Mason and Destiny will be in 1st grade..
Cameron and Destiny will be going to a new school this year. I hope they do okay with the change. Cameron has issues with large groups. He just doesn't know how to deal with it. I hope his mom gets him some help with that. I hate to see him fail because of something he cant control..
He did some reading for the teacher while at registration and she told him how advanced he is..He was very proud..

Yesterday I found out that I am going to have two more restaurants added to my route...Oh crap...I'm very glad that we are getting more business..good for the company, good for why oh why do they have to be restaurants? lol...

The company has five restaurants total...We already do one of them..We had a second one for a while. Then they decided to go with another cleaning company..Now they want us to come added another one..
We will start them the middle of next week..Which means, my boss and I will be up in the middle of the night doing them.
When we find cleaners for them, then it will take at least two to three days to train.

I have a replacement for the position that my granddaughter is giving up..
This woman was working for us before..then had to leave because she didn't have transportation any longer.
This job is on the bus line, so she should have no problems. I hope..

Actually, I just had a thought that I better check in to...she had been going to English classes. She wouldn't be able to get to the job until 10:00pm..and finishing at 12:30..I better find out if the buses run that late.
I hope so. She is a good worker and I would like for her to be able to take this position.

Yesterday I did something that was hard and relieving at the same time...
I sold my wedding rings..
The total for the three sets was about $3,500.00.. I got $240.00...
Many jewelry stores are buying gold right now..they don't care how many diamonds are in the rings. They are only paying for the weight of the ring..

My decision was to just get rid of the rings and be done with it.
I had thought about saving one set for Destiny and one set for Monique..But in the long run, it didn't seem to make sense to save rings from a failed marriage.
It didn't make sense to have these rings around as a constant reminder.

I had thought about trying to sell them on Craigs list. I could have probably gotten more. I just didn't want to deal with all of that..
Now it is done and I can move on..

I'm going to buy a couple of shelves and brackets for my garage. My plan is to put them up so I have extra room for supplies. That way, I will always have extra and won't have to worry about going out to the shop for supplies if the weather gets nasty.
Right now, I drive out to the shop every Tuesday for supplies. Which sometimes puts me in a bind when I need stuff for Monday..
If I get some extra stock here, it won't matter which day I go to the shop..
Just thinking ahead to the colder, it will

Not too much else new..
Hope a great day is had by all.....