Sunday, October 31, 2010

Now for the good news....

My daughter is paying for my air fare and hotel to Vegas..It's my birthday and Christmas gift combined:)
Originally it was to be my daughter, granddaughter, grandson and myself..
Today my daughter felt bad about Monique's boyfriend Brian not being able to afford to go with us....So, she told him that she would pay for part of the cost as a Christmas gift.
I said I would pay a portion as my gift to him..He would have to come up with the rest..
He said he could do that. He sent me a text message thanking me...

We are going to try to go see the Grand Canyon and Hoover Damn while we are out there.
We are going to spend two nights at the Orleans..then head over to the Luxor for one night.
Paris is fascinated with the Luxor..and Chris Angel..So, spending the night there is going to be his special treat.

We are leaving Nov.15th and coming back on the 18th..
I can't wait. I haven't been anywhere in some time and I miss it..
I NEED to get away from work and my work
I NEED to be able to sleep a FULL night...Not having to wake up at 4:00am every morning to make sure everyone is clocked in...
I think it will be rejuvenating to say the least....
Best present ever...

Monique is checking out colleges..She is waiting to hear back from a couple of them right now.
One is Arizona State. They have a very good journalism class.
One is Loyola in Chicago..We went there last Thursday for the tour..It seems like a very good school..she seems very interested..
There are pros and cons to each. She has a rough decision to make..I'm not sure what it is going to take for her to make that decision.
Arizona would certainly be less WARMER..

On that note, I'm going to get busy and do my paperwork for work and then go to bed early....
Happy week to all..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Two days ago, I had all intentions of being able to make a happy entry..
I will have a few exciting things to talk about, but yesterday I heard some news that breaks my heart.

I learned that someone very dear to my heart only has a short time to live. He has pancreatic cancer..
I met Lyle about 14 years ago. I had gotten a job as a bartender here in town. He was already employed there.
We became fast friends..he had, and still has, an awesome sense of humor.
I'm not even sure of his age right now. I would say somewhere in his late 70s..Maybe even 80..

He lives with his longtime girlfriend Sandy. I cleaned for them for a few years. Lyle would usually be home when I got there. So, of course, we would spend some time chatting.
Since the time I stopped working for them, I only see Lyle when I run into him out and about town... The time span doesn't matter. We have a mutual love and respect for each other.
I want to call him to let him know that I'm thinking of him and to offer any help I can.
Because we have never had the type of relationship that entails calling each other, will it be awkward for me to make that call? It doesn't matter, I wouldn't feel right it I didn't call..
Please say a prayer that whatever time Lyle has left be as pain free as possible.

I'll make an entry in the next couple of days about the things that I was going to write about..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Sweetest Day!!

Happy Bosses Day!!

So, it's sweetest day..I don't think anyone will be taking me out for a romantic dinner or giving me

I am going to pick up Destiny and we'll have our own Sweetest Day. We are going to stop at the store on our way back to my house..
I desperately need a jewelry box..So, I think I will get one if I find one cheap enough..I'll let Destiny pick something out for herself too...

The last week or two have been so hectic at work...Don't know when it will ever slow down..
I had to train at a restaurant..that took 4 nights...
I have been having problems with another worker at the other restaurant..He isn't doing all he should be doing. And our clients have him on tape just sitting..not mopping floors as he should..
By the time the meeting ended, he said he no longer wanted to work at the restaurant..which means, we have to find someone new and then I have to spend the time to train them...ugh...
The shame of it is, for the most part, the restaurant looks pretty darned good..and he ALWAYS shows up...We just can't have workers sitting around..
The funny thing is that during the conversation, my worker stated that there isn't enough time allotted for that job...(which is kind of true), but as I told him, then he shouldn't be sitting down..
He said that's a lie..Guess he still isn't understanding that they have it on tape..
He does another job for us...a bank which is 5 nights a the he and another person do 4 to 5 houses a day...yeah,, that's why he is sitting around on my jobs...

I am training at one of my banks..probably another two days..

I need a break..I have 7 days of vacation left..I need to use them...I am trying to get everyone settled before I do..

My house needs some tender loving
I did paint my bathroom..a fairly dark green...strange, I never used to like

I need to do laundry...
Maybe I'll have Destiny help me with that today..she's a great little helper...

I got a wireless printer...and I'm loving it..I don't have to take my laptop into the bedroom anymore to get something printed...

For Bosses Day, I gave my boss some homemade muffins and a bottle of Margarita Mix..It's the Skinny Girl brand..Produced by Bethenny Frankle from the Housewives of New York..I just love her..I also bought a bottle for

Last night I decided that I was going to sleep this morning until I woke up on my own..
I woke up at 4:10 to make sure that my workers had clocked in..I went right back to sleep..
THEN one of my cleaners called me at 6:15 to tell me that he was going to need more cleaning towels....ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I told him that needing more rags was not an emergency..
That is something that can wait until later in the day...Do not call me at that hour unless it is an EMERGENCY....Geeezzz....

Oh well,, Maybe

Have a great day!!!
I'll try to post pictures of Destiny later....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is Mason at his 2nd soccer game...My little red head..
It was really cold out, but none of the kids complained..That was a surprise.
Masons team won..

I've been doing paper work...for my job and sorting through papers for home stuff..oh gosh, what a daunting job..I'm still not done but felt that I really needed a break from it.
I'll continue to work on it through the evening.

It was only 47 here today.. kind of nice to wear some of my clothes for cooler weather.
Although I'm sure I'll be complaining about the cold in no

My daughter, two of my grandkids and I went out for breakfast this morning.. Cracker Barrel..I wasn't overly impressed..Not the best I've had, more expensive than I care to pay and not the biggest portions.
I think next week-end, I'll have to take them to the place I've discovered for getting a great breakfast at a great price...

Then we went over to Walmart.. I got a couple of things I needed..I think they mostly bought food..

Now I'm watching the Packer game...They're ahead by 8 points...hope they can keep it ..
Today they are wearing pink accessories in support of Breast Cancer.. Mostly pink wrist bands and towels..but some of them even have pink cleats on...

It's going to be another busy work week..We have to start another account on Thursday night..
Another restaurant..ugh...start time- 3:00am...I will probably be training until at least until Sunday..So, that means the week-end is shot for me..

Well, I better get back to my paper work..
Hope you all have a wonderful week...