Sunday, October 31, 2010

Now for the good news....

My daughter is paying for my air fare and hotel to Vegas..It's my birthday and Christmas gift combined:)
Originally it was to be my daughter, granddaughter, grandson and myself..
Today my daughter felt bad about Monique's boyfriend Brian not being able to afford to go with us....So, she told him that she would pay for part of the cost as a Christmas gift.
I said I would pay a portion as my gift to him..He would have to come up with the rest..
He said he could do that. He sent me a text message thanking me...

We are going to try to go see the Grand Canyon and Hoover Damn while we are out there.
We are going to spend two nights at the Orleans..then head over to the Luxor for one night.
Paris is fascinated with the Luxor..and Chris Angel..So, spending the night there is going to be his special treat.

We are leaving Nov.15th and coming back on the 18th..
I can't wait. I haven't been anywhere in some time and I miss it..
I NEED to get away from work and my work
I NEED to be able to sleep a FULL night...Not having to wake up at 4:00am every morning to make sure everyone is clocked in...
I think it will be rejuvenating to say the least....
Best present ever...

Monique is checking out colleges..She is waiting to hear back from a couple of them right now.
One is Arizona State. They have a very good journalism class.
One is Loyola in Chicago..We went there last Thursday for the tour..It seems like a very good school..she seems very interested..
There are pros and cons to each. She has a rough decision to make..I'm not sure what it is going to take for her to make that decision.
Arizona would certainly be less WARMER..

On that note, I'm going to get busy and do my paperwork for work and then go to bed early....
Happy week to all..

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