Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is Mason at his 2nd soccer game...My little red head..
It was really cold out, but none of the kids complained..That was a surprise.
Masons team won..

I've been doing paper work...for my job and sorting through papers for home stuff..oh gosh, what a daunting job..I'm still not done but felt that I really needed a break from it.
I'll continue to work on it through the evening.

It was only 47 here today.. kind of nice to wear some of my clothes for cooler weather.
Although I'm sure I'll be complaining about the cold in no

My daughter, two of my grandkids and I went out for breakfast this morning.. Cracker Barrel..I wasn't overly impressed..Not the best I've had, more expensive than I care to pay and not the biggest portions.
I think next week-end, I'll have to take them to the place I've discovered for getting a great breakfast at a great price...

Then we went over to Walmart.. I got a couple of things I needed..I think they mostly bought food..

Now I'm watching the Packer game...They're ahead by 8 points...hope they can keep it ..
Today they are wearing pink accessories in support of Breast Cancer.. Mostly pink wrist bands and towels..but some of them even have pink cleats on...

It's going to be another busy work week..We have to start another account on Thursday night..
Another restaurant..ugh...start time- 3:00am...I will probably be training until at least until Sunday..So, that means the week-end is shot for me..

Well, I better get back to my paper work..
Hope you all have a wonderful week...

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