Friday, December 31, 2010

It's the Eve of the New Year!!
I wish peace, health and happiness to all!!

The weather has been very it is in the 40s, most of the snow has melted..which is fine with me:)
This week-end is supposed to send us into a deep freeze..I am not looking forward to that..

My grandson JJ aka..Patrick is now an employee of mine..He filled out all of his paperwork at the office yesterday. He won't have his own building at this time. He will be helping me when I have to cover a job.
He has 3 hours in already and will get a couple more tomorrow..
It will give him a few bucks and good training..

Last night I went to my friends house for a Holiday get together..I'm always the odd man out with the other being couples...but it really didn't matter last night..Just a good group of people having great conversation and LOTS of great food..They definitely know how to keep people from being
I had a really busy day yesterday so I wasn't really even in the mood to go..I ended up being the first one although I thought I would only stay an hour or so,,I stayed until 11:30..Which is really late for

Tonight I'm going by my girlfriends house for some cards and eats and then maybe hit the corner bar for one...
I don't think I will even stay out until Midnight...I have to be at one of my accounts at 4:00AM..
The bar is only closing down for 1Hour...It's a two hour job on a good day..there is no way my cleaner will be able to get it done in an, I will be there to help him..

It's been a good year for me...I'm going into the New Year with high hopes that things will continue to go in a positive directions.
I wish the same for you!!

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