Saturday, December 31, 2011

So, I had a mini cry this't know why...

I sat here thinking of why I would be feeling emotional..These are some of the things that I came up with..

My ex, who was a controlling, sometimes a mean and sarcastic person has someone to share his life with..And that doesn't seem fair to me..
Now granted, everyone knows that he is with her for what she has..and I feel that if you are with someone for the wrong reasons, it WILL come back to haunt you..
But the fact is, I feel that I deserve to have a nice man in my life..I would like to have a nice man in my life.
I don't dwell on it, I don't cry the blues about it..I live my life with purpose..and give to the people in it..
But I feel ready to have a person to share time with..I just don't know how to go about meeting someone..
LOL..I always tell my friends that the best way to meet someone is through your friends and that they are lacking in that area..

I think I get the after the Holiday blues...I work so hard at the build up.. I love to make a nice Christmas for everyone..I truly love Christmas!! The thought of celebrating the birth of Jesus truly warms my heart..

My Moms birthday is this month..Jan. 16th..
It is also the month that my Mom passed away..and although I'm fine most of the time, I think my inner self finds it hard to deal with the loss.
Being without the person that means the most to me is heart wrenching.
I think sometimes I just want to be the child again..I miss my Mom..

My job situation does not help my mental well
I will be working again this week-end..only because I have to deal with the restaurants..and that sucks...
My boss did offer to take care of the one restaurant that needs to be done this week-end..and we have one of the specialty guys taking care of the other two restaurants that we have to help with..BUT, my boss also has two restaurants that he has to make sure are taken care of and I didn't want him to have to worry about any more..
With the crowds they are going to have tonight, they are going to be one hot mess...and we have such a limited time to get them cleaned..I think the cleaners deserve to have a little bit of extra help..and my boss can't be everywhere..
So, I will give a helping hand..
My friends are getting a room at a hotel that is having a band and food for New Years..I think I'll go and spend a little time with them before I have to head out to clean..there will be another couple with them.
I again will be the 5th
I told her that I won't stay until midnight unless there is a nice single guy there to give a New Years kiss

I feel better now..I know this will be a great year...I'm calling it MY

It's all about a positive attitude, Right??

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!! May it be filled with all that you wish for!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas:)

Mine was very nice..although it goes by so fast..All of the buildup, and then it's here and gone in a matter of hours..

I always enjoy watching the kids open their presents..As they get older it gets harder to find things they may I can usually find something..
Monique LOVES most of her gifts were in the form of gift cards..but I did find a book that I thought she might like, and she did..."The Help"..she saw the movie and is really looking forward to reading the book.

There is usually a game that Paris has been wanting so he wasn't too hard..Plus I always make up a little money tree for him..Even if it only has one dollar bills on it, he gets a kick out of it.. a little harder..But I did get him a gift card from a clothes shop that he likes..and now that he has a girlfriend, I'm sure he will put the cash to good use..

My daughter was fairly easy this year..She has been wanting the "Magic Bullet" for some time now.. and loved getting that..
I also got her a wide slot toaster..

They got me a #12 (Rodgers) Jersey..beautiful earrings and a Packers pillow that also serves the purpose of a stuffed animal...very cute..
AND a box of CRAB LEGS...I'm going to cook them up on New Years Eve...Can't wait.

I did a little after Christmas shopping...some wrapping paper, a few boxes and a few presents for next year...Good deals...

I worked this week-end..and a for a bit it's time for me to unwind and get ready for the rest of this's going to be a busy one..and thankfully, a short one for at least a few of my

Enjoy your week and hold the magic of Christmas close for as long as you can:)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm finally finding the time and energy to do an entry..Some days, I have all intentions of blogging and then all I do is read

I'm back on the dreaded night shift again...yes, you heard me right..The new girl didn't even last a full month..Not that I'm lied about numerous things..didn't get to jobs when she knew that they needed supplies..and didn't go to clean a building one night when she knew the guy wasn't going to be there...

So, now I'm back in the saddle..and NOT liking it.. I fired one young man last's a shame..he was always on time, showed up every night but for some reason, would not follow direction and left numerous things undone...
It was to the point that I had to go there each morning to check the building and pick up the slack. I don't have time for that..
Tonight I will be training the new guy..He already works at one of the bars on the week-end, so at least he knows how we do's just a different layout..Hopefully this will solve the problem..

On Saturday night I had the little ones over to celebrate Christmas, along with my friends Joe and Lisa..we had a very nice time..The kids were very well behaved and enjoyed their gifts..
We ordered pizza for'm all about making things as easy as I can..

Christmas Eve, I will go to my daughters house..We are making things as easy and stress free as possible..ham and rolls, boiled shrimp (my moms favorite Christmas Eve treat) and munchies..
I have made a few batches of cookies..I need to make one more batch of peanut butter cookies for my (ex) father in law..they are his favorite:)

I was up at 4:00am and now when I look at the clock, I can't believe it's only thought it was at least 7...
I'll go to bed early tonight so I can get up at 1:45am...
to be honest, I could go to sleep right now..but then I wouldn't be able to sleep when I need

I gave my boss and his wife and little boy their presents already..It is HARD buying for them..but I did find a few things and a couple of treats along with a plate of homemade cookies..

They gave me a $1,500.00 bonus..I was totally shocked...I will have to have taxes taken out, but even at that, it was FAR more than I had anticipated for sure...
It was nice to see that he really has appreciated all of my extra work:)

On that note, it's time for me to get a few things done before I go to sleep..

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thank you ladies for your kind comments on my last post...It is ALWAYS appreciated:)

We both apologized and let it go....AMEN!!

Yesterday I found out that my new grandchild is a ......."GIRL"....
My step-daughter send me a text as soon as she left the doctors office...I was so glad that she took the time to do that and I didn't have to find out about it on facebook..I like facebook, but I don't want to find out ALL information
Then I went to Walmart where they have all of their summer stuff on sale..little one piece outfits and such...for $2.00 each..some I got for $1.00...I think I spent $30.00 and got two bags full...

I picked Cameron up last night and when I got there his mommy showed me the ultra sound picture of the baby...My gosh, she's Big..I didn't expect that I weighs one pound now...

Today Cameron and I went to the Harley store to buy presents and we wanted to pick a name off the giving tree so he could buy a present for someone in need..They were all gone already...
So, I took him to the dollar store instead and he bought gifts and gift boxes for his mom and dad and grandparents..
Then we went to Walmart and then to Menards where I got myself a Dutch oven..I have never owned one..This one was $69.00 and I got it for $35.00...Now I have to look for those recipes that always call for a dutch

We finally made it home and I was tuckered it's 8:30pm..I swear I could go to sleep right now...but..."It's a wonderful life" is on and I'm watching that..Cameron isn't interested..

He did get all of his presents wrapped and placed under the for all the work today was, it was a good day:)

Time to relax now and finish watching my favorite movie...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I still haven't put the ornaments on my tree...although I do have to say that at night it is not noticeable at

Early this morning, I did do three loads of laundry...other than that, I have done a little guilty about that but it was just one of those days..

I guess I'm feeling down because my daughter and I had a disagreement yesterday.
We had done some Black Friday shopping with my granddaughter. At one point, I went a separate way from them.. (at the mall)..fully expecting that I would get back by them before they were done...
Well, somehow we didn't find each other in the mall, and my fault, I didn't have my phone with they couldn't contact me that way.
Long story short. it was about 45 minutes before I found them in the car..and my daughter was angry...She starts yelling at me...Yes, yelling at me...I certainly didn't raise her to think that was appropriate behavior, but for some reason, she thinks she has the right to speak her mind as loudly as she wants too...Well, we got back to her house and I had my granddaughter run in and get my phone and keys..
We have exchanged a couple of e-mails but neither one of us is willing to back down completely...I apologized for putting them through the worry of not knowing where I was...but because I also told her that she still had no right to talk to me that way, she didn't really accept my apology...OH well...

I feel terrible that we aren't talking, but on the other hand, I am not going to be talked to in that way by her or anybody else..
I would NEVER have talked (yelled) to my Mom that way...and I expect the same..
So, it could be a very different type of Holiday this year...

Tomorrow I'm going to go to a couple of my buildings..just to get a jump on next week..
My girlfriends daughter is her from Texas with her new baby..She was supposed to go home today and then come back at Christmas, but that all changed and she decided to stay and do Christmas early..
We're going to have a girls get together to exchange presents while she is here so everyone can meet the baby...

Well, I guess that's it for now..I picked up Masons presents this week, so I'm going to get them wrapped...My living room is getting a bit

Until later.....

Sorry I copied your blog Lucy,,,I just couldn't help
It took me forever to figure out how to get the header picture on here..Lucy, you are far more advanced with changing your blog than I am...

Friday, November 18, 2011

I love having the extra room that the tree stand provides...

The tree stand for my friend Chris..
My Christmas village..a little dark, but you get the idea..

Yay,,it's Friday...

I have gotten so much done this week..Last night, I even delivered my gift to my friend Chris..I knew she was going to put her tree up next week and wanted her to have it in time...
She seemed very pleased with it:)

I have the lights on the tree. I don't know how much further I'll get with it this week-end though..
The documentary that my nephew is in is actually showing at my granddaughters college on of course, we're going to see it again..
My sister-in-law is coming down from Eagle River with her husband to see it also..It is her son that is in it..
We're getting together for dinner her daughter in law happened to pick one of my restaurants for the location...too funny...

Yesterday I noticed that water was leaking from the apartment upstairs...ugh..and the hole in the ceiling STILL had not been covered since the last water incident..although I guess it's a good thing..
The plumber is here now fixing it and my landlord assures me that the hole will be covered asap...(we'll see)..

My daughter and I decided that we would have a baby shower for my step-daughter..
I found a location here in Germantown that has a VERY reasonable rate..So, last night I sent her a message stating where we wanted to have it and an approximate date...and that it would be girls
Well, today I get a text from her stating that no one in her family would drive ALL the way out to Germantown...and that she really wanted to involve the guys also...
Needless to say, I am upset..First of all, if her family can't drive 15-20 minutes to get here then I don't think we should worry about them...and then she says that she wants the guys involved...
My first thought to all of this is...Who is throwing the shower?? and since when is it okay for the recipient to start making demands?? I know I'm older and I know that most of the showers today are co-ed...but that is not the way I was going with this..
I haven't sent a reply yet...I've decided that when I do reply I'm going to say that since this isn't going to work out, I'll just use the money that I would have spent on the shower on the baby instead.
I just feel bad because this is something that I really wanted to do...oh well!!

I wish this plumber would hurry up..I REALLY want to take a

Enjoy your week-end!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I've trained the new girl on the late shift..for the most part, she is on her own.
I'm not sure how she will do..she's not as good as the woman she is replacing, but I'm trying not to make that my problem:)

My step-daughter finally told her Mom about the baby..and it went well..In a week or so, we should find out if it's a boy or girl..That's when it will get REALLY exciting.

I have gotten soooo much done since I am able to sleep thru the whole made a stand for my tree to sit on..Because I'm in an apartment I have a smaller tree..I really wanted it to be taller..
The stand is really just a three legged stool..I didn't even paint it since it will be covered.

My grandsons other grandma recently mentioned that she liked the way my tree had so much room under it..because it didn't stand directly on the floor..Soooo, I thought I would make her one for her tree as a Christmas gift. They cost about $40.00 to make. She happened to call me the other day and I asked her if she would really like one..she said yes. I put the legs on it today and because it's a gift, I have painted it...
One more present taken care it's so hard to figure out what someone may like..

I put up a small Christmas village..I don't think I've done that since I got divorced. I either haven't had the time or the room...
It set up on the desk in my living room..It looks really cute..I'm glad I took the time to do it..
I also put up my Moms small Christmas tree..In my bedroom..

Well, it's time for me to get some sleep..
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday:)

Friday, November 4, 2011

I am so thankful that Friday is here...Even with having to work, I don't feel the need to do as much as I do during the week..
I have to go out early in the morning (4:30am)...I'm taking the new night supervisor out to meet a couple of the workers..and make sure that the young man at one of the restaurants gets everything done..He is doing a TERRIBLE job..I have tried to get him to correct things..and all I got out of that is that he called my boss to complain about me...HA!!
I always say, the only ones that seem to complain about me are the ones that are not doing THEIR jobs...
Oh well, I'm only a day or two away from that not being my problem anymore....

On a MUCH lighter note...I found out today that I am going to be a grandma again....It's one of those cases of, do they REALLY need another baby when they already struggle to survive?? Probably not..But they are happy about it, and therefore I will be happy for them..
It's my stepdaughter..Mom to Cameron and Destiny...I am like the 3rd person to find out. She hasn't even told her dad yet..she doesn't want people to chastise her for having another one.
She knows that no matter what, I will be part of her support system..and will welcome this newest little one with all the love that my other grandkids receive...

I already have some ideas for daughter and I were Walmart today buying baby clothes for another shower..and my daughter says,,"we need another baby in the family" and then after looking at some clothes she says, "we need another boy"..we'll Monica thinks it's a boy:) We should find out in a week or so...

Walmart had a ton of summer clothes on sale for infants for $1.oo...I am going to go back there today or tomorrow and pick some up...

The hard part is that I can't say anything on facebook until she tells everybody...And darn it, it's hard holding this kind of news to

The other day, I was friended on facebook by my ex-husbands niece...I was really surprised..
Then she invited me to her sons girlfriends baby shower is also her moms (my ex-sister-in-lay), it should be daughter is going to go with me..

I have always been open to staying friends with my ex's family..I have been divorced from Jeremys dad for 15 years and I am still friends with his sister and refer to her as my sister-in-law.....that's just how I

Monica just sent me a text..she is afraid to tell her dad..I told her to just call him and tell him..if he starts any bs..she can tell him that she is happy and doesn't want to hear any negativity..

In the long run..we all love the babies that come into our lives..

On that note, I'm going to end this post and figure out what I need to get done before I have to leave for training tonight...

Have a wonderful week-end:)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good morning!!

The weather is cold and rainy here..yuck..not looking forward to the snow..
This morning my daughter and I were talking about warmer climates to move to..We had always thought Arizona..I'm not sure where I would like to end up in my old's getting closer by the day..
As much as my daughter wants to get to a warmer climate, she is worried about the time that her grandkids start coming...Hopefully that will be after college..
I told her that I am going to start a special savings account for when the time comes that we do leave the snow behind..

My grandson is doing well in his pre-marines group..(don't know the exact name for it)..
He is getting into better shape than he has been..They are telling him that once he enlists, he will most likely go to San Diego for basic training..We also have to save for that because of course, we will want to be there for his graduation...
Right now, his hair is a bit long..they have been talking to him about getting it he wouldn't have to cut it until he goes for basic training, but they like to get them into the whole experience and that's part of it..

This week-end is my grandson Masons birthday's his mom that never even replied to my request of having him over the last two times...His other grandma was the one to let me know about the party...
In all honesty, I am not looking forward to seeing her(my stepdaughter)..I have tried for so many years to get closer to her and I am done..
Sometimes I feel like I'm only good to have around for what I give...and that's a crappy feeling..
I don't want to lose my relationship with Mason, but I am not going to continually fight his mom to see him..

I am on good terms with my other stepdaughter, so I guess I'll just spend my time talking to her I guess...

I went to the office yesterday to get more supplies...Nothing was said by my boss or his wife about getting someone for the late shift..So, I guess that means that I get to keep doing it..
I didn't spend much time there..I really don't have much to say to them...well, I have a lot to say, but don't feel like I this point, I'm not in a position to take a chance on getting into a major conflict with them..Because I am the kind that will tell him what he can do with his giving any thought to the fact that I don't have a
I need to just keep my mouth shut until I'm in a better position to walk out if I need to...

I have to train tonight..and he can't start until 9:30pm...I'm going to get there early and get most of it done..then have him follow me on what's's a three hour job..I'm not starting it at 9:30 and then have to make sure all of my late night workers are in..I'm still not sure when my boss thinks I'm supposed to sleep..

well, enough
I am trying to keep calm about this is what it is..and God will lead me through this!!

Have a great hump day!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another week-end have to say that I was able to have a Very nice week-end..
I decided that even though I would be taking a chance that I would have to go out and work, I would have Destiny over Saturday night..

Luck was with me..everyone showed I did have to call three of them to make sure they didn't oversleep...

Destiny and I had a really nice time..When we were in Eagle River a few months ago, she had spent some time making pot be given for Christmas presents.. I thought this would be a good time to finish that project.
We made a stop at the dollar store for gift boxes, tissue and name tags. I let her pick them out.
I asked her who she wanted to give them to..of course, she said her mom and dad and her other grandma..I asked her if she wanted to give one to her grandpa too..she said yes.. he may be my ex, but he is her grandpa..

I put the tissue in the boxes and she did the rest...for her other grandma she also picked out an ornament that you place a picture in...It's pretty cute..and I think they will all be very surprised...
I also think Destiny will have a wonderful feeling of giving..I want them to understand that it is much nicer to give than to receive...

I did have a good laugh while doing the name tags..Destiny can write very well, so she made them out herself..and me being the nice grandma that I am asked if she wanted to add Carols name to her grandpa's gift tag..she did and she spelled it decided to let it stay that way...Ha-Ha....

As it turns out, the woman that was taking care of the restaurants wasn't in a car accident..My boss assumed that from her message..she called me on Friday and told me that the accident actually happened at Walmart..She was with her two kids..(they're 16 and 17).
They were standing in the checkout line and all of a sudden, her legs started to shake and she got really hot. she thought it was because she hadn't eaten..she told her kids that they needed to hurry up and get out of there..and the next thing she knew, she woke up in the hospital..
She had passed out and when she feel, her neck landed right on the handle of the cart...
I cringe when I think of about a freak accident..
It pushed a few of her disc's out of place..

I don't know what's going to happen at this point. My boss said last week that they were going to look for a replacement for terrible as it is and as guilty as it makes me feel, I can't do this for the length of time she will be gone..
I do have a feeling that my boss is going to tell me on Tuesday that I am stuck with this until she returns. I just have that bad feeling..
My daughter says that if he wants me to do two jobs, he needs to give me the extra money..he was paying it out to her..and I agree..I just don't think it will be enough..(and honestly, I can't see him doing that)..

I'm going to TRY to hang in there until the first of the year and then I'm going to start looking for something else...I need to find a job that offers insurance. I also need a job that I can leave behind at the end of the day...Management has taken it's toll on me and I'm done..

I have to get a car...l0l...that's another reason I'm waiting..Tax
Also, I want my Christmas Bonus...I deserve it...

Well, that's it for me's already 10:45 pm and I'm tired...

I hope your week-end was as nice as mine..

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Saturday!!

I went to Walmart early this I TRY NOT to do...But I heard that they were having their lay-away plan again..Just for the Christmas season..sounded good to me..I thought that if I went early, picked out what I wanted, it wouldn't take me too long to deal with the lay-away process..
I asked one of the sales associates what items would be accepted on lay-away..she told me toys and electronics...Good, works for

I spent an hour looking at toys, reading what toys do and trying to figure out what each grandchild might REALLY like..This is NOT an easy least for the boys..Destiny is easy to buy for..anything girly...

I found a the things I wanted for her..found a couple of items for the boys and then went over to electronics to get the Wii game that Cameron the girl was walking over to the case with me, I mentioned that I was putting these items on lay-away..She then informed me that it didn't start until here I am with a cart full..

By this time, there were long lines at the check-out..I wasn't sure I wanted to deal with that, but I also didn't want to go through the hassle of putting all of these items away..So, I decided to just purchase the toys now and be ahead of the game.

Now I have to find a place to put all of this apartment is lacking in closet space..

I will write down what I have for each child and try to keep track of everything and how much was spent on each...

Last Sunday I painted my living room...AND I had everything cleaned and put back in place by the end of the evening...I have two walls in the kitchen that I have to finish..I wasn't thinking about needing Semi-gloss paint for them..

Now for the bad news...our new part time account manager is not able to work right now.
She left a message at the office Tuesday morning saying that she had been in an accident the night before and would be having surgery.. She said that she didn't have her work phone at the hospital but one of her kids would answer it..
That is all we knew...for the next few days, I called her personal phone and the work phone. I wanted to tell her daughter how to transfer the calls to my phone.

We couldn't get through to either phone..We didn't know if we should be overly worried or upset that we didn't know what was going on...

I am now in charge of the restaurants again...I just felt sick knowing I would have to deal with them again...It's just too much...
Already I've had one night of being out at 2:00am until 6:00am..and every night, I have to be up and on the computer checking that everyone is checked in...they start checking in at 2:00, then 3:00 and then 6:00am...I don't know when I'm supposed to sleep..

On Friday, Andora sent me a text message that she had surgery and part of her spine was crushed..very close to paralyzing her..I thank God that that didn't happen..She went home on Friday. Recovery time is 6-8 weeks..

I don't know what will happen from here..that I am leaving up to my boss..

Well, time to take a take it when I can get it:)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

"On the bridge" at the AMC Theater in Chicago...
Some of the people involved in making this documentary happen..The producer, director, and a
couple of the people that were brave enough to step forward and share their lives...
I can't even explain the emotions that came with seeing my nephew, Jason Moon on the screen. Hearing his songs that come straight from his heart..

Everyone has their own views on war...Everyone should see this film..We must realize that we don't always see what war does to our soldiers..If they are lucky enough to even come home..
They may have all of their limbs..They may look like they're fine...Well, some of them aren't..and we can't "see" it...

We have lost thousands of men and women to suicide because they can't live with what they have seen and done..they Don't get the help that they need to move forward in life as a civilian..
And it's a SHAME!!! Shame on our country for not doing whatever they need to do to help our soldiers when they need it the most...

It's been ten years for this war....ENOUGH!!

When I was a bartender, there was a great gentleman that served in Vietnam...When he had a few too many and the conversation went in a certain direction, he would go on and on about some of the things that he went through..he never got too graphic, he would always say, "you wouldn't believe it if I told you"..
There were some bar patrons that would say, he needs to get over it...There was no sympathy to what this man had been through..or say that he just needs to stop easy to have all of the answers when YOU haven't been the one to face war first hand...

War does not affect all people the same..I understand that..but we as a country need to make sure that the very people that put their lives on the line for us are taken care of when they come HOME....

One of my nephews songs is titled "Trying to find my way home"...I hope and pray that one day, he will find his way home:)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Monique in her dorm room..I wasn't sure if I posted any pictures of her move in day, so I thought I would post at least one of them:)
Go Marquette!!
She is finding it very interesting to have a room daughter struggles to pay tuition and get Monique some extra's...such as some of the goodies that she likes..she took a stack of disposable bowls, spoons and cereal and some munchies for BOTH of the girls to enjoy...
Moniques room mate comes from Chicago where both of her parents are engineers..They put $100.00 on account for their daughter to use as she needs...the girl brags that she has only used $20.00 of it...
Well, The girls parents sent her some organic apples and she told Monique that they are her favorite and she didn't want her to eat any...THAT did not go over
They ran out of milk and this girl won't even buy that...
Anyway, Monique is sure getting a taste of how different people can be..She is a giver...Even if someone else is eating up all of her favorite

Tomorrow my daughter Shannon, Monique, her boyfriend Brian and I are heading to Chicago for the day...
My nephew Jason is in a documentary that was produced by a french director...It's about post traumatic stress syndrome..which my nephew has..
It is in Chicago's 47th film festival...
This film will break your will also allow you an inside view of what war does to some people...
If it comes to your area, PLEASE go and see it...

We are going to go down early so we can take the water taxi to some shopping and go out for lunch...
It's supposed to be in the high 70s low 80s...PERFECT for a day out and about town...

Work has been calm..I'm loving it..I do have to replace one of my workers, so next week I will have to do some training..but for the most's okay:)

I painted my little as it is..I used the left over paint from when I did my bathroom..
It's a fairly dark green..but I like it..
Next I have to work on getting my living room and kitchen painted..I'll probably go with a very neutral color..I really would like to do something like a darker gold..something like you would find in the Caribbean culture, but I think that would be a bit much for an

I'm still having a problem with Carlos' daughter returning my calls and texts about getting Mason..I sure don't know what the problem is there...It's really too bad because Mason is the one to miss out on doing some of the things that I'm doing with the other grandkids...
But I can't fight this one for too much longer...

Well, that's about it for warm as it is today, I stuck a sheet of chicken thighs in the oven with some barbecue sauce on's smelling pretty good in here...I better check them..

Have a great week-end:)

Friday, September 23, 2011


I always look forward to the most people do..
Lol..its seems funny now, because it wasn't that long ago that I didn't get a reprieve from work even on the
I am totally enjoying it now:)

I wanted to get back in the routine of getting one of my little grandkids on the I sent a text message to my step-daughter Melissa a message on Wednesday asking if Mason would be able to spend Saturday night with me.
By Thursday, I still hadn't received an answer so I sent her a message via facebook...Still haven't heard back from her..
I don't get it..I have tried for so long to get close to her.Even as far back as when her father and I were together. She just won't allow it to happen..I have faced that, but that doesn't mean that you can't be polite.
She never replied to me when I asked if Mason could go to the Dells with us..
I sent her a text last week asking for ideas for Christmas. She did answer that one...
I just don't get it..I may never get it..I could have worked on getting one of the other kids this week-end if she had answered my text..Oh well, there isn't anything I can do about it right now..It is what it is and I can't change this one:)

I'm going to my daughters house tomorrow to pack up the things left over from the rummage sale..Then we're going to pack away all of the camping equipment.It shouldn't take us too long..

Last night I changed my living room around..I was tired when I was done, but it looks nice..and now I have a place to put my Christmas tree:) Trying to plan ahead time is going to come REAL fast..

I'm thinking about getting the paint to do the living room..I may even start it this week-end..

Well, guess that's it for news here in Germantown...
Hope everyone has a nice week-end:)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


It's been an emotional day for me..I've been taken back to what I was feeling ten years ago when I heard of the first plane hitting the tower...
It seemed like such a horrific accident...and then to see the second hit and we KNEW it was not an accident..All I could do was stand in front of the tv and say "Oh my God"..

Now today, watching the people read off the names of the loved ones lost, I find myself once again feeling so many of the same feelings..
Seeing some of the young kids is the little girl said she never got to meet her Dad because she was in her Mommies tummy when it happened..Seeing so many last names that are the same and knowing that there are families out there that lost more than one loved one that day..

I think they have done a beautiful job with the memorial site...

I did see one thing that bothered me..(and maybe it shouldn't have) There was a woman holding an American flag and a Mexican flag didn't make sense to me..this memorial isn't about what your heritage is or was..The United States of America had been attacked..THAT is the only flag that should have been held on this day..(just my opinion,,and I don't mean to offend anyone)...

God Bless America and prayers to all of the families!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I've been busy getting things around the house straightened up...Mostly the file cabinet and closets..
I had paperwork in every drawer you could think of..A lot of times I run into problems because I need to find a place for just ONE piece of sure what to do with it, so I stick it in a
I have vowed not to do that any more:) I cleaned out the file cabinet and set it up with more hanging folders..One will hold miscellaneous items..
I was able to free up one drawer in my dresser..Of course, that is already being used for it should

Tomorrow we are celebrating my girlfriends her house..with her husband being in charge of the grill..I made brownies today, and baked beans..tomorrow morning I will put together the veggie tray..
I used one of those magic brownie trays...OMG..that was a royal will go into the rummage pile after today..Definitely not worth the trouble to use..

Tonight I am going to watch Big Brother and go to sleep early..tomorrow, I'm going to just relax and enjoy the company of good friends..

Wishing you all a relaxing extended week-end...

Friday, September 2, 2011

It's been a long week!!

I'm so glad that the week-end is here..."And" it a three day week-end at that:)
It's been a long week of training people, covering for people that don't have any work ethic, getting keys back from people that no longer work for us...

The good news is that for most of the week, I have been home by 10pm..(I only had one night that I didn't get home until midnight)..
I can deal with most anything if I am able to sleep thru the has been a slice of

My daughter and I had our rummage sale last week..and we made $200.00..Trust me, I did not think we would do that well...We're going to have it again..not sure if we will bother this week-end..a lot of people head out of town..we'll see how we feel in the morning..It has given me incentive to go thru more around here and get rid of things that are not being used..less clutter is always a good thing...

I have a TON of paper work to go thru..all of the miscellaneous items that you cant throw out but aren't sure where to store it..I'll have to organize my file cabinet..I dread this job..paperwork always seems so darned overwhelming to me..Although I do like it when I can actually find what I'm looking for..More incentive to get it done:)

Guess that's it for now..I'm tired and I think I'll go watch tv in my room..

Have a happy and safe Labor Day Week-end!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Patrick and Monica..We were at our State Fair...she did not want to have her picture taken..I told her that in this family, this is what we

Monique is now a Marquette College Student!!

We moved her in on Wednesday..She was so excited..and her Mom was soooo
Sad to see her first born baby leave the nest..sad to know she will not see her on a daily basis..But very excited to see her daughter turn into a mature young woman..She knows that Monique will do what is right for her life and future and she is so very proud of her.

Paris stayed home from school to help with the move..When we were leaving the dorms, we were waiting for the elevator and talking trying to lighten the mood by joking about leaving Monique behind..He started to cry and then got embarrassed for crying.
We hugged him and told him it would be okay..It was sweet to see that even at 14 he could have such emotion his sister leaving home..(and being only 6 miles away) lol..

He did say that he can't wait until he goes to he can move the dorm furniture around and there's free he only realized how much that coffee really costs...
My daughter is going to start checking into what help Paris can get if he pursues college..Having Autism/Aspergers Syndrome may make going to college somewhat hard. He is a 4.0 student but will he get the extra help he needs?? Hopefully she will be able to get a handle on that..

My grandson Patrick (aka- JJ)..has a girlfriend..the first one that he has brought think she's special..Her name is Monica..she's fairly quiet but she sure likes my
Because his legal name is Jeremiah and we usually call him JJ..I asked her what she calls him...with a cute little smile she said..Paddy..oh, young love.

On the work front things have greatly has been absolute heaven to be able to sleep all night:)
It has allowed me to spend time making sure that all of my buildings are in tip-top shape (well, I'm working on that)..
This week has been bad for people taking off or just not showing boss and I have both had to cover quite a few buildings..The good news is that even with doing that, I am still usually home by 10pm or so and then I get to sleep ALL night:)

Speaking of sleep, I should get off the computer and get some...
Wishing all of you a wonderful week-end:)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wisconsin Dells Trip!!

Cameron and Destiny in the pool...
Playing on the porch of our cabin...
Me and Destiny...

We had a nice time on the trip to the Dells...It rained on and off on Saturday..happens every time I go away for a

We did get some swimming was a bit cooler and once in a while we had a mild rain..but as I told the kids, there wasn't any thunder or lightening so we were good to go..
We spent some time in town looking for souvenirs for the kids..Cameron picked a rubber ball that had his name on it and lights in it..Destiny picked a pretty necklace with her name on it..

We spent some time in the arcade located on the campgrounds..We ALL had a blast...We ended up with 569 we were able to gets lots of with them when we were done..

I do have to say that I would think twice about taking both of the kids anywhere at the same time...they just bicker and fight and tattle on each other WAY too much...I don't want to spend all of my time correcting them or handing out punishments..
It was far easier when I just had Destiny with me on the last trip...Not one issue with her..
I have a picture of both of the kids on this trip when they had gotten out of hand with the attitudes and then they couldn't golf with the rest of us...

We did get to ride the go-carts..that was fun..and cheap..3 dollars for each of the adults and the kids were free...they loved that..although Cameron got a little scared when our car hit the wall a

Saturday night we went out to dinner at one of the nicer restaurants..the food was great and the prices weren't too bad..The kids certainly need the experience of going somewhere other than

We also went out for breakfast Sunday morning..both times out, I had the little ones order their own food..they did a good job..

It was a nice trip..but even Paris was done with listening to them
I needed a vacation from my three day vacation....

On the job front...things are much better..The new girl came back on a limited basis..she is on light duty..probably three weeks left to go on that..
She can do every thing except cover a job if someone doesn't show up..and that hasn't happened so I have been able to sleep the night through since Tuesday night..I am loving it...I feel so much better:)
I'm getting so much more home and on the job..

Today will be a busy one...Monique moves her stuff into her dorm...she doesn't officially move in until Wednesday...but has early move in for her belongings...
Her roommate will be coming from Chicago with her stuff...hopefully they will get along far they have spent time getting to know each other via facebook...

My daughter is have a REALLY hard time having her firstborn leave will on be 6 or 9 miles away...Ha-ha...but they did so much, going out to eat...etc...stuff that the boys don't want to do..I told her she will save a ton of money...

Watch out Marquette University, here comes Monique..

Hope everyone has a great day...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Well, I'm feeling a little more up beat took long enough to get here..

I suppose it helps that I'll be on vacation in two days helps..I'm so looking forward to that..
I still haven't heard from my one I guess Mason really isn't going to be able to go with us..that makes me feel bad for him..but it's not something I can change..

On a bright note, Cameron is going to be able to come with us..Yaahoo...He will be so excited..I am

The weather has cooled down..thank goodness..but now they are talking rain..scattered..but rain..
keeping fingers crossed that it doesn't hamper any of our plans..

The new girl goes to the doctor tomorrow...yippy... hopefully she will be able to come back to work..even on a limited basis...that in itself will be a blessing for sure...

I love my coffee from Speedway...the best around...I usually don't have to pay for it..They have a rewards program..if you use your card when you buy something in the store or get gas, you get points...I have so many points that I probably won't ever have to pay for my coffee...I don't usually get coffee in the evening, but for some reason, on my way home, I just felt like it would be relaxing to have a cup...

Guess that's it for news...I'll keep you posted on the work situation:)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I've started an entry a few times only to lack the motivation and energy to finish it..

I'm at such a low place where work is concerned...I hate that it consumes so much of my time..even
when I'm not working, it is at the for front of my thoughts..I'm constantly trying to figure out what I should do next..
I'm scared to stay and scared to move on to something else..would I even be able to find something else??

In order to move on to another job, I first have to get a car...On the bright side, I did go to a dealership and was approved for a brand new car..the monthly payments would be higher than I can afford..
I would however at least be able to purchase a good used vehicle..that has taken some of the stress off of my shoulders..

The new supervisor that we hired to handle the seven late night buildings that we have has been out of work for over a week..She ended up in the hospital where they did tests for a week..then she had her gall bladder and appendix removed last Friday..I talked to her on Monday..she was home and feeling very sore...
I didn't have the heart to ask when she thought she might be able to return..I didn't want it to appear like I only cared about that..although it is a great concern to me..

In the meantime I have been handling all of my accounts and the restaurants too..and it is way too much for me..I have been working part time days..part time evenings and part time late night...
I'm still training at the restaurant, and then night before last, my most reliable employee didn't make it to work..he said he had fainted and woke up on his floor..It was 3:30 in the morning and I wasn't going to make him come in..then last night he decided that he needed one more night off..
So between 1:00am and 6:15am I was at 2 buildings supervising the work, (and helping at one), cleaning one restaurant by myself, dropping off keys at another...
No wonder I was crying yesterday when I left the boss asked if I was feeling overwhelmed?? WHAT does he think??

I have given up this whole summer of spending time with my little grandkids and I'm not doing it anymore..I don't want to be working all hours of the day and night..I want to put my hours in and come home and have time to do what I want to do....

So, the search begins...I'm doing it via the web of course..I put an application in at one of the areas larger hospitals for housekeeping..and I'll continue to search until the right one comes along..

On a bright note..I did take three vacation days for the week-end of the 12th..I shouldn't have to use my vacation days for week-ends, but I don't want to take the chance that something will come up with the restaurants and then it will be my responsibility to fix it..
My daughter and I rented a camp site in the Dells...Originally we were going to take Paris, and the three little ones...I got the okay from both of my one of them has not answered either my text or facebook message...I heard from her MIL that her son doesn't really feel comfortable with Mason being so far away from them...ARE you KIDDING me..he has spent almost the entire summer at his other grandmas house..and the three of them decided that Mason could play outside while his grandma works inside...and she checks on him every 15 min..
He is only 7..Certainly not old enough to play outside without supervision...
Oh damn..I got off

Then we thought at least Destiny and Cameron would be able to it turns out, Cameron was supposed to go up north and stay with my ex..Okay fine...I guess Destiny will be the one to go with us...
Now I see on facebook that both Destiny and Cameron are up, I guess they plan on having them back before next Friday..which means both of them will be able to go with me to the Dells...I'm really happy about that:)
The sad thing is that Mason will not be there...I don't ever want him to wonder why he didn't get to go with us..Because let me tell you...the other kids will be sure to tell him about their's too bad..he's going to miss out on a great time..

So, that's my life in a nutshell.....same old, same old.....I'm going to work on changing that...

Keep your fingers crossed that I find the right job and that everything falls into place:)

Sorry for turning this into a book...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Destiny with Linda's dog Sage..they fell in picture was not set up..Sage just wanted to be close to Destiny:) So cute..
Paris was afraid of stepping on a of them were HUGH..
Destiny and I made pot holders..she will give them out for Christmas..
Feeding the deer in Crandon..

Last Thursday I picked up Destiny and had her spend the night so we could get an early start Friday morning.
We got on the road about 6:30am... She did fairly well on the trip..didn't complain..and only asked a few times few times how much longer..
She did sleep for a bit but not as long as I thought she would..

We were about 60 miles from Eagle River when I decided to stop at the last Walmart we would see before hitting E.R..

This Walmart is only 20 miles south of where my ex now gave some thought to maybe running into him there and decided that the odds were too great for that to happen...
Well, I was we were walking into the store, Carlos and his girlfriend were walking out..ugh...
It went fairly well...UNTIL his girlfriend who is 68 and should know better decided that she needed to make her presence known started asking Destiny if she was going to come up and see grandma and grandpa....WHAT THE HELL?? Did that woman really just say that?? I was VERY angry..Just because she is with their grandpa, she is NOT their grandma...You don't get that privilege just because you're someones girlfriend..
It would even be different if I knew that she was REALLY interested in the kids..She's not..
When they came back from their winter in Florida, She did not go to see and spend time with the kids..I can't even imagine being away from them for that long..she has made the statement that they won't be having any of the kids up for a week in the summer because she doesn't want to take care of them...And then she has the nerve to refer to herself as grandma..NOT happening..
I did tell my stepdaughter about the comment and she did not like it..she said that this woman doesn't even know her kids...Anyway, other than that, the accidental meeting went fine..

Our time in Eagle River was so much fun..Destiny was so well behaved..I was so proud of her..
The first day, we went horse back riding..her first time and my first time in about 30
She rode her own horse..she had the horse trotting..I was very proud of her..

My SIL lives on a lake and has a very small of course, we had to go out for a bit..
the weather wasn't the best so no one except Destiny was interested in going in the

The next day we took a trip over to Crandon..When Shannon was little, we lived there for a we went to her old school and took some pictures..then over to the courthouse..they have a penned area with three or four deer that you can feed..Destiny had never seen deer up close, so it was fun for her..

We had planned on spending the day there at Lake Metonga..but with the weather being on the cooler side we decided that we would just go there so Shannons kids could see where she would spend time crabbing when she was a kid..
As it turned out, we all ended up in the lake in our unexpected but a ton of

Saturday evening we went to one of the resorts to listen to my nephew..he is a great musician..
Shannon stayed at home with Destiny and Paris...Monique went with us..
We had a really nice time:)

Sunday on my way home, I talked to my boss and found out a few things had gone wrong with one of the restaurants over the week-end...UGH...even with the new lady in place, I have been cleaning the restaurant for the last week..AGAIN...
I trained a new guy last night and will for the next couple of nights..then it will be up to the new lady to handle things...I HOPE...because I am worn the point of going to check out cars yesterday with my daughter...If I decide to quit my job, I need a car..
The payments would be a bit higher than I would care to I decided that over the next couple of months I need to save some money so I have a better down payment..that would bring the monthly payments down..
Mainly I needed to know that I would qualify for a car loan if I give up my job..

This is getting a little longer than I had I'll close for now..but next time I'll have to tell you the little story of what working all of these hours has done to's a good laugh..

Have a great week-end!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I had the cable guy out today to fix my dvr box..and while he was here he noticed that I was using a cable for my laptop..I told him that I was concerned with using wireless while living in an apartment..He told me that Time Warner Cable is a secure network and I shouldn't be afraid to be wireless...OKAY..I went back to wireless..
He did make me aware that the sites I use should start with https...if the "s" is not there, then it means the site is not secure...So of course, I'm looking for it every time I click onto then I notice that when I am on blogger, it is not a secure site.
I've spent some time trying to figure out how I can make this secure but not having any success..
If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it:)

Well, I did it...I turned over the keys to the bars and restaurants....Yaaahooo....
Tonight will be the first night in 2 1/2 years that I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to make sure cleaners are checked in...
I'm so happy that I'm actually looking forward to going to

This change will make such a difference in my life..I will get adequate sleep, I will have the energy to make dinner, go walking, use my WII and so many other things.
I think I will be surprised at how much that shift was actually affecting me..

But it's done and now it's time to move on....

I'm also looking forward to Friday..I took a vacation day and I'm heading to Eagle River...I'm going to take my granddaughter Destiny with me...My daughter, Monique and Paris will already be there..They're going up on Wednesday..

My sister in law has a really nice trailer..the kind that has space in the back for her husband to get his harley loaded for transport..nice, very nice..they will stay there and I will stay in the house..

It will be interesting to take my grandkids to the lake that there mom used to play in when she was little..and the house where we lived..

I hope Destiny does okay on the's only 7 and a four hour trip is a long trip..I might invest in a portable dvd player...
We'll make a few stops along the way of course...I think she will have a blast..I can't wait...

Well, time to get something done..I'm going to clean out my is a hot mess..can't be helped when you live in

Hope every one has a great week...I know I will....

Monday, July 4, 2011

Just stopping by to say Happy 4th of July to all!!

I'm sure most will be getting together with family or friends for a bbq....and just chilling...

I just got home from work..I feel wide awake right, I'm not sure if I will stay up for a while or try to get some sleep now...

I don't really have any plans today..although there are a few options..

I'm still training the next girl..I'm not sure how she will do..I think she will be fine as a supervisor..but not so sure how she will handle it when she has to cover one (or more) of her jobs when someone doesn't show up...

My boss thinks that he has a candidate for the would be nice if he could start training Tuesday night..I figure if I help get him trained, it should take three nights..THEN I can turn the night buildings over to the new girl....

She will be working part time..she will have 7 buildings to shouldn't be too hard for her..and she says that she likes night time work..
We'll see what happens...Time is a

Have a Happy 4th!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

I am on pins and needles....I am THIS/CLOSE to getting rid of all my bars and restaurants....
My boss and his wife have interviewed a woman for the job..she will be working part time..1:00am to 6:00am....
I am actually meeting her today..she is coming to the office to do final paperwork. If all goes well, she may start as soon as tonight..She will go with me to all of the jobs..maybe help clean and learn all the quirks of the buildings.
She will get a good taste of things if she comes with me have had to go back to helping at the new restaurant because they had complaints...and I might add that they were not fully legit.
They complained that they found a french fry on the floor and they didn't think the bathroom floors had been cleaned...well, I've done the floors for the last three nights and they still complained..about the bathroom floors and they found a french seems that there is always a random french fry that shows
My boss even took the time to go there this morning at 6:00am to do a recheck himself..

Anyway, he suggested that the new girl go with me tonight and get a feel for things...of course that works for me:) the sooner I get her trained, the sooner I get to sleep all night and not worry about people checking in...

Please keep your fingers (and your toes) crossed that she works out..I need to have my life back!!

My girlfriends daughter is here from Texas..she is about 5 1/2 months pregnant and we are having her baby shower tomorrow...I went and did my shopping for it yesterday..oh the fun of buying baby items...I love it...I got him a baby pair of sun glasses...( it's bright and sunny in Texas)...a 5 pack of really cute oneies...a blue piggy bank that says, my first piggy bank...a very cute little stuffed giraffe that makes 5 different soothing cute..and a couple of outfits and sleepers along with a baby sick kit..thermometer, syringe, medicine dispenser, etc..with a little bag to keep it all in...
However, I did forget a card and wrapping'll pick that up today..

It's almost 11:00am and I have to finish my laundry and jump in the shower before I head out to the office to meet the new girl...CAN'T WAIT...

Fingers crossed and hopes up high:)

Have a great week-end!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kiesner is my maiden name....This is a street sign in a town about 45 minutes from my house. This is the area that my family settled in when they came from New York...
My daughter went with me today to search for family members in a few of the cemeteries that we could find..
We went on the spur of the moment, so we didn't really know where the cemeteries
We just went to Brothertown and Jericho and asked where if there was a cemetery located
We actually did fairly well..We found at least 15 headstones..AND we got in a LOT of walking..
The one cemetery was HUGE...and because of my daughters recent back problems, I told her she didn't have to walk the whole thing..but she was a trooper...

My grandfathers side of the family came from Prussia, Germany...My grandmothers side came from New York..My Indian heritage comes from my grandmothers side..
We also found the courthouse..right down the street from Kiesner Dr. So our next trip will be there..I figure I can find a lot of information there..

I have an account..I have found several people there that share the same ancestors as me...When I put the pictures of the headstones on my family tree, they will be able to take them and attach them to their trees..

It is so interesting finding all of these things..I wish I had done it when some of my elders were still would have made it much

Well, I'm tired and I want to send in my work orders tonight so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow....

Happy Fathers Day to all of the great fathers out there...and to the Mothers that took the place of fathers for whatever reason:)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I am trying to wish the rain is the day we are having Destinys birthday party..She actually turned 7 on June 1st..her party today is a surprise..I don't know if my step-daughter made alternative plans..probably
It is supposed to stop raining, but the temp is only going to get to 60..sure doesn't sound like a great day at the park...

I overslept this morning. I didn't get out of bed until had set my alarm clock for 2..
After I was done working I went to Walmart to finish my birthday shopping..I think I got there at 5:45.. I got out of there at 6:50..I'm telling you, I never spend that much time wandering around a store..
I spent $125.oo..presents, munchies for the party and a cord for the computer..I have decided that I should not have my computer on a wireless much as I like not being trapped by a really isn't save. I don't want to take a chance on someone in this building getting on my internet and then doing something illegal. So, it's back to a cord for me...

I did get Destiny some cute outfits, new undies, a loom to make pot remember making them..I thought she could make some and give them for Christmas presents..I also got her a bead collection..she loves to make jewelry. And of course, the MOST important of all, a new make up loves her makeup...

We (hopefully) have two new people for the restaurants...they will do their paperwork on Monday and I hope to start training Monday night..I will train one person and my boss will train the other...That will leave me with one restaurant open..and I think we have a guy for that..
Keeping my fingers crossed and my hopes

It's almost 8:30..I better try to get a little sleep..I'll head out for the party at 1:00..I'll try to get some decent pictures today...

Enjoy your day!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

This is the ride that Cameron and I went on...I told him it would be the last time for
This is our campsite...

We went camping the week-end before last..I took two days of vacation. It was wonderful to have a few days of not having to answer my darned work phone..Although I do have to say, I did check my phone a few times to make sure everyone had checked'm going to break myself from that

We had to put our tent up in the rain..NOT was also very windy that didn't make things any easier..
We were happy to finally get it done..we didn't put our stuff in there until it dried out..
The next day we did some things away from camp...when we returned, the tent was almost completely hadn't put the connectors on right..but we got it figured out and fixed..

We were in the Dells and received free tickets to one of the water we spent some time there..that was a lot of fun...

We never did make our dinner on the campfire..we decided to go the more relaxing route and eat

It was a good time and certainly didn't last long enough..

This last week-end, I finally was able to have Cameron over..I had Paris here too because I had to go to work..When I got home at 6:00am, Cameron was already up. He was very understanding about my needing to get a little sleep before we started our day..

I had taken the boys with me the night before to meet my friends at a small church festival..
Paris isn't into the rides..but Cameron loves them..So, we went on a few..he played one of the games..We had something to eat..
After leaving there, we went to Joe and Lisa's house, minus Paris..he just wanted to come back to my house so he could play his
Joe and Lisa have a great pond in their backyard..It's still kind of cold though, so Cameron just played in the sand on the beach..he had a great time...

Destiny was sure it was HER turn to come I told her that I would write it on my calendar that she was they came to get Cameron, I'll be darned if she didn't look at my calendar and let me know that I hadn't written it did it while she watched...

Her birthday was June 1st..I didn't get a chance to see her..They are having a surprise birthday party for her next of course I want to take her presents to that..but I felt bad that she had to wait..I didn't want her to think I had forgotten her...I told her that I had to wait for her present to get here...she didn't seem concerned about her present..she only seemed concerned about her turn for coming makes me happy to know that spending time with me is more important than getting a present...pretty nice..

Work has still been people..people not even showing up for training and giving the newly acquired restaurant a final clean..We start regular cleaning there tomorrow night..ugh..not looking forward to it..but that's life in the big

I did have some great news...I got a $3000.00 a year raise...AND they are going to get a part time manager to handle the restaurants...that is the BEST news yet...
It might take a couple of months, but they are doing it...I had hoped it would happen before summer is over so I could enjoy it, but not sure that will happen. Keeping fingers

I guess that's it for news..time to get some stuff done...
Hope everyone has a great week!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cap and gown time...
I'm glad that every thing is can be exhausting to get every thing done...
I spent some time at work yesterday, then went to K-mart with my daughter..

I came home for a her presents ready,picked up a cake, loaded up the car and then went back to my daughters...ALL in the darned rain...
The ceremony lasted about 2 hours...(not too bad)..after that, we went to Chili's for dinner...It was pretty darned good:)
I took the cake into the restaurant and after dinner we quickly cut the cake and ate
I'm sure the server was surprised when she cleared that table and saw Graduation paper plates with cake

I tried to get most of my accounts taken care of today so that I can have a less stressful day tomorrow...I need to do laundry and get the house cleaned...
Then on Saturday I will clean out the van and get it ready to load up with our camping stuff on Sunday morning...

My office manager has figured out how to forward not only my calls but the chronotek messages that let us know when an employee has checked in...That will save me from having to take my phone out to the office before I leave and picking it up when I return...Any time saved is always a blessing....

I'm going to send in my work orders tomorrow as they will need to do orders on Tuesday..

I think I'm going to get my bag packed tomorrow after laundry is less thing to worry about..

My daughter and I are going to try to get to the store tomorrow to get any last minute things we will need..That's going to be more than I want to do..but I don't want all of it to fall on her either.. she will be doing a double shift tomorrow night into Saturday..That's not thing she's young enough for

On that note, I'm going to close this and head out to two more jobs..then off to bed for me...

Have a safe and happy Memorial Week-end..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My beautiful granddaughter......Monique!

My daughter is spending some time crying these last few days...She is going to miss the day to day contact with her daughter...
A true case of separation

We are going to go shopping Thursday for any last minute items we need for camping and gifts for Paris...His birthday is Sunday and we will celebrate at the campsite...
I'm still debating buying cupcakes after we get to the Dells or make him a cake..I guess I'll have to see if I even have time to

I'm going to spend some time now getting Moniques gifts ready..I'm going to put her card inside her safe...make her work at getting

Happy Tuesday to all...I'll try to post graduation pictures soon:)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Monday Morning!!!

We have been blessed the last few days with beautiful weather...yesterday was a bit warm..a sample of what is to
The days have been sunny.. and that is a good thing...We did have thunder storms last night..but at least it waited until evening..
Today is starting out with sunshine and warm can you not love a day like that??

I did make the time this week-end to get into my storage locker downstairs and find my few missing camping items..
We have just about everything that we want. We will buy our food when we get to the Dells..and we don't plan on over doing it this time..simple This camping trip is all about RELAXING..

I have to get a few things for Moniques graduation...WEDNESDAY...I'm so proud of her...I still can't believe that my first grandchild is going to be off to college in the fall...She has definitely made all of us sooo proud of her..
I'm going to get her some towels and wash cloths, a small safe for personal papers and money...
I'm also going to give her a silver ring I had purchased a few months ago..when she saw it, she really liked it turns out, I don't wear it as often as I thought I would..

I am trying to lose the 10-15 pounds that I have put on since having a job that requires so much time sitting in the car...
I haven't been too like to eat..I like my sweets and I use the fact that I need to treat myself because of the crappy hours I sometimes's face it, when a person really wants to get at those sweets, they will come up with any excuse to have I do)..

My clothes do not feel good..and that is not a good thing..I am NOT going to buy new the only answer is to watch what I eat..(so much easier said than

On that note, it's time for me to get moving here and get some work done..(along with my's so much easier to shop during the week when most people are working)...

Hope you all have a wonderful week:)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where does the time go?? I haven't have much time for anything other than work lately..and it doesn't seem like it's going to change any time soon...

We recently added another building to our list of know it's a good thing, but the hours to clean it are 2:00am to 5:30am...So, now I manage 6 buildings that are done in the middle of the night..ugh...

I have been cleaning this new building for a few days..The night before last, I was there training the new lady..After that, I had to go clean one of the bars..I think I got home at 6:30-7:00am...I was still sleeping at 9:00am when my boss called..This is how I normally answer my work phone..

Name of company, Sheri speaking...

This is how I answered that morning...

Name of company, Sheri sleeping.....Yep, I sure did laugh...But I think I would have liked it more if he would have said, I will get you some extra need it...

This has been going on for almost three months now and I am tired in fact that I have actually looked at the newspaper to see what was out there for jobs...
Not that I want to leave this one..and I won't until and unless I know I have something decent to replace it...but I am tired...

I not only have been out taking care of the night jobs, I am out during the day taking care of my buildings..

It certainly doesn't leave much time to have a doesn't allow me to have the little ones over as much as I want to...and again, I am

I am trying VERY hard to hang in there until June or July and then I will see if we get the extra banks to do...if that happens I will get out of taking care of the bars and restaurants....
Well, enough of all that...

My granddaughter graduates high school next Wednesday..I can't believe that this time is here already...

Paris turns 14 this month...

We are going camping Memorial Day week-end....And I can't wait...I took two days of my vacation...I want to be able to relax and not worry about my job...
It will be a celebration of Monique's graduation and Paris's birthday...
Good times will be had by all and I can't wait...

Time for me to get moving here...I have to go and see how the new guy is doing on his job....

Hope you're enjoying your week!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

My daughter is taking me out for an early dinner.....
I think she really wanted to go now, but I have been munching on we're going to go around 4:00...I don't think they'll be too busy...

Enjoy YOUR day......

Saturday, May 7, 2011

This will be my 4th Mothers Day without my Mom...I do the one thing that would mean the most to her..
I make the 130 mile trip to her hometown and put new flower arrangements on the graves.
She always wanted to have this done by Memorial Day...

My daughter and grandson Paris went with me..we walked the cemetery and looked for names of family that I have discovered doing my ancestry research..

We went past my grandma's farm and I didn't even have the heart to take a picture of it..The house I'm sure will not make it for many more looks like it will crumble down at any minute..And there are still people living there...

I'm glad that my Mom never saw the house in such disrepair...

Every year we also stop by the school yard and spend a few minutes on the went to that school for a few months when I was in 2nd grade..I didn't realize it at the time, but my Mom was dealing with cervical cancer..which, thanks to God, she over came.

We then went to Wisconsin Dells...tourist capital of grandma worked in the Dells for is such a part of my childhood...we checked out a few camp sites and then went to get some fudge..(a very small slice)...and then a late lunch...

We laughed so much and so hard today....I know this day was the best way I could EVER have celebrated my Mom....

I miss her so much..but I'm also at peace with where she is:) Loving God and being with the children she lost and missed so very much...

Happy Mothers Day to all of you wonderful Moms...

I love you Mom...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mason - He certainly looks happy, doesn't he??
Working very hard..
Candy for all of the kids...for the 3 little ones, I put the candy in the little pails from the dollar store..

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the people who lost their lives in the's such a devastating time for so many families..I hope the survivors are given the help that they need to put their lives back together. It made me give thought to what I would do in the case of such horrible weather..I need to have a plan..

I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter:)...I had Mason over on Friday and we colored eggs together..we really had a nice time..The next morning he had to look for his Easter basket...
We played a LOT of, go fish and of course, the WII.. By the time I took him home, I was WORN out...But we had a great time together..

As much as I dislike always talking about seems that my life at this time revolves around
I've been training again..(it seems like it will never end)..Last night was one of the first nights that I didn't have to get up at one or two in the morning...and it felt great..
It was a bright sunny day today and with the sleep, it made for a great day. I had my day all planned out..and then of course it was disrupted again..I had to go do a cleaning job for the guy we get some of our jobs from..It only took an hour and a half, but it messed up my schedule..
To top it off, I am getting another middle of the night's an athletic's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week..It's a three hour job and the starting time is 1:00am...I am sooo not looking forward to this...

I talked to our office manager today about some of this..she is so understanding about what I'm going through..just having her listen was a big help..she knows I am about at the end of my rope with all of this..
She did say that my boss has mentioned that they need to get me out of these restaurants...that's nice, but how long will it take?? That is the million dollar question.
I have decided that I will give it until the middle or end of the summer and then if there is no end in sight, I will consider giving up this job.

My daughter is picking up Cameron and destiny tomorrow..they are spending the night with her..for the first time..I haven't seen the kids for at least 6-8 weeks so I am going to spend some time with them while they are with her.
We are going to take them to the Jelly Belly factory....that should be a blast for them..
I'll have to remember to take my camera so I can post some pictures...

Well, that's about it for my exciting hope everyone has a great week-end!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rose with her new gifts..
We got such a cute cake..
My daughter Shannon and Culvers
Rose being

As you can see from the pictures, it was Roses Birthday...."12"..
She is Shannons cousins daughter..her 2nd cousin...or

Shannon hasn't had a lot of contact with her cousin for some years..They recently connected on facebook...Her cousin Katie was telling her about the problems they have with Rose and was wondering if Shannon could have a talk with her..she thought that since Shannon is a corrections officer it might put a bit of a scare into Rose..My daughter isn't about to scare a young girl, but she will certainly talk to them about going down the wrong path....

Shannon has spent time with Rose and her parents also to see how they interact..and what she is finding out is that Rose is a good girl that has parents that don't have a clue as to how to parent.
Believe me, she has let them know that they are not interacting with Rose in a positive way..
One day when she took her home, the first thing out of their mouths was,,your room is a mess and you need to get it taken care of...They never said hi, how was your week-end..nothing..

Anyway...Rose turned 12 yesterday..her parents had celebrated her birthday last week-end along with her baby brothers baptism and her dads birthday..
I suggested that we do something to make her feel special..
We took her's way to hard to pick clothes out for a young girl..She got a cute top, a movie, bracelets, a nice pair of capri jeans...
We picked up a cake to have at Shannons house with the boys..
We went to Culvers for lunch..

Rose is very shy about having someone take her told her to get used to it,,that's what we
She has such a beautiful smile..
According to her parents, she has been labeled adhd...I am not seeing that in her..I have raised a child with adhd and I know what it looks like...I don't know how a doctor could label her with that..
She follows all rules at my daughters house..I think it's because she knows my daughter won't accept any thing different from her..
Her parents just go with the label and blame all of the household problems on it..
Believe me, they don't function in a very normal way...I don't know how they can expect Rose to function properly..

Anyway, that was more long winded than I had intended it to got carried away..

My daughter said that last night, Rose was out in the kitchen twice looking at her cake..Shannon asked her if she wanted another piece..Rose said no, she was just looking at it...
I'm glad we were able to make her day special for her..she's a good girl and hopefully with the help of my daughter, she will stay that way....

I've been up since 2 again..and hopefully for the last week-end....
I'm starting to get a little tired so I think I'll snuggle up in my bed and try to sleep for a bit...

Have a great week!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just a quick note to say that I did receive my $600.00 deposit back..
I am soooo very grateful for that. Big lesson

It's been a great day..It is beautiful outside, work went well and my daughter and I went to the Y and did some miles on the bikes..

It's amazing how much better I feel when I get some decent

Well, gotta run..