Thursday, January 20, 2011

For my Moms birthday, my daughter and grandkids had one of my Moms favorites...Strawberry shortcake.....yum, yum..I wish I had another piece right

Thank goodness this week is going fairly fast...It has been a rough one..I'm hopelessly optimistic that things are going to calm try not to put a curse on things by saying that too often. I also need to know that there is an end in sight to the madness of this thing I call a

I spent 1 week training a man for a job that I knew wasn't right for him or the client...I'm not in charge of interviewing and hiring...Then I had to spend another two nights training the replacement person...I think she is the perfect fit..I sure hope so.

Now I have 1 building (a bank) that I need to train the new girl at next week..then all of my buildings will be full and hopefully will stay that way for a while.

Hopefully tomorrow will go smoothly. I am getting my wonderful grandson Cameron for the week-end.. For the longest time he has been asking to spend more than one night with me..I explained that with my job it is hard to do that.. but I promised him that I would work on having him for more than one night as soon as I could..So, that is what I am doing. lol...he actually asked if he could stay for 14 days...I told him something like that would have to wait until I could take some I told him he would probably miss his Mom if he was gone that long..he said that he wouldn't

My cable is acting up..the picture gets all distorted and pauses..I called the company and they can't get anyone out here until Monday...Ugh...
The woman from the cable company was very nice though..she's going to give me a credit..Yay..
That has never happened before..

My team the Green Bay Packers are playing the Bears on Sunday..I am NOT missing that. It's the game that will determine which of these teams will go to the super bowl...Oh please let it be the Packers!!!!

I'll probably go to the bar to watch it...a place where everybody knows your they put out a really nice spread for half time..Yay,, no cooking for me.

Last Saturday when the Packers played against the Falcons, (and we beat the feathers off of them) I went to the bar with my girlfriend, her husband and another couple that they know. I spent some time talking to a guy that had never been to that bar before...Because the other girls were telling me that he was cute...I decided to go up to him and introduce put my hand out to shake his as I was introducing myself..and then we both just held on to each others hands for more than the normal time...
Then we spent some time getting to know each it turns out, he grew up in the general area that I grew up in.
We also know some of the same people from back in the day..
My Mom had a best friend..Her name was betty...(boop) had known each other from the time I was two years old..Betty was my second Mom..Betty had 5 kids..Dennis, David, Randy,Renae and Charlie...well, as it turns out, this guy (Dave) knows all of them...
Any way, we seemed to have a nice connection..he did give me his business card. He sells cars and motorcycles..I had told him that I might be looking for a bike in the spring..
He told me to call him so he would have my number and then he could call me if something came in...
Due to some unforeseen circumstances I had to leave the bar without being able to say goodbye to him..I really hope that he didn't think that it was because I didn't have an interest in him..
I did leave him a message on his business, we'll see what happens..
I'm not thinking about the distant future. I just think he might be someone that I wouldn't mind spending some time with:)
It was also like a door's been almost 3 years since my divorce..and he is the first guy that I have thought I might like to know better.
I had started to think that there wasn't anyone out there that I would even begin to feel some interest in...or that someone would have an interest in at least I know that there might be...and that's a nice thought...

I really would like to have something more to talk about other than my

I'm very glad that tomorrow is Friday..I am sooo looking forward to the week-end..hoping to get the down time that I need after this week:)

It is sub-zero out...and won't warm up for at least a few days..
The bright side is that it is staying light out longer and that always gives me hope that spring is Really on it's way..
People think I'm crazy..they only see that we are still in for a lot of cold and snow. I prefer to dream about spring and summer being on it's way...

Stay warm and have a nice week-end....

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