Saturday, January 22, 2011

I picked my sweet Cameron up yesterday after work...We went for a few groceries and then came home..(after picking up JJ..I needed him here in case I had to work..
Good thing I did, because I did have to go to work at 3:00am...not fun..anyway..

We went by my girlfriends house for pizza and a movie..along with another friend and her two was nice..cute movie..good pizza..

I think Cameron was sleeping by 9:30..I wasn't up much longer than that I had to be up at three..

I got home about 5:45 and he was already up. I had him come back to bed and watch a movie while I got a little sleep..
Then it was time for breakfast and ten games of Connect me, he would have played longer.

I've washed one load of laundry..put that in the dryer and started another's very frustrating when you live in an apartment..most of the people here do not care if they inconvenience everyone else by leaving their clothes sitting in the washer or dryer for hours...
I've taken things out and set them on the counter top..but I don't like doing that..I shouldn't have to do that...
They also don't take their nasty lint out of the filter...I don't get it..Oh in an apartment..

I'm going to watch the Packer game tomorrow..We play against the Chicago won't be pretty...they are our biggest rival and this game will determine which team goes to the super bowl...Sure hope it's us..

I'm going to check on Cameron now and see how he is enjoying his movie..
This boy was soooo excited about being able to spend TWO nights with me..such a simple thing. Just goes to show that it really is about the Time we give them....

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