Sunday, February 27, 2011

The flowers I bought myself for Valentines Day...I just threw them out this week-end..Not too bad for $5.00..
Cameron and JJ (aka Patrick)..
As you can see, this picture was taken in 2005....I love to see what great people they are becoming. But I do have to admit that I miss them being little..
Cameron will be 8 years old on March 6th..I can't believe how the time has flown by..
JJ is now 5 or 6 inches taller than

I had a folder on my computer that held old files...The file was made when I had a virus on and had to take it in to have it cleaned..they put the file together..I just this week-end spent some time going thru everything in it..
Of course, it held all of my pictures..My heart filled with such love looking at all of my LITTLE they aren't so little anymore...

On Friday, my daughter, granddaughter and I went to Marquette University to buy some school clothes for Monique..and of course, we had to buy a t-shirt or two for each of us to support her school..
Well, we found t-shirts that say..Marquette Grandparent and Marquette Mom..Too cute...
Monique is sooooo excited to enter her new chapter of life..and I am so proud of her:)

I didn't do much this week-end..met my girlfriend and her husband for a drink late afternoon Saturday..came home and went to bed early..I was up at 2:30 am..drove 30 miles to clean one of the restaurants..
Today I've read the newspaper..I've been on the computer most of the it doesn't matter, I have the house cleaned and my paperwork for my job done..although, I do kind of feel like it was a wasted day..
Maybe I just feel guilty because I feel like I should have gone to the may not have done that, but I have made a great effort to watch what I've been eating..I haven't bought any candy in a week or so..I have been munching on apples, bananas and lots of pears..I bought salad fixings today..and I eat lots of oatmeal...
I don't weigh myself..Right now, I don't even have a know how I'm doing by how my clothes feel...I will be satisfied once my work clothes feel good..It shouldn't take too long if I continue to be aware of what I am eating..and NO boredom it's a fruit..

Well, that's it for now..It's almost 9:00pm and I'm going to go to bed to watch a little tv and get to sleep early...

Have a great week:)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I tried to go back to sleep this morning..I still felt tired...but it didn't happen..So, I guess it's time to start my day..

Yesterday, my daughter and I went for lunch at Applebees..We had the soup and salad was very good..Spinach salad with grilled shrimp..
We did cheat though..we had a dessert..most restaurants are now offering tiny desserts.
Very tiny..just the right amount of sweets to satisfy the desire without making a person feel extremely

Today we are supposed to head to the can be difficult to coordinate our schedules, but we should be able to do it today..We usually use the treadmill and then work with the weights for a bit..
She told me that she is going to take her ipod along and won't be able to talk as we work out because she isn't getting enough of a workout when we gab..okay...

My worst habit is eating out of boredom..terrible..I keep trying to change the bad eating habits but it sure isn't easy..
I really only need to lose about 1o or 15 pounds..and then firm up what is left..
It's strange how the body changes as you get older..
I've only noticed this over the last year or two..and believe me, I'm not liking it..all the more reason to get serious about the gym..

I've also noticed something else strange..In pictures, my smile looks weird..I can't even explain it, but my mouth doesn't look I really don't like having my picture

I checked my bank balance this morning and was surprised to see more money in there than I thought I had..I don't have anything outstanding...hum...although, I have been doing better with not doing mindless shopping..that was costing me a ton of money..
Now, I only go to the store when I need something and I only get just what I need..
It is working well for me..Amen..

Well, it's almost 8 and I'm going to get this day started...
Have a good one!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow, Snow, Go Away....

I think this round is almost done..The last two days have been so crappy for driving..
I'm sure by the time I get out and about today, the roads will be in pretty good shape.

This morning is bright and sunny with small flakes coming down..It looks very pretty actually...

I did my outside lights and signage at my banks..Making sure all lights are in working order..It takes me about 3 hours to make all of the rounds..
I only need to do it once a month, but it's one of those jobs that you tend to put
I'm glad it's done...My boss only has one bank to worry about..Wonder how he would like to have 8..probably not so much..

I tried a new dating site..well, not actually tried it..I signed up and I checked things out..That's about as far as I've
I know many people have found a "match"..but I'm not sure it's for me..
I did put a picture on this time..I don't usually do that..I'll check the site a couple of times and see what happens..I could never be one of those women that gets aggressive about it...

It's been almost three years since my divorce..For the most part, I'm happy with my life. I have a decent job. I have nice furniture. I have a great relationship with my son.
I can buy food. Grandkids...etc..
I don't "need" a man to take care of those things for me..but I'm ready to have a man in my life to share fun times with..go to festivals, out to dinner, maybe a movie...

Hopefully this summer I will be able to get involved in some activities that might bring me in contact with a larger circle of people..

For now, it's back to paperwork for me..
Have a great day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Presidents Day!

Although I do have one group of banks closed today, we still work..Last week I left messages with the cleaners reminding them that we do work today. Now with this nasty snow and ice we have been blasted with, I'm wondering how many will call me today to say that they can't work..
They had the option of doing their bank on Saturday afternoon, Sunday or today.. so I don't think they should have any excuses for not having their job done..

My daughter and granddaughter spent the day Saturday at Marquette College doing the grand tour and she had to do an essay in hopes of getting a grant of some sort..She already gets an $11,000.00 scholarship..but needs all the extra help she can get. Tuition is approximately 32 grand a year..yikes, that's a lot of money..
Anyway, she had a blast during the tour. She met a few girls that are in the journalism school..and they have invited Monique to go to the next conference with them..So sweet. I think she has found a few girls to take her under their wing..
Moniques original plans called for her to live at's only 9 miles from the she would like to stay at school...It would add 8 or 9 thousand to her bill but they are going to see if they can make it happen...
I'm so happy that she is getting so excited about going..she had been so uncertain and scared of making the final decision..and a lot of that came from putting her boyfriends feelings first..

I think I'll head outside to see how bad my parking lot is..I'll shovel the sidewalks while I'm out there...the manager comes around to do that, but I don't mind giving a hand with's good exercise..although I don't over do it..

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I don't know where the nice weather is, but it isn't in Wisconsin..

We are having a mixture of rain, snow, sleet and they are afraid that what has come down will all freeze tonight when the temps. fall...
Hopefully all of my workers will show up or I'll be out in the mess at 4:00am...

I did have Mason last night..He had been at his other grandmas house..The three of us went out to lunch together and then I brought him home with me..
We had a nice time of course...
We picked up trash around the apartment building that the wind has dropped here..Then we played catch for a while..He's getting a fairly strong arm..
We played numerous games of connect four, trouble and then he wanted to go to the old standby...candy

I took him home early due to the weather..then I went to one of my buildings to replace a vacuum cleaner..the one there had burned out on Friday..I figured it would be better to do today as there aren't as many people out on the roads..

Tomorrow I hope to get my garage cleaned out and all of my supplies organized...
I usually have to do that once a week..
My van I have to clean out at least twice a week..and now it's even worse..I had to take things out and move things around so Mason could have a little room..

Right now I have a slight headache so I'm going to sit in the tub and relax for a bit..then I'll either get my sewing machine out and see what I can do or do some more ancestry work...

Have a wonderful week.....

Friday, February 18, 2011

Yayyyy, It's Friday....
I am thinking of having my grandson Mason over Saturday night:) I'll have to give his mom a call. He may have plans already with his other grandma...If so, maybe I'll head down to her area Sunday morning and we'll go out for breakfast..That's always enjoyable:)

So far this morning I have gotten the house cleaned and I'm working on three loads of laundry.
Then I have to go thru some paper work that has collected during the is the one area that I REALLY tend to procrastinate...
I'm even going to try to get my work order in tonight or Saturday..that way I won't feel so rushed on Sunday..

I don't have to do much today for my job..I have to go to one building to resupply and the at 6:30 I have to train at one of my buildings. The woman I'm training already does cleaning and I worked with her on Tuesday, so it doesn't take too long..about an hour and a half..
Hopefully we will be able to keep all of our workers in place for a while and I won't have to worry about training for a while....

It has been getting warmer...yay....yesterday was in the high seems just as nice...
At this point in the year, I don't even mind getting snow because I know it won't stay on the ground long...AMEN...

I need to spend some time cleaning up my laptop..get rid of things on here that I no longer need.
I have a memory stick..I think I'll try putting some stuff on there..I've never used on before so it could be

I don't know if anyone knows of the problems Wisconsin is having at the Capital but it's a mess..
My daughter is a corrections officer and she is one of the many people that will be affected the most if the bill to end collective bargaining is passed..(which it will be)..
She has already had 26 furlough days last year..which is a loss in pay of course..and she doesn't mind that..they just don't want to loss their bargaining power..
She had posted some things on face book and one of my friends got into the discussion..oh good grief..I finally let everyone on my sight know that I wasn't getting into the middle of it and didn't want to have my page used for the frigging war....I finally just removed all of their posts...

My granddaughter is the editor in chief of her school they are heading to the Capital today so she and the other journalists can interview should be interesting..

Well, I better get moving on this paperwork..otherwise I'll decide that it can wait for another't take too much to put me off course...

Have a great week-end!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

I may spoil myself with a bouquet of flowers from used to buy myself a bouquet every week..It didn't cost that much..and it was well worth it..

I have to work tonight. I have to train someone..He already works for us, so training should go well.

I have to train a lady tomorrow night..not sure how that will go..

I paid bills this morning..ugh..not my favorite thing to do.. I tend to procrastinate and then I end up with late fees..I'm trying to stay on task with that..I certainly don't need to put out additional money for being a

My sil is doing my taxes. I should hear from her in the next couple of days..Sure hope I get something back...I'm using some of that money for my airline tickets to New York...and some towards bills..
I have a few bills that won't take too much to pay off...that would be nice..a few less to worry about each month...

I'm thinking that if I get enough paid off, I may buy a cheap motorcycle this spring..My daughter isn't thrilled with that idea..but I really do miss riding..At this point, it's just a thought...

I had to cover for one of my workers on Saturday night...Cleaning one of the restaurants..I did some detailing so I was there an extra hour for a total of 4 hours..I am not up to that anymore I can tell
I am sooooo wishing for those extra banks so I don't have any restaurants or bars..Still haven't heard anything...but I did hear that my boss was talking to a woman about being an account manager..We definitely need one. He has too many buildings all of the other things he has to take care of...

I am hungry and don't have much in the house...and after paying the bills, won't be able to get
I need to get organized with meals..right now it seems like I never cook an actual meal..between working strange hours and not knowing if Jeremy is going to be gets difficult..
I did just buy a new slow cooker..the ex took both of my good ones and left me the crappy one..which I just threw out..
Maybe I'll pick something up to put in there..usually when I do that, we have enough for a couple of meals..

I guess that's it for news..exciting right? lol....

Have a very Happy Valentines Day!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Coming down the hill...I did too, but no one to take the picture of us...
Destiny says that she is Queen of the
we took a walk to Walgreens so she could spend her four dollars..
A movie, popcorn and juice...

These were from last week-end...
The week-end is here....Yay.....
I have to clean one of the restaurants Saturday night and I'm still happy to see the

I had a house to clean this morning..I make $70.oo for about 2 hours of work..
I so want to be able to just set that money aside so I have a cushion..Haven't been able to do it yet.
Maybe I'll at least try with this check..I'll set it aside and if I have to dig into it, so be it..

I sent my taxes and Jeremys to my sister-in-law..she has been doing them for us for 2 or 3 years now..She always gives me a great deal:)
I'm planning on using my returns on my trip to NEW YORK....I'll also pay for my granddaughters ticket for her graduation.
My daughter and one of my grandsons will go along too...We hope to go in June..Have to wait a bit for my daughter to figure out her vacation time at work..

I have wanted to go to NY since I was in Jr had read Valley of the Dolls...
We're trying to figure out all of the sights we want to see...I'm also going to do some research on my ancestors beginnings..The Brothertown Indian Tribe formed in NY...There was a small town called Brothertown..but I think the name had changed. I'm going to see if it would be feasible for us to go there and check out the cemetery..

Of course, we will go to ground zero and pay our respects...

My daughter wants to go to Carlo's Bakery...
Central Park, Statue of Liberty..and such....

She thinks the best place for us to stay is Jersey...hotel prices will be a lot less..

Well, guess I better get moving here.. I have to take my something (I'm starving) and get ready to do a small job tonight...

Hope everyone has a great week-end..

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY...SUPER BOWL.....

I sure hope that we walk away with the title....


My granddaughter just got another acceptance offer from a college here in town..Marquette..
They also offered her a scholarship for $11,200.00 a year for four years...
Now that all of the acceptance letters are in, she will FINALLY have to make a decision..I know it's been hard on her but she has to do it at some point.

My daughter isn't overly happy..she so wanted to move to a warmer state. Whether it be Arizona or Las Vegas didn't matter..
Now she will stay here in Wisconsin for at least another year so that my grandson can graduate next year..

He plans on joining the army..he wants to be a combat engineer..Although I'm proud of him, I almost wish he would choose something else..He's already taking classes in school that will count as college credits...both of the kids have taken advanced classes for some time now...

We got socked with a blizzard on the was VERY the point that my boss called most of our clients to tell them that we most likely would not make it in...
I waited until 10 that night to call the restaurants..can you believe that one of the managers had the nerve to say"what are WE supposed to do"? She's lucky that I am not the boss of this company because I would have told her that SHE could put herself in danger and clean the place herself...Rude Bitch...
The next day almost everything was closed...I got a snow was great, I got to work on my pile of papers that was waiting for me..

My step-daughter sent me one of Camerons school projects.
It started out,,My favorite Christmas memory is--going outside. I go outside with my Abolita. Most people think she's grandma in espanyol. She lets me choose a present on Christmas. I picked out a star wars the clone wars gun. I say a electronic motorcycle. She bought me a shirt too!! I had a lot of fun...

Now let me say that my first reaction was to
Then I was just proud...of Cameron and myself..(don't want to sound conceited here)..I have always said that I want the kids to have special memories..and that is exactly what is happening..
The one time I took him out sledding was Last winter..I had gone to their house and it was freezing out..I took hot chocolate in a thermos..the snow was frozen and to hard to enjoy..but it turns out that this was one of his favorite memories...And it didn't cost me a darned thing except gas to get there....Time is what these kids really want from us...and that is one thing I can always give them...
I make the time..
Like tonight. Destiny is going to spend the night..We will do girly things and snuggle at bedtime.
And again, it won't cost me a thing...
That is one of the sad things about my divorce from their grandpa, I have to really work the time in because I work more than I did when we were together...But that letter of Camerons lets me know that it's well worth it:)

My daughter and I went to the Y today..We only walked on the treadmills for about 25 minutes. But that is more exercise than I have had in a long time..We want to start taking Zumba classes.
That's really a workout..but it must be done..because believe it or not, summer is on it's way...

Gotta run..couple of things to do before my little beauty queen gets here:)