Sunday, February 27, 2011

The flowers I bought myself for Valentines Day...I just threw them out this week-end..Not too bad for $5.00..
Cameron and JJ (aka Patrick)..
As you can see, this picture was taken in 2005....I love to see what great people they are becoming. But I do have to admit that I miss them being little..
Cameron will be 8 years old on March 6th..I can't believe how the time has flown by..
JJ is now 5 or 6 inches taller than

I had a folder on my computer that held old files...The file was made when I had a virus on and had to take it in to have it cleaned..they put the file together..I just this week-end spent some time going thru everything in it..
Of course, it held all of my pictures..My heart filled with such love looking at all of my LITTLE they aren't so little anymore...

On Friday, my daughter, granddaughter and I went to Marquette University to buy some school clothes for Monique..and of course, we had to buy a t-shirt or two for each of us to support her school..
Well, we found t-shirts that say..Marquette Grandparent and Marquette Mom..Too cute...
Monique is sooooo excited to enter her new chapter of life..and I am so proud of her:)

I didn't do much this week-end..met my girlfriend and her husband for a drink late afternoon Saturday..came home and went to bed early..I was up at 2:30 am..drove 30 miles to clean one of the restaurants..
Today I've read the newspaper..I've been on the computer most of the it doesn't matter, I have the house cleaned and my paperwork for my job done..although, I do kind of feel like it was a wasted day..
Maybe I just feel guilty because I feel like I should have gone to the may not have done that, but I have made a great effort to watch what I've been eating..I haven't bought any candy in a week or so..I have been munching on apples, bananas and lots of pears..I bought salad fixings today..and I eat lots of oatmeal...
I don't weigh myself..Right now, I don't even have a know how I'm doing by how my clothes feel...I will be satisfied once my work clothes feel good..It shouldn't take too long if I continue to be aware of what I am eating..and NO boredom it's a fruit..

Well, that's it for now..It's almost 9:00pm and I'm going to go to bed to watch a little tv and get to sleep early...

Have a great week:)

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