Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Presidents Day!

Although I do have one group of banks closed today, we still work..Last week I left messages with the cleaners reminding them that we do work today. Now with this nasty snow and ice we have been blasted with, I'm wondering how many will call me today to say that they can't work..
They had the option of doing their bank on Saturday afternoon, Sunday or today.. so I don't think they should have any excuses for not having their job done..

My daughter and granddaughter spent the day Saturday at Marquette College doing the grand tour and she had to do an essay in hopes of getting a grant of some sort..She already gets an $11,000.00 scholarship..but needs all the extra help she can get. Tuition is approximately 32 grand a year..yikes, that's a lot of money..
Anyway, she had a blast during the tour. She met a few girls that are in the journalism school..and they have invited Monique to go to the next conference with them..So sweet. I think she has found a few girls to take her under their wing..
Moniques original plans called for her to live at's only 9 miles from the she would like to stay at school...It would add 8 or 9 thousand to her bill but they are going to see if they can make it happen...
I'm so happy that she is getting so excited about going..she had been so uncertain and scared of making the final decision..and a lot of that came from putting her boyfriends feelings first..

I think I'll head outside to see how bad my parking lot is..I'll shovel the sidewalks while I'm out there...the manager comes around to do that, but I don't mind giving a hand with's good exercise..although I don't over do it..

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods..

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