Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

I may spoil myself with a bouquet of flowers from used to buy myself a bouquet every week..It didn't cost that much..and it was well worth it..

I have to work tonight. I have to train someone..He already works for us, so training should go well.

I have to train a lady tomorrow night..not sure how that will go..

I paid bills this morning..ugh..not my favorite thing to do.. I tend to procrastinate and then I end up with late fees..I'm trying to stay on task with that..I certainly don't need to put out additional money for being a

My sil is doing my taxes. I should hear from her in the next couple of days..Sure hope I get something back...I'm using some of that money for my airline tickets to New York...and some towards bills..
I have a few bills that won't take too much to pay off...that would be nice..a few less to worry about each month...

I'm thinking that if I get enough paid off, I may buy a cheap motorcycle this spring..My daughter isn't thrilled with that idea..but I really do miss riding..At this point, it's just a thought...

I had to cover for one of my workers on Saturday night...Cleaning one of the restaurants..I did some detailing so I was there an extra hour for a total of 4 hours..I am not up to that anymore I can tell
I am sooooo wishing for those extra banks so I don't have any restaurants or bars..Still haven't heard anything...but I did hear that my boss was talking to a woman about being an account manager..We definitely need one. He has too many buildings all of the other things he has to take care of...

I am hungry and don't have much in the house...and after paying the bills, won't be able to get
I need to get organized with meals..right now it seems like I never cook an actual meal..between working strange hours and not knowing if Jeremy is going to be gets difficult..
I did just buy a new slow cooker..the ex took both of my good ones and left me the crappy one..which I just threw out..
Maybe I'll pick something up to put in there..usually when I do that, we have enough for a couple of meals..

I guess that's it for news..exciting right? lol....

Have a very Happy Valentines Day!!

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