Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I tried to go back to sleep this morning..I still felt tired...but it didn't happen..So, I guess it's time to start my day..

Yesterday, my daughter and I went for lunch at Applebees..We had the soup and salad was very good..Spinach salad with grilled shrimp..
We did cheat though..we had a dessert..most restaurants are now offering tiny desserts.
Very tiny..just the right amount of sweets to satisfy the desire without making a person feel extremely

Today we are supposed to head to the can be difficult to coordinate our schedules, but we should be able to do it today..We usually use the treadmill and then work with the weights for a bit..
She told me that she is going to take her ipod along and won't be able to talk as we work out because she isn't getting enough of a workout when we gab..okay...

My worst habit is eating out of boredom..terrible..I keep trying to change the bad eating habits but it sure isn't easy..
I really only need to lose about 1o or 15 pounds..and then firm up what is left..
It's strange how the body changes as you get older..
I've only noticed this over the last year or two..and believe me, I'm not liking it..all the more reason to get serious about the gym..

I've also noticed something else strange..In pictures, my smile looks weird..I can't even explain it, but my mouth doesn't look I really don't like having my picture

I checked my bank balance this morning and was surprised to see more money in there than I thought I had..I don't have anything outstanding...hum...although, I have been doing better with not doing mindless shopping..that was costing me a ton of money..
Now, I only go to the store when I need something and I only get just what I need..
It is working well for me..Amen..

Well, it's almost 8 and I'm going to get this day started...
Have a good one!

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