Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow, Snow, Go Away....

I think this round is almost done..The last two days have been so crappy for driving..
I'm sure by the time I get out and about today, the roads will be in pretty good shape.

This morning is bright and sunny with small flakes coming down..It looks very pretty actually...

I did my outside lights and signage at my banks..Making sure all lights are in working order..It takes me about 3 hours to make all of the rounds..
I only need to do it once a month, but it's one of those jobs that you tend to put off..lol..
I'm glad it's done...My boss only has one bank to worry about..Wonder how he would like to have 8..probably not so much..

I tried a new dating site..well, not actually tried it..I signed up and I checked things out..That's about as far as I've gotten..lol..
I know many people have found a "match"..but I'm not sure it's for me..
I did put a picture on this time..I don't usually do that..I'll check the site a couple of times and see what happens..I could never be one of those women that gets aggressive about it...

It's been almost three years since my divorce..For the most part, I'm happy with my life. I have a decent job. I have nice furniture. I have a great relationship with my son.
I can buy food. Grandkids...etc..
I don't "need" a man to take care of those things for me..but I'm ready to have a man in my life to share fun times with..go to festivals, out to dinner, maybe a movie...

Hopefully this summer I will be able to get involved in some activities that might bring me in contact with a larger circle of people..

For now, it's back to paperwork for me..
Have a great day!

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