Thursday, March 31, 2011

I DID IT!!! I bought a bike..I picked it up today...It's only 43 degrees here, so it was a cold ride

I'm a little disappointed that it seems more like a scooter than an actual motorcycle...BUT, it is small enough for me to handle safely and that is the most important thing..
It's really made for short, leisurely rides..and that's good enough for me..

I rode the bike home and then had to head out to work for a bit..then I came home, got the bike and took a ride to Walmart to have a few keys made..
I have no problem getting the bike in and out of the garage, making turns..It seems a little strange because everything is so much smaller than I am used I'm sure I'll get used to it:)

It's going to be another working week-end for me..but one of my new workers is going to give me a hand, so it won't be as physically overwhelming..
We're still waiting for word on getting a new batch of banks..Oh, they're getting estimates for specialty care..floor buffing, carpet spot removal and such, but not the janitorial...ugh..I won't get rid of the restaurants until we have enough banks to warrant getting another account manager..
Waiting for that to happen is getting harder by the moment..There are days that I just want to chuck this that's not happening any time

My daughter will be doing a walk for Autism in May..It's only a 3 or 4 mile walk..that's not too bad..We found out about it when we went to pick Paris up from school..Paris being Autistic is just an added reason to help a very worthy cause..
My niece is going to do the walk should be a fun experience..I'm so looking forward to it..

Well, time to hit the road again..I have one more job to resupply...and then it will be an early night..

Have a great Friday and Week-end!!

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