Saturday, March 19, 2011

I originally started this post with the same old news about work..then decided that I am sick of going over and over it again..So, I'm not going to do

I had an "almost date" the other
A few months ago I met a guy while at the bar with a couple of girlfriends..He owns an auto shop..I asked him if he ever gets motorcycles in..he said he does and I should give him a call so he would have my phone number...I did...but I never heard from him..

Well, the other day was soooo beautiful I decided to look his number up again and call him..his e-mail address was there also and I decided to go that route..
He replied a short time later.. He started off with good morning sunshine..he doesn't have any in now but will start looking for one..
I replied with a thank you..
Then he sent me a St. Patricks Day joke..
I decided to be very bold and I said if he was out and about around 5:30 my girlfriend and I would be at the place that we originally met..he replied back "will do"..
He showed up right at 5:30..We had a nice time..

I don't think we will ever be more than just friends..He's only 49 and I don't think he's looking for a relationship..
My fist impression of him was that he is a typical gift of gab and he can tell some stories for sure...
But, he's fun and he's really he has a motorcycle. I could see us being friends that hang out together..

He walked me to my car and then asked if I wanted to go to another bar with him..I said I had to be up at 3:00 for work so I really needed to get home and get some sleep.
He asked about going another night..I said that would work...

Then he kissed me...(just a little beyond friends)
I did send him a short e-mail when I got home telling him that I had a nice time.
He replied that he did also and we should get together again..

So, I am leaving the ball in his court.. if he wants to hang out, he can call me..or if he finds a bike he can call me..We'll see how it turns out..

I do have to say that it was nice having the attention.
He is the first guy I have kissed since my divorce almost three years ago..

Today my girlfriend made a comment that I certainly must not want to get married again..I was a little taken aback by that..
I've spent three years on my own making sure I'm healed properly before even FEELING like I might want to date someone..
I told her that I don't necessarily want to get married again, but I'm only 55 and I want to have a nice guy to hang out with..I don't want to spend all of my time alone or being the fifth wheel on outings..
She said that if her husband died she would never get married again..I told her she can't say that until she is in that position..

Anyway, it was fun..and I can certainly use some of that in my

I'm going to go watch tv in bed and go to sleep early....
lol..Saturday night and I'm going to bed at 7:30...

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