Friday, April 29, 2011

Mason - He certainly looks happy, doesn't he??
Working very hard..
Candy for all of the kids...for the 3 little ones, I put the candy in the little pails from the dollar store..

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the people who lost their lives in the's such a devastating time for so many families..I hope the survivors are given the help that they need to put their lives back together. It made me give thought to what I would do in the case of such horrible weather..I need to have a plan..

I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter:)...I had Mason over on Friday and we colored eggs together..we really had a nice time..The next morning he had to look for his Easter basket...
We played a LOT of, go fish and of course, the WII.. By the time I took him home, I was WORN out...But we had a great time together..

As much as I dislike always talking about seems that my life at this time revolves around
I've been training again..(it seems like it will never end)..Last night was one of the first nights that I didn't have to get up at one or two in the morning...and it felt great..
It was a bright sunny day today and with the sleep, it made for a great day. I had my day all planned out..and then of course it was disrupted again..I had to go do a cleaning job for the guy we get some of our jobs from..It only took an hour and a half, but it messed up my schedule..
To top it off, I am getting another middle of the night's an athletic's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week..It's a three hour job and the starting time is 1:00am...I am sooo not looking forward to this...

I talked to our office manager today about some of this..she is so understanding about what I'm going through..just having her listen was a big help..she knows I am about at the end of my rope with all of this..
She did say that my boss has mentioned that they need to get me out of these restaurants...that's nice, but how long will it take?? That is the million dollar question.
I have decided that I will give it until the middle or end of the summer and then if there is no end in sight, I will consider giving up this job.

My daughter is picking up Cameron and destiny tomorrow..they are spending the night with her..for the first time..I haven't seen the kids for at least 6-8 weeks so I am going to spend some time with them while they are with her.
We are going to take them to the Jelly Belly factory....that should be a blast for them..
I'll have to remember to take my camera so I can post some pictures...

Well, that's about it for my exciting hope everyone has a great week-end!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rose with her new gifts..
We got such a cute cake..
My daughter Shannon and Culvers
Rose being

As you can see from the pictures, it was Roses Birthday...."12"..
She is Shannons cousins daughter..her 2nd cousin...or

Shannon hasn't had a lot of contact with her cousin for some years..They recently connected on facebook...Her cousin Katie was telling her about the problems they have with Rose and was wondering if Shannon could have a talk with her..she thought that since Shannon is a corrections officer it might put a bit of a scare into Rose..My daughter isn't about to scare a young girl, but she will certainly talk to them about going down the wrong path....

Shannon has spent time with Rose and her parents also to see how they interact..and what she is finding out is that Rose is a good girl that has parents that don't have a clue as to how to parent.
Believe me, she has let them know that they are not interacting with Rose in a positive way..
One day when she took her home, the first thing out of their mouths was,,your room is a mess and you need to get it taken care of...They never said hi, how was your week-end..nothing..

Anyway...Rose turned 12 yesterday..her parents had celebrated her birthday last week-end along with her baby brothers baptism and her dads birthday..
I suggested that we do something to make her feel special..
We took her's way to hard to pick clothes out for a young girl..She got a cute top, a movie, bracelets, a nice pair of capri jeans...
We picked up a cake to have at Shannons house with the boys..
We went to Culvers for lunch..

Rose is very shy about having someone take her told her to get used to it,,that's what we
She has such a beautiful smile..
According to her parents, she has been labeled adhd...I am not seeing that in her..I have raised a child with adhd and I know what it looks like...I don't know how a doctor could label her with that..
She follows all rules at my daughters house..I think it's because she knows my daughter won't accept any thing different from her..
Her parents just go with the label and blame all of the household problems on it..
Believe me, they don't function in a very normal way...I don't know how they can expect Rose to function properly..

Anyway, that was more long winded than I had intended it to got carried away..

My daughter said that last night, Rose was out in the kitchen twice looking at her cake..Shannon asked her if she wanted another piece..Rose said no, she was just looking at it...
I'm glad we were able to make her day special for her..she's a good girl and hopefully with the help of my daughter, she will stay that way....

I've been up since 2 again..and hopefully for the last week-end....
I'm starting to get a little tired so I think I'll snuggle up in my bed and try to sleep for a bit...

Have a great week!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just a quick note to say that I did receive my $600.00 deposit back..
I am soooo very grateful for that. Big lesson

It's been a great day..It is beautiful outside, work went well and my daughter and I went to the Y and did some miles on the bikes..

It's amazing how much better I feel when I get some decent

Well, gotta run..

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

These are what I have been working on...My daughters pictures..
As I'm sure you can figure out, the top tote is the before and the bottom tote is the after..or at least one of them..I filled that entire tote and still have some pictures left to do...

I do have all of the kids pictures in albums now..There were a lot of duplicates..back in the day I used to get doubles..a set for my daughter and a set for
I don't hang on to a lot of the pictures anymore..I still take a lot, but I usually give them to the kids right away..

Work is easing up a least with having to get up at all I have to do is train a gentleman this Sunday and Monday and then hopefully things will level out..
Our office manager is going to see if our boss will let me train someone for all of the restaurants in case someone wants a night or two off...or in case someone just up and quits without notice..then I won't have to do them..
I really would like to have a daughter and I want to do some camping this summer and I don't want to be totally tied down to the restaurants on the week-ends..

We've had a beautiful day today..I'm so glad to see spring really show up...even if we have a rainy day here and there...

On Sunday I went with my girlfriend and a friend of hers to a bar to play bing0...We had a blast.
Because it was the last game of season, and it is getting closer to Easter, they put the winnings in an Easter cup along with some candy and a scratch off..
They each won once and I won twice..
With paying a dollar for each game, and having a drink, I came out twenty five dollars ahead.
I thought that was pretty good..
They also had food out..ham sandwich's and munchies.. It was nice to have some fun and relax..

I don't usually watch Dancing with the stars...but I wanted to see how Kirsty and Kendra were doing and now I don't want to miss it..
I felt so bad last week when Kirsty's partner fell with her...But was damn happy to see them get up and finish as well as they did:)

I finally got my house cleaned up..well, almost. I do have to vacuum yet..but for the most part, things are in order and it sure feels good..I really don't like when things are piling up..

Last Friday, I talked to the guy where I returned the bike..he said that they had determined that they would send me back my entire deposit..It still isn't here, and that makes me a little nervous...I was going to call them today, but I think I'll wait one more day to see if it comes..

Well, on that note, I'm going to get to my vacuuming...oh the

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Sunday was spent going through a full tote of my daughters pictures...There were only a few albums and the rest were just laying in there..
The tote is now empty..I now have four piles of pictures..well, actually for each of the kids, one for my daughter and one of miscellaneous pictures..

While I was doing all of that, I was waiting for the cable guys to show up...I could not get my laptop online..
They finally showed up at 7:00pm..worked for 45 minutes..when they left, I had the internet..but it didn't last long. By 8:30 I had to call them back. I was told that the problem wasn't with their box, it was with the netgear box..and I would have to call them..which I did..only to find out that I was talking to someone in India..UGH..I was not a happy camper..For one, I am so against all of the outsourcing companies do..and then there is the problem of trying to understand the guy...after 25 minutes on the phone trying different things,it was still not working..

Then my son tried something and I was back online...I didn't get my work orders sent in until almost 11:00pm..
I decided to just stay up because I had to clean the restaurant again..I left home at 1:30 and it was NASTY out..rain, lightening and thunder..I do not like driving in those conditions...

Today I have torn apart my apartment "literally" trying to find the disc for my cordless printer..since we had the work done last night, my computer will not recognize it..
Murhpys law has struck..It is the one disc I can not find..
I have been trying to get more organized so that I will know where things are when I need them..I guess I didn't do that soon

Thankfully I did save my old printer..down in the basement meant going through a ton of totes to find it..But I did and it worked great for least I was able to print out my daily work sheets...

I talked to the general manager at the place that I bought the bike..they are putting a stop to all paperwork and I will NOT be held to the contract...I will probably have to pay a cancellation fee but that is the least of my problems..I will probably get most of my deposit back..The accountant will be contacting me..
I do know that God was watching over me on this one..because as we all know, dealers will make you stick to a signed contract..
They have been very nice about the whole situation and I appreciate it very much..

Well, time to make something for dinner ..clean up a little and get to bed early..I have to clean the restaurant again tonight...

Enjoy your week,

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Buyers Remorse!!!

So, I picked the bike up on Thursday and by 7:00pm I had buyers remorse.
I had tried to talk myself into thinking I liked the bike well enough..and that having an extra payment wouldn't be THAT

When the sane me got to thinking.....I knew I wasn't REALLY happy with the bike..
I actually got a sick feeling..I called my daughter and explained to her how I was feeling.

The guy at the shop said that I had two to three days to decide if I liked it or not..
I called them in the morning..and right away, I felt put off..I was not liking that..He said he would talk to his manager but that the general manager was not in..

He didn't call back. After an hour of waiting I called a tow shop and made plans for them to pick the bike up and deliver it back to the dealership..

My daughter and I got to the dealership before the tow truck.
I talked to the manager..He said all of the paperwork had already been sent in..
I let him know that I didn't care and I was told that I had two to three days to return it..
He called the GM and then told me that the GM would be back to work on Monday and would call me to see how to handle the situation.

I made him write out a note stating that I had returned the bike and it was now in their possession..

I'm sure they will give me a hard time about giving me back my $600.00.
I'll compromise on that..maybe give them something towards doing all of the paperwork..but I hope they don't think they're getting all of my deposit..
Oh what a mess I made being impulsive..

What's done is done and I'll get thru this..with Gods help, I will handle the outcome whatever it is:)

I picked up a bucket of pictures from my daughter yesterday..I'm organizing them for her..Giving each of the kids their own album..
I can't tell you how much fun it has been looking through these pictures.
She also had the pictures that I stored at her house during the last part of my marriage.
Such wonderful memories are stored away..not forgotten, but certainly not looked at as often as they should be..
I'm making a point of keeping them at hand to be looked at at any given moment...

Well, that's my Saturday in a
The sun has finally come out..they said it was going to get as high as 48 today..."sure"
I think I'll get out there and clean and reorganize my van..tomorrow is supposed to be I know I will not want to do it then..

Hope your week-end is going well!!