Saturday, April 2, 2011

Buyers Remorse!!!

So, I picked the bike up on Thursday and by 7:00pm I had buyers remorse.
I had tried to talk myself into thinking I liked the bike well enough..and that having an extra payment wouldn't be THAT

When the sane me got to thinking.....I knew I wasn't REALLY happy with the bike..
I actually got a sick feeling..I called my daughter and explained to her how I was feeling.

The guy at the shop said that I had two to three days to decide if I liked it or not..
I called them in the morning..and right away, I felt put off..I was not liking that..He said he would talk to his manager but that the general manager was not in..

He didn't call back. After an hour of waiting I called a tow shop and made plans for them to pick the bike up and deliver it back to the dealership..

My daughter and I got to the dealership before the tow truck.
I talked to the manager..He said all of the paperwork had already been sent in..
I let him know that I didn't care and I was told that I had two to three days to return it..
He called the GM and then told me that the GM would be back to work on Monday and would call me to see how to handle the situation.

I made him write out a note stating that I had returned the bike and it was now in their possession..

I'm sure they will give me a hard time about giving me back my $600.00.
I'll compromise on that..maybe give them something towards doing all of the paperwork..but I hope they don't think they're getting all of my deposit..
Oh what a mess I made being impulsive..

What's done is done and I'll get thru this..with Gods help, I will handle the outcome whatever it is:)

I picked up a bucket of pictures from my daughter yesterday..I'm organizing them for her..Giving each of the kids their own album..
I can't tell you how much fun it has been looking through these pictures.
She also had the pictures that I stored at her house during the last part of my marriage.
Such wonderful memories are stored away..not forgotten, but certainly not looked at as often as they should be..
I'm making a point of keeping them at hand to be looked at at any given moment...

Well, that's my Saturday in a
The sun has finally come out..they said it was going to get as high as 48 today..."sure"
I think I'll get out there and clean and reorganize my van..tomorrow is supposed to be I know I will not want to do it then..

Hope your week-end is going well!!

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