Monday, April 4, 2011

My Sunday was spent going through a full tote of my daughters pictures...There were only a few albums and the rest were just laying in there..
The tote is now empty..I now have four piles of pictures..well, actually for each of the kids, one for my daughter and one of miscellaneous pictures..

While I was doing all of that, I was waiting for the cable guys to show up...I could not get my laptop online..
They finally showed up at 7:00pm..worked for 45 minutes..when they left, I had the internet..but it didn't last long. By 8:30 I had to call them back. I was told that the problem wasn't with their box, it was with the netgear box..and I would have to call them..which I did..only to find out that I was talking to someone in India..UGH..I was not a happy camper..For one, I am so against all of the outsourcing companies do..and then there is the problem of trying to understand the guy...after 25 minutes on the phone trying different things,it was still not working..

Then my son tried something and I was back online...I didn't get my work orders sent in until almost 11:00pm..
I decided to just stay up because I had to clean the restaurant again..I left home at 1:30 and it was NASTY out..rain, lightening and thunder..I do not like driving in those conditions...

Today I have torn apart my apartment "literally" trying to find the disc for my cordless printer..since we had the work done last night, my computer will not recognize it..
Murhpys law has struck..It is the one disc I can not find..
I have been trying to get more organized so that I will know where things are when I need them..I guess I didn't do that soon

Thankfully I did save my old printer..down in the basement meant going through a ton of totes to find it..But I did and it worked great for least I was able to print out my daily work sheets...

I talked to the general manager at the place that I bought the bike..they are putting a stop to all paperwork and I will NOT be held to the contract...I will probably have to pay a cancellation fee but that is the least of my problems..I will probably get most of my deposit back..The accountant will be contacting me..
I do know that God was watching over me on this one..because as we all know, dealers will make you stick to a signed contract..
They have been very nice about the whole situation and I appreciate it very much..

Well, time to make something for dinner ..clean up a little and get to bed early..I have to clean the restaurant again tonight...

Enjoy your week,

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