Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rose with her new gifts..
We got such a cute cake..
My daughter Shannon and Culvers
Rose being

As you can see from the pictures, it was Roses Birthday...."12"..
She is Shannons cousins daughter..her 2nd cousin...or

Shannon hasn't had a lot of contact with her cousin for some years..They recently connected on facebook...Her cousin Katie was telling her about the problems they have with Rose and was wondering if Shannon could have a talk with her..she thought that since Shannon is a corrections officer it might put a bit of a scare into Rose..My daughter isn't about to scare a young girl, but she will certainly talk to them about going down the wrong path....

Shannon has spent time with Rose and her parents also to see how they interact..and what she is finding out is that Rose is a good girl that has parents that don't have a clue as to how to parent.
Believe me, she has let them know that they are not interacting with Rose in a positive way..
One day when she took her home, the first thing out of their mouths was,,your room is a mess and you need to get it taken care of...They never said hi, how was your week-end..nothing..

Anyway...Rose turned 12 yesterday..her parents had celebrated her birthday last week-end along with her baby brothers baptism and her dads birthday..
I suggested that we do something to make her feel special..
We took her's way to hard to pick clothes out for a young girl..She got a cute top, a movie, bracelets, a nice pair of capri jeans...
We picked up a cake to have at Shannons house with the boys..
We went to Culvers for lunch..

Rose is very shy about having someone take her told her to get used to it,,that's what we
She has such a beautiful smile..
According to her parents, she has been labeled adhd...I am not seeing that in her..I have raised a child with adhd and I know what it looks like...I don't know how a doctor could label her with that..
She follows all rules at my daughters house..I think it's because she knows my daughter won't accept any thing different from her..
Her parents just go with the label and blame all of the household problems on it..
Believe me, they don't function in a very normal way...I don't know how they can expect Rose to function properly..

Anyway, that was more long winded than I had intended it to got carried away..

My daughter said that last night, Rose was out in the kitchen twice looking at her cake..Shannon asked her if she wanted another piece..Rose said no, she was just looking at it...
I'm glad we were able to make her day special for her..she's a good girl and hopefully with the help of my daughter, she will stay that way....

I've been up since 2 again..and hopefully for the last week-end....
I'm starting to get a little tired so I think I'll snuggle up in my bed and try to sleep for a bit...

Have a great week!!

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