Tuesday, April 12, 2011

These are what I have been working on...My daughters pictures..
As I'm sure you can figure out, the top tote is the before and the bottom tote is the after..or at least one of them..I filled that entire tote and still have some pictures left to do...

I do have all of the kids pictures in albums now..There were a lot of duplicates..back in the day I used to get doubles..a set for my daughter and a set for me..lol...
I don't hang on to a lot of the pictures anymore..I still take a lot, but I usually give them to the kids right away..

Work is easing up a bit..at least with having to get up at 3:00am..lol...Now all I have to do is train a gentleman this Sunday and Monday and then hopefully things will level out..
Our office manager is going to see if our boss will let me train someone for all of the restaurants in case someone wants a night or two off...or in case someone just up and quits without notice..then I won't have to do them..
I really would like to have a life...lol..my daughter and I want to do some camping this summer and I don't want to be totally tied down to the restaurants on the week-ends..

We've had a beautiful day today..I'm so glad to see spring really show up...even if we have a rainy day here and there...

On Sunday I went with my girlfriend and a friend of hers to a bar to play bing0...We had a blast.
Because it was the last game of season, and it is getting closer to Easter, they put the winnings in an Easter cup along with some candy and a scratch off..
They each won once and I won twice..
With paying a dollar for each game, and having a drink, I came out twenty five dollars ahead.
I thought that was pretty good..
They also had food out..ham sandwich's and munchies.. It was nice to have some fun and relax..

I don't usually watch Dancing with the stars...but I wanted to see how Kirsty and Kendra were doing and now I don't want to miss it..
I felt so bad last week when Kirsty's partner fell with her...But was damn happy to see them get up and finish as well as they did:)

I finally got my house cleaned up..well, almost. I do have to vacuum yet..but for the most part, things are in order and it sure feels good..I really don't like when things are piling up..

Last Friday, I talked to the guy where I returned the bike..he said that they had determined that they would send me back my entire deposit..It still isn't here, and that makes me a little nervous...I was going to call them today, but I think I'll wait one more day to see if it comes..

Well, on that note, I'm going to get to my vacuuming...oh the fun...lol...

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