Friday, June 24, 2011

I am on pins and needles....I am THIS/CLOSE to getting rid of all my bars and restaurants....
My boss and his wife have interviewed a woman for the job..she will be working part time..1:00am to 6:00am....
I am actually meeting her today..she is coming to the office to do final paperwork. If all goes well, she may start as soon as tonight..She will go with me to all of the jobs..maybe help clean and learn all the quirks of the buildings.
She will get a good taste of things if she comes with me have had to go back to helping at the new restaurant because they had complaints...and I might add that they were not fully legit.
They complained that they found a french fry on the floor and they didn't think the bathroom floors had been cleaned...well, I've done the floors for the last three nights and they still complained..about the bathroom floors and they found a french seems that there is always a random french fry that shows
My boss even took the time to go there this morning at 6:00am to do a recheck himself..

Anyway, he suggested that the new girl go with me tonight and get a feel for things...of course that works for me:) the sooner I get her trained, the sooner I get to sleep all night and not worry about people checking in...

Please keep your fingers (and your toes) crossed that she works out..I need to have my life back!!

My girlfriends daughter is here from Texas..she is about 5 1/2 months pregnant and we are having her baby shower tomorrow...I went and did my shopping for it yesterday..oh the fun of buying baby items...I love it...I got him a baby pair of sun glasses...( it's bright and sunny in Texas)...a 5 pack of really cute oneies...a blue piggy bank that says, my first piggy bank...a very cute little stuffed giraffe that makes 5 different soothing cute..and a couple of outfits and sleepers along with a baby sick kit..thermometer, syringe, medicine dispenser, etc..with a little bag to keep it all in...
However, I did forget a card and wrapping'll pick that up today..

It's almost 11:00am and I have to finish my laundry and jump in the shower before I head out to the office to meet the new girl...CAN'T WAIT...

Fingers crossed and hopes up high:)

Have a great week-end!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kiesner is my maiden name....This is a street sign in a town about 45 minutes from my house. This is the area that my family settled in when they came from New York...
My daughter went with me today to search for family members in a few of the cemeteries that we could find..
We went on the spur of the moment, so we didn't really know where the cemeteries
We just went to Brothertown and Jericho and asked where if there was a cemetery located
We actually did fairly well..We found at least 15 headstones..AND we got in a LOT of walking..
The one cemetery was HUGE...and because of my daughters recent back problems, I told her she didn't have to walk the whole thing..but she was a trooper...

My grandfathers side of the family came from Prussia, Germany...My grandmothers side came from New York..My Indian heritage comes from my grandmothers side..
We also found the courthouse..right down the street from Kiesner Dr. So our next trip will be there..I figure I can find a lot of information there..

I have an account..I have found several people there that share the same ancestors as me...When I put the pictures of the headstones on my family tree, they will be able to take them and attach them to their trees..

It is so interesting finding all of these things..I wish I had done it when some of my elders were still would have made it much

Well, I'm tired and I want to send in my work orders tonight so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow....

Happy Fathers Day to all of the great fathers out there...and to the Mothers that took the place of fathers for whatever reason:)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I am trying to wish the rain is the day we are having Destinys birthday party..She actually turned 7 on June 1st..her party today is a surprise..I don't know if my step-daughter made alternative plans..probably
It is supposed to stop raining, but the temp is only going to get to 60..sure doesn't sound like a great day at the park...

I overslept this morning. I didn't get out of bed until had set my alarm clock for 2..
After I was done working I went to Walmart to finish my birthday shopping..I think I got there at 5:45.. I got out of there at 6:50..I'm telling you, I never spend that much time wandering around a store..
I spent $125.oo..presents, munchies for the party and a cord for the computer..I have decided that I should not have my computer on a wireless much as I like not being trapped by a really isn't save. I don't want to take a chance on someone in this building getting on my internet and then doing something illegal. So, it's back to a cord for me...

I did get Destiny some cute outfits, new undies, a loom to make pot remember making them..I thought she could make some and give them for Christmas presents..I also got her a bead collection..she loves to make jewelry. And of course, the MOST important of all, a new make up loves her makeup...

We (hopefully) have two new people for the restaurants...they will do their paperwork on Monday and I hope to start training Monday night..I will train one person and my boss will train the other...That will leave me with one restaurant open..and I think we have a guy for that..
Keeping my fingers crossed and my hopes

It's almost 8:30..I better try to get a little sleep..I'll head out for the party at 1:00..I'll try to get some decent pictures today...

Enjoy your day!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

This is the ride that Cameron and I went on...I told him it would be the last time for
This is our campsite...

We went camping the week-end before last..I took two days of vacation. It was wonderful to have a few days of not having to answer my darned work phone..Although I do have to say, I did check my phone a few times to make sure everyone had checked'm going to break myself from that

We had to put our tent up in the rain..NOT was also very windy that didn't make things any easier..
We were happy to finally get it done..we didn't put our stuff in there until it dried out..
The next day we did some things away from camp...when we returned, the tent was almost completely hadn't put the connectors on right..but we got it figured out and fixed..

We were in the Dells and received free tickets to one of the water we spent some time there..that was a lot of fun...

We never did make our dinner on the campfire..we decided to go the more relaxing route and eat

It was a good time and certainly didn't last long enough..

This last week-end, I finally was able to have Cameron over..I had Paris here too because I had to go to work..When I got home at 6:00am, Cameron was already up. He was very understanding about my needing to get a little sleep before we started our day..

I had taken the boys with me the night before to meet my friends at a small church festival..
Paris isn't into the rides..but Cameron loves them..So, we went on a few..he played one of the games..We had something to eat..
After leaving there, we went to Joe and Lisa's house, minus Paris..he just wanted to come back to my house so he could play his
Joe and Lisa have a great pond in their backyard..It's still kind of cold though, so Cameron just played in the sand on the beach..he had a great time...

Destiny was sure it was HER turn to come I told her that I would write it on my calendar that she was they came to get Cameron, I'll be darned if she didn't look at my calendar and let me know that I hadn't written it did it while she watched...

Her birthday was June 1st..I didn't get a chance to see her..They are having a surprise birthday party for her next of course I want to take her presents to that..but I felt bad that she had to wait..I didn't want her to think I had forgotten her...I told her that I had to wait for her present to get here...she didn't seem concerned about her present..she only seemed concerned about her turn for coming makes me happy to know that spending time with me is more important than getting a present...pretty nice..

Work has still been people..people not even showing up for training and giving the newly acquired restaurant a final clean..We start regular cleaning there tomorrow night..ugh..not looking forward to it..but that's life in the big

I did have some great news...I got a $3000.00 a year raise...AND they are going to get a part time manager to handle the restaurants...that is the BEST news yet...
It might take a couple of months, but they are doing it...I had hoped it would happen before summer is over so I could enjoy it, but not sure that will happen. Keeping fingers

I guess that's it for news..time to get some stuff done...
Hope everyone has a great week!!