Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kiesner is my maiden name....This is a street sign in a town about 45 minutes from my house. This is the area that my family settled in when they came from New York...
My daughter went with me today to search for family members in a few of the cemeteries that we could find..
We went on the spur of the moment, so we didn't really know where the cemeteries
We just went to Brothertown and Jericho and asked where if there was a cemetery located
We actually did fairly well..We found at least 15 headstones..AND we got in a LOT of walking..
The one cemetery was HUGE...and because of my daughters recent back problems, I told her she didn't have to walk the whole thing..but she was a trooper...

My grandfathers side of the family came from Prussia, Germany...My grandmothers side came from New York..My Indian heritage comes from my grandmothers side..
We also found the courthouse..right down the street from Kiesner Dr. So our next trip will be there..I figure I can find a lot of information there..

I have an account..I have found several people there that share the same ancestors as me...When I put the pictures of the headstones on my family tree, they will be able to take them and attach them to their trees..

It is so interesting finding all of these things..I wish I had done it when some of my elders were still would have made it much

Well, I'm tired and I want to send in my work orders tonight so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow....

Happy Fathers Day to all of the great fathers out there...and to the Mothers that took the place of fathers for whatever reason:)

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