Friday, August 26, 2011

Patrick and Monica..We were at our State Fair...she did not want to have her picture taken..I told her that in this family, this is what we

Monique is now a Marquette College Student!!

We moved her in on Wednesday..She was so excited..and her Mom was soooo
Sad to see her first born baby leave the nest..sad to know she will not see her on a daily basis..But very excited to see her daughter turn into a mature young woman..She knows that Monique will do what is right for her life and future and she is so very proud of her.

Paris stayed home from school to help with the move..When we were leaving the dorms, we were waiting for the elevator and talking trying to lighten the mood by joking about leaving Monique behind..He started to cry and then got embarrassed for crying.
We hugged him and told him it would be okay..It was sweet to see that even at 14 he could have such emotion his sister leaving home..(and being only 6 miles away) lol..

He did say that he can't wait until he goes to he can move the dorm furniture around and there's free he only realized how much that coffee really costs...
My daughter is going to start checking into what help Paris can get if he pursues college..Having Autism/Aspergers Syndrome may make going to college somewhat hard. He is a 4.0 student but will he get the extra help he needs?? Hopefully she will be able to get a handle on that..

My grandson Patrick (aka- JJ)..has a girlfriend..the first one that he has brought think she's special..Her name is Monica..she's fairly quiet but she sure likes my
Because his legal name is Jeremiah and we usually call him JJ..I asked her what she calls him...with a cute little smile she said..Paddy..oh, young love.

On the work front things have greatly has been absolute heaven to be able to sleep all night:)
It has allowed me to spend time making sure that all of my buildings are in tip-top shape (well, I'm working on that)..
This week has been bad for people taking off or just not showing boss and I have both had to cover quite a few buildings..The good news is that even with doing that, I am still usually home by 10pm or so and then I get to sleep ALL night:)

Speaking of sleep, I should get off the computer and get some...
Wishing all of you a wonderful week-end:)

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