Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Well, I'm feeling a little more up beat today..lol...it took long enough to get here..

I suppose it helps that I'll be on vacation in two days helps..I'm so looking forward to that..
I still haven't heard from my one step-daughter..so I guess Mason really isn't going to be able to go with us..that makes me feel bad for him..but it's not something I can change..

On a bright note, Cameron is going to be able to come with us..Yaahoo...He will be so excited..I am too...lol..

The weather has cooled down..thank goodness..but now they are talking rain..scattered..but rain..
keeping fingers crossed that it doesn't hamper any of our plans..

The new girl goes to the doctor tomorrow...yippy... hopefully she will be able to come back to work..even on a limited basis...that in itself will be a blessing for sure...

I love my coffee from Speedway...the best around...I usually don't have to pay for it..They have a rewards program..if you use your card when you buy something in the store or get gas, you get points...I have so many points that I probably won't ever have to pay for my coffee...I don't usually get coffee in the evening, but for some reason, on my way home, I just felt like it would be relaxing to have a cup...

Guess that's it for news...I'll keep you posted on the work situation:)

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