Sunday, September 11, 2011


It's been an emotional day for me..I've been taken back to what I was feeling ten years ago when I heard of the first plane hitting the tower...
It seemed like such a horrific accident...and then to see the second hit and we KNEW it was not an accident..All I could do was stand in front of the tv and say "Oh my God"..

Now today, watching the people read off the names of the loved ones lost, I find myself once again feeling so many of the same feelings..
Seeing some of the young kids is the little girl said she never got to meet her Dad because she was in her Mommies tummy when it happened..Seeing so many last names that are the same and knowing that there are families out there that lost more than one loved one that day..

I think they have done a beautiful job with the memorial site...

I did see one thing that bothered me..(and maybe it shouldn't have) There was a woman holding an American flag and a Mexican flag didn't make sense to me..this memorial isn't about what your heritage is or was..The United States of America had been attacked..THAT is the only flag that should have been held on this day..(just my opinion,,and I don't mean to offend anyone)...

God Bless America and prayers to all of the families!!

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