Friday, September 2, 2011

It's been a long week!!

I'm so glad that the week-end is here..."And" it a three day week-end at that:)
It's been a long week of training people, covering for people that don't have any work ethic, getting keys back from people that no longer work for us...

The good news is that for most of the week, I have been home by 10pm..(I only had one night that I didn't get home until midnight)..
I can deal with most anything if I am able to sleep thru the has been a slice of

My daughter and I had our rummage sale last week..and we made $200.00..Trust me, I did not think we would do that well...We're going to have it again..not sure if we will bother this week-end..a lot of people head out of town..we'll see how we feel in the morning..It has given me incentive to go thru more around here and get rid of things that are not being used..less clutter is always a good thing...

I have a TON of paper work to go thru..all of the miscellaneous items that you cant throw out but aren't sure where to store it..I'll have to organize my file cabinet..I dread this job..paperwork always seems so darned overwhelming to me..Although I do like it when I can actually find what I'm looking for..More incentive to get it done:)

Guess that's it for now..I'm tired and I think I'll go watch tv in my room..

Have a happy and safe Labor Day Week-end!!

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