Sunday, September 4, 2011

I've been busy getting things around the house straightened up...Mostly the file cabinet and closets..
I had paperwork in every drawer you could think of..A lot of times I run into problems because I need to find a place for just ONE piece of sure what to do with it, so I stick it in a
I have vowed not to do that any more:) I cleaned out the file cabinet and set it up with more hanging folders..One will hold miscellaneous items..
I was able to free up one drawer in my dresser..Of course, that is already being used for it should

Tomorrow we are celebrating my girlfriends her house..with her husband being in charge of the grill..I made brownies today, and baked beans..tomorrow morning I will put together the veggie tray..
I used one of those magic brownie trays...OMG..that was a royal will go into the rummage pile after today..Definitely not worth the trouble to use..

Tonight I am going to watch Big Brother and go to sleep early..tomorrow, I'm going to just relax and enjoy the company of good friends..

Wishing you all a relaxing extended week-end...

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