Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good morning!!

The weather is cold and rainy here..yuck..not looking forward to the snow..
This morning my daughter and I were talking about warmer climates to move to..We had always thought Arizona..I'm not sure where I would like to end up in my old's getting closer by the day..
As much as my daughter wants to get to a warmer climate, she is worried about the time that her grandkids start coming...Hopefully that will be after college..
I told her that I am going to start a special savings account for when the time comes that we do leave the snow behind..

My grandson is doing well in his pre-marines group..(don't know the exact name for it)..
He is getting into better shape than he has been..They are telling him that once he enlists, he will most likely go to San Diego for basic training..We also have to save for that because of course, we will want to be there for his graduation...
Right now, his hair is a bit long..they have been talking to him about getting it he wouldn't have to cut it until he goes for basic training, but they like to get them into the whole experience and that's part of it..

This week-end is my grandson Masons birthday's his mom that never even replied to my request of having him over the last two times...His other grandma was the one to let me know about the party...
In all honesty, I am not looking forward to seeing her(my stepdaughter)..I have tried for so many years to get closer to her and I am done..
Sometimes I feel like I'm only good to have around for what I give...and that's a crappy feeling..
I don't want to lose my relationship with Mason, but I am not going to continually fight his mom to see him..

I am on good terms with my other stepdaughter, so I guess I'll just spend my time talking to her I guess...

I went to the office yesterday to get more supplies...Nothing was said by my boss or his wife about getting someone for the late shift..So, I guess that means that I get to keep doing it..
I didn't spend much time there..I really don't have much to say to them...well, I have a lot to say, but don't feel like I this point, I'm not in a position to take a chance on getting into a major conflict with them..Because I am the kind that will tell him what he can do with his giving any thought to the fact that I don't have a
I need to just keep my mouth shut until I'm in a better position to walk out if I need to...

I have to train tonight..and he can't start until 9:30pm...I'm going to get there early and get most of it done..then have him follow me on what's's a three hour job..I'm not starting it at 9:30 and then have to make sure all of my late night workers are in..I'm still not sure when my boss thinks I'm supposed to sleep..

well, enough
I am trying to keep calm about this is what it is..and God will lead me through this!!

Have a great hump day!!

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