Friday, November 18, 2011

I love having the extra room that the tree stand provides...

The tree stand for my friend Chris..
My Christmas village..a little dark, but you get the idea..

Yay,,it's Friday...

I have gotten so much done this week..Last night, I even delivered my gift to my friend Chris..I knew she was going to put her tree up next week and wanted her to have it in time...
She seemed very pleased with it:)

I have the lights on the tree. I don't know how much further I'll get with it this week-end though..
The documentary that my nephew is in is actually showing at my granddaughters college on of course, we're going to see it again..
My sister-in-law is coming down from Eagle River with her husband to see it also..It is her son that is in it..
We're getting together for dinner her daughter in law happened to pick one of my restaurants for the location...too funny...

Yesterday I noticed that water was leaking from the apartment upstairs...ugh..and the hole in the ceiling STILL had not been covered since the last water incident..although I guess it's a good thing..
The plumber is here now fixing it and my landlord assures me that the hole will be covered asap...(we'll see)..

My daughter and I decided that we would have a baby shower for my step-daughter..
I found a location here in Germantown that has a VERY reasonable rate..So, last night I sent her a message stating where we wanted to have it and an approximate date...and that it would be girls
Well, today I get a text from her stating that no one in her family would drive ALL the way out to Germantown...and that she really wanted to involve the guys also...
Needless to say, I am upset..First of all, if her family can't drive 15-20 minutes to get here then I don't think we should worry about them...and then she says that she wants the guys involved...
My first thought to all of this is...Who is throwing the shower?? and since when is it okay for the recipient to start making demands?? I know I'm older and I know that most of the showers today are co-ed...but that is not the way I was going with this..
I haven't sent a reply yet...I've decided that when I do reply I'm going to say that since this isn't going to work out, I'll just use the money that I would have spent on the shower on the baby instead.
I just feel bad because this is something that I really wanted to do...oh well!!

I wish this plumber would hurry up..I REALLY want to take a

Enjoy your week-end!!

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