Monday, December 26, 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas:)

Mine was very nice..although it goes by so fast..All of the buildup, and then it's here and gone in a matter of hours..

I always enjoy watching the kids open their presents..As they get older it gets harder to find things they may I can usually find something..
Monique LOVES most of her gifts were in the form of gift cards..but I did find a book that I thought she might like, and she did..."The Help"..she saw the movie and is really looking forward to reading the book.

There is usually a game that Paris has been wanting so he wasn't too hard..Plus I always make up a little money tree for him..Even if it only has one dollar bills on it, he gets a kick out of it.. a little harder..But I did get him a gift card from a clothes shop that he likes..and now that he has a girlfriend, I'm sure he will put the cash to good use..

My daughter was fairly easy this year..She has been wanting the "Magic Bullet" for some time now.. and loved getting that..
I also got her a wide slot toaster..

They got me a #12 (Rodgers) Jersey..beautiful earrings and a Packers pillow that also serves the purpose of a stuffed animal...very cute..
AND a box of CRAB LEGS...I'm going to cook them up on New Years Eve...Can't wait.

I did a little after Christmas shopping...some wrapping paper, a few boxes and a few presents for next year...Good deals...

I worked this week-end..and a for a bit it's time for me to unwind and get ready for the rest of this's going to be a busy one..and thankfully, a short one for at least a few of my

Enjoy your week and hold the magic of Christmas close for as long as you can:)


Hollie said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! I love the shop the day after Christmas, but I didn't get to this year as I had to work! :0(

Lucy said...

Sounds like it was a nice Christmas. I barely can walk from the car to the store so no after Christmas shopping for me. If they take care of my joint problems, hope they do it right. Don't know when that will be.

Lucy said...

Trying to comment so just checking