Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It has been a very busy week..Getting all of my accounts stocked with enough supplies to last while I am gone.

Between having to fire people and some leaving for their own reasons, we have accounts open..It has been a challenge for sure.
I will be training tonight and Friday..I will also be covering one of the jobs myself..luckily it happens to be a bank that stays in fairly good shape.

In this business, it is never a good time for a I have to keep telling myself, I am only a worker..I won't feel bad about I do)..
My boss is a smart man..he'll figure it out:)

Last Saturday, I had the enjoyment of meeting two special girls..
They are the daughters of my step-daughter Nickie..Long story short, I was with her dad the first 16 years of her life..
When we got divorced, Nickie and I lost touch with each other..I thought we would come together again when her brother Philip killed himself..that didn't happen...

Although Nickie and my daughter Shannon aren't actually sisters, they were raised as such..they have recently reconnected..Shannon was getting two of Nickies three girls last Saturday for a day of bowling and we discussed my joining them..
She talked to Nickie about it and Nickie said she would love for the girls to know me..
Kiera is 13 and Kayla is 10...Beautiful girls and I must say, they are the most loving girls..They sat by me and hugged me, sat on my lap...and just enjoyed our time together...
Kiera told me twice that she remembered me..I tried to tell her that she couldn't possibly because she was only a baby the last time that I saw her..
These girls are so open to having more family..and if I had stayed married to their grandpa, they most likely would have called me grandma..
In fact, Kayla said a couple of times, "it's grandma's turn"..(to bowl)..
I have since had contact with my step-daughter and she is thrilled about us all reconnecting our bond..
So, although I physically only had one child, my life seems to get more and more full...and I say, "the more, the merrier"
I still have to meet her youngest daughter...Bella...she is 5 and from what I hear, she is a should be interesting:)

Well, I better get moving here and get some paper work done..
Enjoy the rest of your week:)


Indigo said...

Sheri, I've always imagined you with a huge family around you. It seems there are always children around and they loved to be in your presence.

Children are smartest judge of character I know.

I'm glad you're finally taking a vacation you deserve it. (Hugs)Indigo

Lucy said...

You just sound so happy with your new precious find. You deserve it.

Lucy said...

Thanks for the well wishes. Take care and do not work to hard.

Hollie said...

Enjoy your vacation & don't stress about leaving work behind!

That's wonderful reconnecting!! I'm so happy for you!!!