Sunday, January 8, 2012

There is good news on my horizon....

I am going to Texas in two weeks...and I CAN'T sooo need a vacation. Not from my personal life, but from this job..

My daughter and I have been doing some research into going to Vegas for two or three nights in February..(which we are still going to do).
Because we will be going over the week-end, I will only need to use two days of my vacation..

Anyway, my girlfriend is going to Texas to see her daughter and grandson. They will also be spending three nights in South Padre..
She called me on Friday and said she had a thought that she wanted to share with me.
She offered that if I could go with her, she would pay for half of my airfare...WELL, let me tell you, I was right on the phone with my bosses wife, letting her know that I was putting in a verbal request for 5 days of my vacation..I explained the situation and she didn't see any problems with taking that week..( I certainly hope not after I have busted my butt and gave up my entire summer)...

I called Lisa back and told her to book the flight..Her husband booked it the next day:)
She will be renting a van for us to go from Laredo to South Padre..I don't have to worry about the gas, car rental or hotel..These are things that they already had planned...
So, I'm going on vacation:)

In February, my daughter and I will still go to Vegas..SHE needs and deserves a vacation also...we won't be taking any of the kids this will be the first time just the two of us have been on vacation...I know we will have a blast..

Tomorrow is the 5 year anniversary of my Moms passing..I had a moment today..
My daughter and I will probably go to one of the Chinese restaurants that my Mom loved to go to:)
We'll get through the day okay..we do a good job of being able to laugh at the memories that we have..and talk about the things that she loved:)

Tomorrow I give one of the work phones to our floor specialist that is going to fill in and make sure that the night people are checked in..he will also cover if someone doesn't make it in..
This will be a huge relief to me..although I will still have to do inspections and re-supply them.
My boss asked me if we still needed to hire someone...YES...I am not having all of the extras when he was paying someone else to do the job...Silly man:)

Well, I guess that's all for news...
Hope everyone has a great week!!


Hollie said...

Great news indeed! I'm so happy for you! You definitely deserve it!!!

So happy things seem to be turning around for you!

Hollie said...

BTW, just wanted you to know that I'm closing my blog down. I just think it's time for a change! I may blog again at some point. If I do I will start a new one!

I'll still be around to visit though! Just wanted to tell you personally!

Lucy said...

Sounds like something you could use, A nice vacation. Have fun.

Hollie said...

I'm backkkk: