Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kayla (10) Kiera (13) and silly Bella (5)
Kayla and Paris
Kiera, Bella and Kayla
Bella (AKA - Drama Queen)

These are my latest editions..lol..
I think I mentioned in a previous blog that my daughter and I are reconnecting with my step-daughter Nickie...Her dad and I split when she was about 16 years old..
We had a few visits after the divorce but really lost touch after that..I didn't see her again until her brother Philip killed himself in 2005..

She is not a blood sister to my daughter Shannon, but for the most part, they were raised as sisters..They both want that connection again..
I have been in Nickies life since she was born..(another long story,lol).

I have longed for a relationship with her and her three girls..and that time is finally here...I couldn't be more pleased..

My daughter wanted to treat them with a trip to the Dells..at one of the water parks..
I was nervous on the way to pick them up on Sunday..I had already met the two older girls a few weeks back when we took them bowling..but I had not seen Nickie or met the little one..

Nickie and I hugged and all of the nervousness was gone....
Her 10 year old, Kayla ran out of the house and asked me if she could call me grandma...I told her that she would have to ask her mom first..she had already asked and Nickie said it was up to me..lol..of course, I said that was fine..

With in a few hours, the little one, Bella was calling me grandma too...

I'm not trying to take the place of their other grandma's place for sure. but if Nickies dad and I had stayed together, the girls would have always called me grandma..so, it seems like a piece of the puzzle has been put into place:)

Paris was the only boy in our group..lol..but he was fine with that..We had seven people on this trip, but my daughter had gotten a suite so we had plenty of room..we just had to double up for sleeping..
Bella made it known right away that She was sleeping with her "bestest" grandma...lol..how can you not love that?

We were only there for one night, but we got our monies worth..the kids went on all of the BIG water rides and even got me to go on two of them..I will only say this...NEVER AGAIN...lol...I thought my heart was going to stop...Kiera (the oldest) thought that was the funniest thing...
Come on now, the ride was called the HURRICANE...need I say more??

When we dropped them off on Monday, Bella said her foot hurt, so I carried her to the door..a minute later, she was at the door again saying goodbye to me...(no one else)..lol...five minutes after we left Nickie called to say that Bella was crying saying she didn't get to say goodbye to me..
I talked to her for a few minutes and promised her I would see her soon..

Now all we have to do is KEEP the relationship going..with all of our different schedules we will have to MAKE the time to spend together..
As it turns out, Nickie lives so much closer to me than I thought she did..It will make it so much easier to get together..I'm glad about that...

Now all I have to do is explain this new development to Cameron and Destiny..Mason also, but I don't think he will be as affected by my having three new grandkids in my life..I want to incorporate my time with all of the little ones..I think Destiny will like spending some time with Bella, but she might have a hard time sharing me with another little girl..especially when her mom is having another girl..I do not want to have any of the kids think that they will lose time with me..

As I always tell the kids, we have a lot of love to give...so, I'm sure it will turn out for the best..I don't think kids can ever have too many people to love them:)

Happy Valentines Day!!


Lucy said...

What a nice post. I am so glad you had fun. It is really tough with kids that want to have a relationship with grandma but I know the X has to be in your mind. It is to bad he was so mean to you.

Lucy said...

Hope all is going ok.

Lucy said...

I hate the words that are on so many blogs. Take care and will be back.