Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunrise: South Padre Island..

Lisa, Tessa and Collin: Going for a walk on the beach..
View from the patio where we had dinner: It was wonderful
One of the turtles at: The Sea Turtle Rescue Center
Tessa and baby Collin
Collin: Guess who taught him how to stick his tongue
Sunrise: Tessa's backyard
The Alamo:
ME and Lisa at the airport:)

Good morning!! Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!

Yesterday I spent some time doing a and all...only to lose it when I hit the publish button..WHAT?? I don't know where it went..I guess it is now in cyber heaven....RIP..
I was NOT a happy camper.
Let's try this one more time:)

We had a very nice time on our vacation..but it was very hectic..We spent a lot of time in the car and then with the baby..I almost needed a vacation from my
Collin is a very good baby..he really only cries when he wants to eat. But he is a baby and they are a LOT of

We spent 2 1/2 hours one way to take him to see the doctor in San Antonio...It rained the whole time. After the doctors appointment we went for lunch at Crabby Joe's Crab Shack..VERY good food..Then we went to see the Alamo..that was interesting to see..
We also went to the River the it wasn't stroller friendly so we didn't spend much time there..
Back in the car for another 2 1/2 hours...

The next day it was off to South Padre Island..that was a 4 1/2 hour drive..although this time it wasn't as bad because Lisa had rented a van..We wouldn't have been able to go you remember how much STUFF you have to have for a baby?? Oh my gosh, the van was for some reason, I again ended up sitting in the back seat with the baby..( I really thought his grandma would be the one sitting with him)..
So, although he is a great baby, I still spent a lot of time entertaining him and giving him his bottle..Oh well, small price to pay to see a good portion of Texas..

While in S. Padre we went out to lunch and dinner, walked the beach and went to The Sea Turtle Rescue Center..
Some of the turtles were HUGE..Most of the larger ones will never leave the center..some of the smaller ones will stay until they are healed and then be was a nice experience..

We did get some time in the hot tub..with our pina' colada's was so windy out though so we had to keep fixing the little wind break that we made to protect C0llin..
I even braved one lap in the wonderful swimming

Lisa and I did wake up early one morning to walk the beach and watch the sunrise..That's always one of the things I like to do..I did get to walk through the waters edge..and didn't freeze my feet..I love,love the water. I could listen to the waves forever..

All in all it was a nice trip..

During this trip, I did make the decision to talk to my boss about not wanting to be a supervisor anymore..It's not even about the restaurants's about not wanting to deal with all of these different's just too darned frustrating..

I approached him with the idea of my going into the specialty end of the business..He actually thinks this is something worth considering:)
The two guys that are doing it now are not doing the best job and my boss ends up going to redo a lot of the jobs..He wouldn't have to do that if I paired up with one of the fellows..

Before that could happen, I would need to get a that is what I will be working on over the next few months..and then we could move forward..
The best part of that deal would be that when I am done with a job, I could walk away and be DONE for the day...NO on call 24-7..
I just want to do my job and go

We'll see how it turns out...

Well, today is super bowl Sunday..MY team is not playing..I have to decide if I want to go to the bar to watch the game..I have a few bucks on the
Lisa told me that my ex is going to be in town..he is actually going to a friends house to watch it and has asked Lisa's husband to go along..he is going to go because Lisa has to work..the problem being is that at half time they might go to the same bar that I would be at..Now I have to admit, I am a very stubborn Scorpio at feel that this is MY town..and I shouldn't have to stay home..but on the other hand, I really have NO interest in running into him..(to be honest, I think that is part of his plan)..He knows that I hang out with Joe and Lisa..he knows that KJ's is where we hang out...So he should stay away..
I guess if I go, I'll just leave before halftime...Just makes me

The weather here has been GREAT..I can't even believe that it is February..Spring jacket weather...It has been so darned is making it very easy to get through this winter in Wisconsin:)

Well, I guess that's about it for now...time to get this day going...


Lucy said...

Great pictures. Seems so relaxing. I hope you don't get what we got. If you to to my blog, scroll all the way to the bottom. I just put it in this afternoon.

Hollie said...

Sounds like a great vacation. The baby is precious! I know it is tiring taking care of a baby though. I enjoyed your pictures! Good luck on the job front!

LYN said...

Love the pics..I need a Beach day so bad...

Lucy said...

I do hope things are goig better for you. Has the job situation started looking better.