Saturday, March 3, 2012

Good Morning!!

Once again, it's been a while since I have made an do spend time reading blogs, just not updating my own..

We have been so blessed with a mild winter..We did have a wet, heavy snow last night..I was lucky enough to be able to stay home and enjoy the beauty of it. Thank goodness. I Really don't like to drive during the actual storm..

My daughter (Shannon) and I have made our arrangements to go to VEGAS...We leave on Saturday March she made the arrangements she didn't realize it was St. Patrick's Day...SO, it should be interesting to say the
I bought a green t-shirt that says, "Gold Digger" on still has to find a shirt..We are going to get the green beads but I'm going to the dollar store for those..
This will be our first trip by ourselves..and I know we will have a ton of fun..
My dear daughter is planning on going on the rides again at the Stratosphere...Have you seen those rides? lol..we did them last time we were out there..and they are'm not sure I'll tempt fate again...

We are renting a car. So we will be able to get around better and won't be confined to just doing the typical casino thing..She's young, she doesn't mind doing the

Work has been crazy...but then that's not new..As far as the restaurants go, all but one are in pretty good shape..I've been working with our cleaner at the one to try to get her to keep things looking good. I have started using documented verbal warnings and written warnings..she has received one of each for different things..We'll see if that prompts her to do a better job..
Until recently, we were WAY to laid back..we didn't document things and therefore when people were let go, they would win their unemployment hearings..I have been telling my boss for months that we need to "document" everything...finally that is happening.

I am shooting for training the new night supervisor next week:) I so need to be done with these hours..and hopefully he will do a good job and stick with it..

I need to start looking for a car. My daughter is going to go with me next week to see what's out there..The weather is supposed to warm up and that should make the search much easier..

Please say a prayer for Benita..She cleans one of the restaurants..She is the best worker. So dependable and trustworthy..She also works a full time job..She is in the hospital. At first, they thought she had a stroke.
Now, they aren't so sure. Her daughter called me and she does have a blockage in one of her arteries, but they don't think this is what is causing the stroke like symptoms..
Benita is only 54 years old..and it's scary to think someone so young can be having such major issues..
All prayers are appreciated..

Today I get to pick up Mason...I haven't seen him since Christmas..I have tried a few times to get him but for one reason or another it hasn't worked out..So, I'm certainly looking forward to spending the time with him..I don't know if he'll be interested, but I thought it would be nice to spend some time out in the snow..maybe we'll make a snowman:)

That's about it for me..It's time to get my coffee have done that before I got on the computer..

Sending out prayers and well wishes to all of the people affected by the horrible tornado's in the south..

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Lucy said...

Good entry. Glad things are looking brighter for you.Still under the weather so will get off.