Saturday, April 28, 2012

I do not like the new blog look..I don't do well with honestly, I just don't like least not until I get used to it and then I'll forget that it

It's been a chilly rainy day..I helped my daughter move some stuff into her new place..Oh, she is not a happy camper..She has lived in a house for so long that making the change to an apartment is not going over well..
Luckily she is on an end she only has people on three sides.
She has her own entry door which is nice..but the people in one of the other units is LOUD..yelling at he kids at 7:00am..Shannon is already counting down the days until she moves again.
The main reason she moved is because the house she was renting is going into foreclosure. She had lived in the house for almost three years..paying $1,100.00 plus water and utilities..That's a lot for a single mom to put out each month..
Then she finds out that they haven't paid the rent for almost 11 months...Thank goodness the owners live in Vegas or I'm sure she would be paying them a visit that wouldn't go well..

I told her to just put as much money away as she can and keep then start looking for something better..
It's a shame because the rent at this place isn't bad and it's a very cute three bedroom..

Last Wednesday, I got to see my newest granddaughter..along with Destiny and Cameron too..Cameron had a musical at school. His mom and other grandma were there also..It was the Willy Wonka Kids play..Very cute:) After it was over Cameron asked me if I was coming back to his house. I told him that I couldn't because I had some work to do..He was REALLY disappointed..So the took him for ice cream:) He told his mom that he had wanted both of his grandma's to spend the night at his house...I thought that was so cute..I could just picture
Baby Laylana didn't cry at all during the the end when there was a lot of clapping she went to sleep...too cute..

I had all of my pictures developed today..235 bought a couple of photo albums and I'm going to start one for each of the younger kids..I think it's important for the kids to have them to look back at and remember the time we have spent together..

I called a couple of employment agency's on friday..either no one answered or I was told that someone would call me back..I didn't get any was really disappointing..I was so looking forward to getting things rolling..I'll try again on Monday and see what happens..

Well, I guess that's it for tonight. I have Mason over and need to give him some more attention before it's time to get some sleep..

Have a wonderful Sunday:)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My new granddaughter Laylana...She came into the world at 6:50am Friday morning..She weighed 6lbs 15 oz...and 19 inches....

She is a little peanut..and just adorable as you can see...I already love her to pieces and can't wait to spend more time with her..I haven't seen Cameron and Destiny with her yet, but I hear she was welcomed into the family with tons of love from them:)

My ex Carlos was the one that called me Friday to let me know she had been born and was doing fine..During our talk, he mentioned that he wouldn't be able to stay for the week-end because he didn't have anywhere to stay..."Really"...did he think I would offer him a place to stay...omg...Oh well...he is NOT my problem anymore and to be honest with you, I'm still not at a place in my healing where I can be overly comfortable with him yet...That seems so strange to me..My divorce was 4 years ago this month..I truly thought I would be WAY over it by now.. lol...I think I'm mostly healed, just not completely...

Anyway, there is a new little one to help us all enjoy our lives just a little bit more and that's what is important now...
I saw her for a bit on Friday and then I went again today..and being a little worried that I might run into the ex, I forgot my camera...bad well, no one else was there at the time so I got to visit with Monica and the baby alone:)
Monica is doing well..although she had a c-section and at 28 is finding that she isn't bouncing back as fast as she did with the other two..
The pediatrician came in while I was there and they are watching the baby for jaundice..she is a touch yellow, but not too bad..If it doesn't get any worse, they will be able to go home tomorrow...

I've actually gotten a lot accomplished this week-end..a few loads of laundry, prepared some extra meals for the week ahead and even went to 4 of my buildings to resupply...Just want to get a jump on the week...It seems to go faster when I do

Well, that's it for news..I'll post more pictures of my beautiful Laylana when I get some:)

Hope you all have a wonderful week....

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tomorrow is the BIG day...My granddaughter will be born by 7:15am if all goes according to plan..
I hope that I'll be able to get as close to her as I am with the older kids..It's so different now that I'm not married to Monica's dad anymore..

I'm going to go to see Monica and the baby at 1:00pm..My ex is supposed to be there at hopefully he will stick to that schedule and I won't have to worry about running into him..

I have to head out to the store in the morning to get a cute outfit for the baby and probably a little something for mommy...I was going to go this evening but I'm running out of steam..I've been up since 4:30am helping out at one of our restaurants..then my daughter wanted to go look at a van..and since she was so nice to go with me when I bought mine, I didn't want to let her down..
She has one more to look at tomorrow and then she should be able to make her decision..she is so sick of looking at cars online that she said if the one tomorrow doesn't work out, she is done for a couple of is nerve wracking doing all of that research online...and she has done plenty..

Not too much is new otherwise..I'm still plugging along with my job..I had all intentions of getting to a couple of employment agency's this week, but that didn't I'll have that on the top of my list for next week...Keep your fingers crossed for me that they can line me up with something..

I had to put up new curtain rod brackets yesterday..Because we have vertical blinds on the windows, I needed brackets that extended further out...and believe me, it isn't easy to find extendable brackets..I finally found them at bed, bath and beyond..thank goodness..

Now I want to find new curtains for my room and Jeremys too..He only has one window so it shouldn't be too expensive...I'm not sure what I want for mine yet..I am one of those people that will know it when I see

Well, time to get some dishes done..and maybe a load of laundry...Naw, I think I'll just do the

Yay for Fridays.....It can't come soon enough for me:)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I feel bad that I am ALWAYS blogging about the same things...Especially my job..But that's my life..and not much else

My boss acquired yet another restaurant..UGH..and the night supervisor can't take care of it until a cleaner is hired because he is covering one of the other restaurants until at least Monday..

I am so tired today..I even went to bed this afternoon for a nap..which was escaping me..I think I'm overtired..FINALLY fell asleep only to be woken up 20 minutes later by the boy across the street bouncing his basketball in the street..And then 10 minutes after I was awake, he stopped...TOO LATE..

Enough complaining for

I wasn't going to do Easter baskets this year..Trying to keep the candy out of the house..but it didn't seem like Easter without doing something, so I'm making an Easter platter for my daughter and kids and one for my house..I didn't buy too much candy though..
I did color eggs last was strange to do that by myself..I usually have one of the little ones here to help me..But of course I can't do that because of cleaning the restaurant..

Next week after I am done doing the night thing, I'm going to get one night of good sleep and then I'm going to hit all of the temp agency's in my area..
At this point, I would take anything that is long term..As long as I can make enough to make my bills I will be happy..
I only know I can't do this anymore..

For Easter dinner, my daughter, kids and I were going to go out for brunch..but when I talked to my friend Lisa today, she again invited us over to her house..I said yes..She wouldn't accept my offer to help pay for the dinner. So, I thought I would take her a nice floral centerpiece..It's always nice to get flowers:)

Well, it's 2:30 and I think I'll try to

Happy Easter!!!