Monday, May 7, 2012

It was not a good day today:(

I went to drop off the application for the job I talked about. Only to be told that the position had been filled.. I asked if I could leave my application in case something came open and she said no, they don't keep them..
 I was disappointed but what can you do? I guess it wasn't meant to be and I will move forward..
If I have time tomorrow, I will stop at an employment agency that always has ads in the paper..At this point, it certainly can't hurt..

I had a strange experience today..while I was driving no less..
It has happened once before and it scares the heck out of me.
I am fine and then all of a sudden, I feel light headed. It's almost like feeling dizzy..My vision doesn't get blurry but it isn't totally only lasts a few minutes but it's scary..
Especially since I don't have health insurance..
I am going to try to get into the free clinic tomorrow afternoon.
I don't know if they will do much since the problem happens sporadically. I have had issues in the past with my blood pressure being VERY low..maybe there is a correlation there..Maybe I should keep an eye on that..

I also get strange migraine headaches..although they call them migraines I really don't get severe pain..thank goodness..
But I do get the weird vision before the headache..It's like a shimmering half moon..
I'm thinking that this might have something to do with what is happening now..Oh crap..I just can't afford to have any problems..
 So, if you could, please say a prayer that whatever this is goes away or at the very least, doesn't happen also.

Guess I'll try to get some sleep..I have a whole list of things that I need to take care of tomorrow..

Hope everyone has a great week:) 


Hollie said...

I'm so sorry about the job! Something will come up. Praying for you! Please do keep a check on your BP! Keep us posted!

Lucy said...

You must take care of yourself. I have had migraines and it usually means severe pain. but it also affects the eyes.I have lost vision completely because of them in one eye but I had no pain that time. Check your blood pressure, regularly. Also under a lot of pressure so it could be contributing to many factors.