Monday, May 21, 2012

Laylana...this sweet little girl will not wake up for
My sweet Cameron..Out to eat with my daughter and I...

Cameron spent Saturday night with me..We didn't do a whole lot on Saturday..played some games and watched some tv..

Sunday my daughter and I were going to take him to a carnival..the web sight said it started at 10:30am..we got there at 11:00..As it turned out, it didn't start until 12:00.. It was very disappointing..But Cameron handled it well for the most part..

We decided to take him out for lunch to one of our favorite places to go..
Quaker Steak & Lube...oh my gosh..THE best food..the one disappointment that we had is that they are no longer serving sweet potato fries..they were sooo yummy..I guess this place changes it's menu not the best place for me to go since I don't like

We took Cameron home after a trip to k-mart..he was able to find the newest fad toy that he is into..

I got to spend a few moments with Laylana.. but she will not wake up..
She likes to be awake at night..She is still so darned tiny..and oh the faces she makes when she is is too funny..

My daughter and I are planning a camping trip for this coming week-end...Yay...I took a day of vacation on Friday so we can have an extended week-end..
We will be celebrating Paris's 15 birthday..I can't believe that he is going to be 15 already..time goes by so fast..
Monique and her boyfriend Brian will be coming up Friday after he gets off of work..

My step-daughter Nickie and her three girls will be going camping with us...It should be
They all love camping so it should be fun..

I think we have everything ready..We spent some time last week going through all of our camping gear and buying what we didn't have..The only things we should have to buy is the cake and any fresh meat we want to grill..

I went to an employment agency today..the woman was VERY nice..we had a great talk.. she would like to find something for me right here in Germantown in the industrial park..the only snag?? they are usually looking for someone that can start right away and I would like to give two weeks notice..but I did tell her that if need be, I could go with a week. I figure I could work both of them for a week if I need too..
So, fingers crossed:)

I also got an application for Jeremy..I'm going to have him fill it out tonight and then take it back tomorrow..they usually do interviews right away..
I just gave him a haircut with a nice outfit, he should make a nice impression...

I'm having some stress involving my brother..I haven't been answering his phone calls..(He has some mental issues that he won't acknowledge).
There is nothing I can do to help him..I have been trying to help him a little financially these last few (well, more than a few) months and I just can't do anymore..
The problem is, he will never be able to keep a job if he doesn't admit he has some issues and actually get help for them..
Plus he has drinking issues..Things are never his fault..someone is always doing something to cause his on and so forth..

I was not raised to turn my back on anyone..especially my brothers..I just can't do it anymore..
I sent him twenty dollars the other day with a note stating that that was the best I could do..I also told him that I am under a lot of stress also and needed some time to myself..Hoping that he would not call at least for a few days... as I write this I start crying again..I FEEL SO BAD for not being there for him..

I can't win either way..I feel stress if I help him and I feel stress if I don' I'm a mess..

I sometimes try to think of ALL of the times I would have like to have had some help taking care of my Mom. Not that I didn't want to..I just wanted a little help once in a while...
He didn't give me any help until the year before my Mom went into the nursing home..
Oh crap..I don't know what I'll do..I'll just have to take it a day at a time.
I will send him another twenty dollars tomorrow..that's all I can do right now..

Oh well, I guess I've made this post depressing for me to get it in gear and head out to a few

Have a good week:)


LYN said...

Loved the pics! Enjoy your upcoming weekend..sorry about your brother.. can tell it torments you..I've been trying to blog a little more..:-)

Lucy said...

It is ok to tell someone you can not help any more. Speaking from experience if he is drinking forget him ever giving up using you and that is what he is doing. I got flowers from my son in Texas mothers day and that was it. He did away with his email so I can't get it. I stopped helping him but when his wife left him, is when it stopped. She was a good woman. Oh yes!!! I cry because my husband gets so mad at him then I feel bad so I cry alone to. I posted his flowers but at the time I knew it wouldn't last. He didn't even ask how my surgery went. He didn't care if I lived or died aND never WILL.

Hollie said...

I love hearing about the grandkids!! Sorry about the issues with your brother. I know it is so stressful! Just take it one day at a time like you said and try not to stress too much over it! (((HUGS)))